Saturday, December 29, 2007

Low score Harbinger

I did NOT have time to go on a Harbinger quest today, but I did anyway. I first blew a good 30 minutes looking for a couple of Snowflowers (grrrrr), but netted 4 diamond powders during the search. So my villa's paid for another two cycles! :D

Anyway, the quest didn't go well -- I didn't have ANY bloodletter charms, nor any Telemiat Essences, so I was stuck just turning in a Peerless charm for a couple of points in Magic D (the 118 million XP step, plus the next one).

The problem was that we had a couple of deaths, and a couple of missed jumps. This normally isn't a problem, except that I had a serious time constraint, and I couldn't believe my eyes when it was 5pm, and we were waiting for ANOTHER Harby spawn. So I took the exit portal, got my XP, and figured I'd recall back to the Harby room, where if I died, who would care?

One problem -- if you get your reward, you don't go back to the Harby room -- you start at the top.

Oops. So I tried running back to the Harby room directly. There were only two problems:

1. I don't know the way.
2. I am Tai Fung.

Therefore, I died after the FIRST ramp. Because I was stuck between two plants and two lizards. I would have lived, but I was busy writing in @a about why I had disappeared, and asking why I hadn't just beamed to the fight room at the end again.

Sooooo, I died, cleared my body (I had dropped pyreals, and hated leaving it on display), and logged off. RL wasn't just calling, it was deafening! I had to go.

Feh. I don't begrudge the Quest leader, but only myself. I have just been having too much fun lately, and should have passed on this quest.

Double Feh. =P

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