Sunday, August 19, 2007

The epilogue to the scroll chest thing

Eventually, I did find a SIK chest. It wasn't far from Candeth. I used every SIK I had, and got . . .


1 scroll I could use.


As in, "I've done better on the nickel slots in Vegas, because at least there some skank will offer to (blank) me while I'm pulling the one-armed bandits, and as creepy as that is, I think I'd rather be (blanked) by a skank instead of opening chest after chest, because at least in Vegas I'd be the one doing the (blanking) instead of getting (blanked)."

So I went to the MP and spent like 20 MMDs on bots buying MOST of the scrolls I need. I still have a few spells I'm looking for, but plenty of time to find them, since I don't want to train creature until I have every spell, and need all the XP I can save for the "don't lose your buff when you die" augment.

Time to sell that War Rare. =/

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