Thursday, August 23, 2007

To grief, or not to grief?

There's this whole thread on AC:TD regarding the players who grief Gibbon Raver when he's on quests. Talk about being truly neutral on a debate, lol.

While I dislike griefers, what people on AC:TD fail to recall is that Gibbon Raver, aka David Prince, has been PERMAbanned multiple times from VN. He has gone off the deep end, "on tilt" as poker players say, numerous times.

My personal experience with him came from him accusing me of shill bidding in an auction (which I won, nice shilling, lol). It had something to do with me taking advantage of an auction with no stated sniper rule, and winning. He wasn't even a party to the auction (didn't even bid), but immediately accused me of being part of a conspiracy, with the seller, Asper. When I dared challenge him, and put my points up against his, he started sending me e-mails (from his personal Yahoo account, thus I know his name) to me. The usual stuff, the usual insults, and all of it done to make someone who has one foot in the grave (he's terribly old) feel better about himself.

This guy gets off on the AC:TD kiddies picking on him, because he feels like he can debate them and win. But he's just a rather flabby guy with awful blotchy tattoos and gripped with a huge need to hang onto long-lost youth.

Oh, and the whole DNS attacks he did on Kaos' site were the cherry on the cupcake (back when I was doing double duty posting there and on VN). The kicker was that he didn't know we had his IP & source, and then lo-n-behold, he approached Kaos months later asking to join. I pointed out to Kaos that I would not "blackball" his membership, but I personally would not stay a member. Davy was sent on his way.

So from my point of view, while I have problems with griefing, this kind of stuff could NOT happen to a better target.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fox too tries to give you Major Mana Stone.

Too exhausted to write this last night, and I don't have the chat log here at work (your tax dollars paying for this!). ;-) I'll edit the relevant parts in later.

Anyway, I had just thanked Sunami Jen, and was logging off, when I noticed that Foxy was on. So I thought I'd just send her some well-wishes, love, etc. (I know, I'm lame, but I dig Foxy, and have my reasons for making sure she's doing ok). Anyway, she asked if I was in the MP, and I said that I was, but had just recalled.

So she told me to come back, and I did. She logs, and Fox too comes on. I'm standing there, looking dopey as usual, when she walks up, and . . .

Fox too tries to give you Major Mana Stone.

WTF? (Heh, I keep "accept items" off).

Fox too says, "Pfth turn on accept"

So I did, but not before saying,

You tell Fox too, "Why do I need a mana stone?"
Fox too says, "you'll see"

WTF x2? So I figured it was probably inscribed with something silly.

Accept items back on.

Fox too gives you 100 trade notes (250,000).


Oh, nonononononononono.

Fox too says, "Now go buy ALL the scrolls"
Fox too is recalling home.

Oh, nonononononononono.

So I start frantically attempting to hand her the notes back, but she was recalling, and I couldn't do it.

Although I DID manage to drop them on the ground. In the Marketplace. 100 MMD notes.

(Don't worry, you cretins, I did pick them up in time!).

You tell Fox too, "PUNISHMENT!"

Someone's a pretty awesome chick, but she's SO still getting a spanking. ;-)

Off shopping I go!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Bot wub.

Sunami Jen tells you, "have two scrolls for ya"

Sunami is a bot. Bots talk to me sometimes. ;-)

Anyway -- woot! Just got two more scrolls for my attempt to learn a full array of Creatures Self 7 spells. I shop with Sunami a lot for scrolls, and this owner of the bot has been making a point to find me scrolls I need, based on my !search inputs. Gotta love businesspeople!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The epilogue to the scroll chest thing

Eventually, I did find a SIK chest. It wasn't far from Candeth. I used every SIK I had, and got . . .


1 scroll I could use.


As in, "I've done better on the nickel slots in Vegas, because at least there some skank will offer to (blank) me while I'm pulling the one-armed bandits, and as creepy as that is, I think I'd rather be (blanked) by a skank instead of opening chest after chest, because at least in Vegas I'd be the one doing the (blanking) instead of getting (blanked)."

So I went to the MP and spent like 20 MMDs on bots buying MOST of the scrolls I need. I still have a few spells I'm looking for, but plenty of time to find them, since I don't want to train creature until I have every spell, and need all the XP I can save for the "don't lose your buff when you die" augment.

Time to sell that War Rare. =/

SIK, SSK, what's the difference?

Oh, only about 3 days worth of running around.

So I've needed scrolls, and as I have previously mentioned, they're a touch expensive. So, why not just go to those "scroll chests," and use up all these SSKs I've got?

This started last week. Last Sunday to be exact.

I complained (a lot) to Foxy, and in @a chat, about not being able to find a SSK chest (I have 2 rings on me just for emergencies), like when I need cash, etc.

Pretty early on in my running about to find a steel chest, I found a . . . "Steel Chest."

Woot! So I popped a SSK off a ring, and . . .

"The key doesn't fit this lock."

WTF? You mean that SIK chests are Steel?! Gack!

Off I run some more. And more. And more.

Found just TONS of SIK chests. No SSK chests.

But flipping DAYS of running around passed by. No hunting, no questing, not a thing but looking for SSK chests. And complaining to Foxy. =P

Anyway, yesterday, I FINALLY found a SSK chest (sooooo far outside Ayan, near the Drudge Aviator quest location).

I take the key I'd previously popped off the keychain, and viola!

Lots of treasure. Maybe 1 scroll.

WTF? Isn't this supposed to have 2 mana charges and 2 scrolls?

So I asked in @a.

And found out that I wanted sIk chests, not sSk ones . . .

That sound you heard was my palm hitting my forehead. Hard.

OMG. I suck. I suck. I suck. Gack.

Time to go find a SIK chest (I had a couple of rings of those left at the house).

Guess what I couldn't find?

Found tons of SSK chests, though.

Asheron tells you, "I hate you so much, your pain brings me pleasure."

What was that about the economy going down again?

I recently made the decision to switch to Creature (from Lockpick), although I'll have to re-learn Pick temporarily to take Kitra (finally!) on the Aerlinthe Quest.

So I need scrolls. Off to the MP to buy them! I used to charge a plat each on my bot. Let's see how deflation has treated them. 3 for a plat? 5 for a plat?

You tell Fizz Bang, "Point."
Fizz Bang tells you, "MMD= 1 point."

Um . . .

You tell Fizz Bnag, "Check scroll of Bravo Watchers Tend to be Gay, or whatever weird name level 7 scrolls have"

Fizz Bang tells you, "The cost of What is This Rash is 1 point."


Time to sell that War Rare.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Damn, another lost weekend.

I really wanted to do a Harbinger Run on Saturday, and then promptly forgot to bring my laptop with me so I could get on for a few hours. So Saturday was totally flushed. :(

Now here I am on Sunday, and my dog is destined for the hospital later today, so he can be readied for surgery Monday or Tuesday (discs in his back). He's resting comfortably at the moment, but we know he's going to have to go in. So today is flushed.

"Poop" seems like a good weekend theme. :-(