Friday, December 28, 2007

What's Chu Problem?

Sorry, bad attempt at a pun there.

While I'm off dying to stuff half my level, I'll sometimes chat with Chu-Chu. She seems perfectly nice, and is definitely a character. The other day, she asked me if her alt, Wolfen al'Thor (currently alone and a monarch) could join up with the EOL under me. I pointed out right out of the gate that I'm a HORRIBLE patron, and that my time is so irregular, that I wouldn't be a good fit. But, I offered to run the idea past Marie to see if we could get her approved to join (I knew there had been some drama in the past re the EOL, so I thought it best to check in).

I give Marie a lot of credit here -- apparently, there was tons o' drama with Chu in the EOL previously, although not of her own creation. It was mostly caused by Kiaya (I'm not her biggest fan, and found her puffing about her "published book" (done by a vanity press-type publisher) to be insufferable). Chu's hubby, Stee Jans, jumped to Kiaya's defense (and Chu's), and stuff went downhill quickly.

But, for all of the bad history, hurt feelings, and drama, Marie and the EOL gave the idea of Wolfen's membership a fair shake. It was debated pretty heavily, and Marie got back to me a couple of days later --

no dice.

I think the whole thing was handled well, and I saw in Marie the same thing I felt myself about Chu -- genuine regret that Chu's alt was alone, and a desire to get Wolfen into a clan. That goes a long way in my book, and indicates that the eventual denial wasn't based on venal feelings. I likely would have gone the other way on the call, but I can't say the counter-decision was definitely wrong. Reasonable minds differ.

Marie explained her decision in detail to me via an EOL PM, and could not have been more patient in showing her analysis/thinking behind the process. It was well-done, and showed careful thought. If my original clan (the old "Covenant of the 7 Circles" under B'an al-Azir) hadn't fallen apart so badly after I was persona non grata after RL drama, I could understand protectiveness over an alliance. I was all about the C7C for so long, until they screwed me but good.

For her part, Chu took it very well, laughing that she's still disliked by association. She mentioned that she'd leave Wolfen as a "lone" player, and despite any drama in the Wandering Stranger clan right now, she'll "continue to squelch the poopieheads, lol."

Ha -- love that line. It's good advice for ANYone running around Dereth. :-)

Got a poopiehead problem? Squelch 'em!

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