Friday, December 21, 2007

Um . . . holy crap.

I just bought a solo villa.


I frickin did it.

I didn't even have to ask anyone for the item, or even get a heads-up that it was available. Since this past Monday, the 17th, I've been "available" to dump my cottage and buy a villa to replace the other one. Since I've been on more anyway, I've been checking the "@house available villa" thing. When I see one (or two!) available, I alt/tab over to Maggies, check to see where the villa is, what the rare item required to buy it is, and whether it's a 1 or 2 courtyard type.

So for the past few days, I've had very little luck. The villas either are 2-courtyard (I prefer single), or not available that long. Then today (Friday, 21 December), I noticed 2 villas available from like 1:30am (so probably since 20 December). The items were a White Virindi jewel, and a Gold Wasp Wing. The Wing-Villa wasn't impressive to me, although it did seem to have items available for "salvaging" (i.e., getting the person's stuff when they lose their villa, and you get it -- I learned all about that the hard way, by being fed a total cock-and-bull story about where my major Covenant suit and other house items are).

Anyway, while "salvaging" someone's items might be fun, the Wing-Villa wasn't right. As for the White Gem, I didn't have one. I thought I might, and noticed that people (well, one guy) was offering 100 MMDs(!!??) for one of them. Yikes.

I spent part of this morning trying to find a decent place to hunt Virindi, and found it too tedious to get to the Crater, where a dungeon filled with them was located. So I put together another inventory of my stuff, and realized I had enough Writs to buy a villa, plenty of money, and a few of the rare Villa-items.

This afternoon (about 1 hour ago), I saw a Villa available. I just alt-tabbed to Maggie, and hit "find" for the first coords. Bam, it came right up. The exact Coords:

A lone villa.

Villa. "Island on the NE Coast"

Holy crap -- that IS a lone villa. And all it takes is an ASH tooth? I've got THOSE?

After logging onto a couple of mules to FIND them (grrrr), I got the tooth. I knew I had the writs and the cash. I tracked the place down, keeping calm, telling myself that if it was bought, no worries, there'd be more.

And all the while, every 30 seconds or so . . . "@house available villa."

Still available.

Coming up on the place was amazing. It really is a little island, complete with its own little park bench nearby. Call it a sandbar, an atoll, whatever. But it stands alone out there, on its own.

And it's 1-Courtyard.

Holy crap.

Scanning for white dots (none), I slapped down the money, item, and writs.



I forgot to abandon my cottage. =P

Congratulations! You now own this dwelling.


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