Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Boy, did 2007 have its downs and ups or what? Just today, I got my villa items back, including the Virindi Mask inscribed by Fong Sai-Yuk, my old Aussie mate (who doesn't like that there is no comment function on this thing!). I also got back a ton of quest items I'd earned, complete with my oh-so-droll inscriptions. Pretty cool.

I owe a HUGE thank you to:

Adept of Dereth.

I bow to you, good sir. You rock. And I was WAY wrong about the fate of my items. They were just muled and held onto. Seems my stuff isn't that uber, lol. ;-)

So having gone through the returned items, some stuff is missing, but I don't mind. The set of Greater Olthoi Armor I bought years ago, wore once, and muled just isn't missed by me. I do indeed miss the Globe of Aubrean I had floor hooked, but I can buy one of those.

Or can I?

Because I'm me. I insisted he take a "bounty" of items for his trouble, and gave him a War Rare (100 MMD value), a X-Bow rare, a melee D rare, a Sword rare, and 9 Burning Coals (all I had). Plus, I gave him 25 MMDs.


LOL, I'm broke again. ;-)

But this isn't a huge issue. I've got about 15 MMDs left to buy a Globe of Aubrean, plenty of supplies otherwise to live on, and even have Diamond Powders for Writs. This will just prompt me to get my Tradebot up and running again, and try to sell those Deception Rares I have. Ubar.

Happy New Year. Be safe. 2008 is starting off on a good note for me, hope it is for you!

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