Sunday, August 19, 2007

SIK, SSK, what's the difference?

Oh, only about 3 days worth of running around.

So I've needed scrolls, and as I have previously mentioned, they're a touch expensive. So, why not just go to those "scroll chests," and use up all these SSKs I've got?

This started last week. Last Sunday to be exact.

I complained (a lot) to Foxy, and in @a chat, about not being able to find a SSK chest (I have 2 rings on me just for emergencies), like when I need cash, etc.

Pretty early on in my running about to find a steel chest, I found a . . . "Steel Chest."

Woot! So I popped a SSK off a ring, and . . .

"The key doesn't fit this lock."

WTF? You mean that SIK chests are Steel?! Gack!

Off I run some more. And more. And more.

Found just TONS of SIK chests. No SSK chests.

But flipping DAYS of running around passed by. No hunting, no questing, not a thing but looking for SSK chests. And complaining to Foxy. =P

Anyway, yesterday, I FINALLY found a SSK chest (sooooo far outside Ayan, near the Drudge Aviator quest location).

I take the key I'd previously popped off the keychain, and viola!

Lots of treasure. Maybe 1 scroll.

WTF? Isn't this supposed to have 2 mana charges and 2 scrolls?

So I asked in @a.

And found out that I wanted sIk chests, not sSk ones . . .

That sound you heard was my palm hitting my forehead. Hard.

OMG. I suck. I suck. I suck. Gack.

Time to go find a SIK chest (I had a couple of rings of those left at the house).

Guess what I couldn't find?

Found tons of SSK chests, though.

Asheron tells you, "I hate you so much, your pain brings me pleasure."

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