Sunday, August 19, 2007

What was that about the economy going down again?

I recently made the decision to switch to Creature (from Lockpick), although I'll have to re-learn Pick temporarily to take Kitra (finally!) on the Aerlinthe Quest.

So I need scrolls. Off to the MP to buy them! I used to charge a plat each on my bot. Let's see how deflation has treated them. 3 for a plat? 5 for a plat?

You tell Fizz Bang, "Point."
Fizz Bang tells you, "MMD= 1 point."

Um . . .

You tell Fizz Bnag, "Check scroll of Bravo Watchers Tend to be Gay, or whatever weird name level 7 scrolls have"

Fizz Bang tells you, "The cost of What is This Rash is 1 point."


Time to sell that War Rare.

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