Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm homeless.

As detailed elsewhere in this journal, when I'm not getting killed (often) in AC, I have a pretty intense job, one that can be incredibly rewarding, but also can suck out tons of time. Plus, I was trying to train for another marathon, and just lost track of time.

LOTS of time, it appears.

Tonight, Kitra was asking, "Hey, you're paid up on your villa, right?"


NOT good.

I logged in, and sure enough, there's my mule who typically paid rent, standing in front of the house located at my "coords for life": 36.1N, 36.1W.

Not my house anymore.

Now owned by "Moo Im A Fish"


Punched in the stomach doesn't begin to describe how bad I felt, but it wasn't for any items in storage. As I recall, there was nothing THAT irreplaceable. I think at worst, there was a noble helm, and 1 piece of ancient armor dye. I had some stupid stuff in the chests, like a tree trunk, a Colban plant (don't ask), and perhaps some MMDs (not many, this is me we're talking about).

It was all the mounted items. I had one from Fong Sai-Yuk, and old Aussie UA mate I met as Ken Po, who was a blast, and an all-around cool guy. I lost my little bouncy Golden Gromnies. My fireworks.

My Wi Flag.

The really painful thing about this was that I knew I had to get on and pay rent, but was just so tired as of late that I couldn't get on. It looks like I missed it by about 2 weeks.

I looked through "Moo's" villa. She has a chalkboard up now, and people have left her all these notes, raving about how nice it is. They seem really happy for her.

Part of me is happy someone is happy over this. The user Moo Im a Fish is "Dalyia" on VN, but she apparently got/bought the villa from "Lord_Hastur." Dalyia knows Nastazio and Calimad, because those names were on her chalkboard congratulating her on the villa. Like I said, at least someone's happy over this.

What really jarred me was logging on to go through my mules (I'm not sure why, but my majors, rares, MMDs, and salvage were typically stored on mules, not in the chests). I never realized how so many times when I needed to just kind of "reset" in AC, I would hit @house_recall and go to my villa, to just (literally) sit up on the roof and rearrange my packs/ammo/etc.

Now, all that's left is my RAZR's wallpaper, which is of me in my Dapper Suit, up on my roof, arms akimbo -- standing next to my Colban-colored Wi Flag.

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