Thursday, August 23, 2007

To grief, or not to grief?

There's this whole thread on AC:TD regarding the players who grief Gibbon Raver when he's on quests. Talk about being truly neutral on a debate, lol.

While I dislike griefers, what people on AC:TD fail to recall is that Gibbon Raver, aka David Prince, has been PERMAbanned multiple times from VN. He has gone off the deep end, "on tilt" as poker players say, numerous times.

My personal experience with him came from him accusing me of shill bidding in an auction (which I won, nice shilling, lol). It had something to do with me taking advantage of an auction with no stated sniper rule, and winning. He wasn't even a party to the auction (didn't even bid), but immediately accused me of being part of a conspiracy, with the seller, Asper. When I dared challenge him, and put my points up against his, he started sending me e-mails (from his personal Yahoo account, thus I know his name) to me. The usual stuff, the usual insults, and all of it done to make someone who has one foot in the grave (he's terribly old) feel better about himself.

This guy gets off on the AC:TD kiddies picking on him, because he feels like he can debate them and win. But he's just a rather flabby guy with awful blotchy tattoos and gripped with a huge need to hang onto long-lost youth.

Oh, and the whole DNS attacks he did on Kaos' site were the cherry on the cupcake (back when I was doing double duty posting there and on VN). The kicker was that he didn't know we had his IP & source, and then lo-n-behold, he approached Kaos months later asking to join. I pointed out to Kaos that I would not "blackball" his membership, but I personally would not stay a member. Davy was sent on his way.

So from my point of view, while I have problems with griefing, this kind of stuff could NOT happen to a better target.

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