Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fox too tries to give you Major Mana Stone.

Too exhausted to write this last night, and I don't have the chat log here at work (your tax dollars paying for this!). ;-) I'll edit the relevant parts in later.

Anyway, I had just thanked Sunami Jen, and was logging off, when I noticed that Foxy was on. So I thought I'd just send her some well-wishes, love, etc. (I know, I'm lame, but I dig Foxy, and have my reasons for making sure she's doing ok). Anyway, she asked if I was in the MP, and I said that I was, but had just recalled.

So she told me to come back, and I did. She logs, and Fox too comes on. I'm standing there, looking dopey as usual, when she walks up, and . . .

Fox too tries to give you Major Mana Stone.

WTF? (Heh, I keep "accept items" off).

Fox too says, "Pfth turn on accept"

So I did, but not before saying,

You tell Fox too, "Why do I need a mana stone?"
Fox too says, "you'll see"

WTF x2? So I figured it was probably inscribed with something silly.

Accept items back on.

Fox too gives you 100 trade notes (250,000).


Oh, nonononononononono.

Fox too says, "Now go buy ALL the scrolls"
Fox too is recalling home.

Oh, nonononononononono.

So I start frantically attempting to hand her the notes back, but she was recalling, and I couldn't do it.

Although I DID manage to drop them on the ground. In the Marketplace. 100 MMD notes.

(Don't worry, you cretins, I did pick them up in time!).

You tell Fox too, "PUNISHMENT!"

Someone's a pretty awesome chick, but she's SO still getting a spanking. ;-)

Off shopping I go!

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