Sunday, January 04, 2009

AC Christmas Shopping! It's like being in "Second Life," but with Arrows! And talking Snowmen.

Foxy and Marie hipped me to the fact that I was going to miss out on getting my own polar . . . Ursuin (seriously? We can't have a cute little Polar Bear drinking Coke out of an old time bottle? I mean, Polar Bears are practically mythical creatures by this point anyway).

Anyway, I got on tonight to hurry up and get one, and Kitra asked if she could come along. So we could give one of our Bears (eff it, I'm not calling it an Ursuin). It struck me how much AC is like real life. Consider:

In real life, you go from store to store in order to get that gift for your kid she would LOVE to have. You dodge traffic, get lost here and there, and fight through crowds to get the thing you want at the last minute.

In AC, you go from town to town to get that gift you want, you dodge groups of mobs (which, in my case, is usually necessary because I insist on doing these types of quests wearing my Dapper Suit, not my armor). You fight through ANNOYING crowds of shadows at the Umbral Hub, just to get what you want.

Speaking of which . . . the Umbral Hub has LOTS of useful portals. Someone should note that on the Wiki. We went to Zaikhail (twice) trying to get to Al-Jalima, and only later, when I (1) remembered I HAD an Umbral Hub portal, and (2) There was a Plateau portal there, did I notice that there was an Al-Jalima portal there.

It actually went like this:

Kitra Zan says, "Isn't that a portal to Al-Jalima? Could we not have just used that one instead of all that running?"

You say, ". . . "

So in that sense, it's ALSO like real life when the woman says to the man, "Why can't you stop and ask for directions?!"

Anyway, we're about 2/3 through this RAIL FAIL quest (that's my term for "Running Around Intently Looking For An Interesting Lagniappe") when Kitra Jr. had to be put to bed for school Monday. So we'll pick it up tomorrow. Whereupon --maybe-- I'll ask for directions.

P.S. One point. We hit this Igloo-looking thing (turns out it actually WAS an Igloo), and I noticed it had this snowman in there, around level 95, whom I thought I could target (turns out I targetted him in peace mode). So I made a big show, while Kitra was rebuffing, of talking to him, calling him names, etc. Then, IMMEDIATELY as I took out a flaming arrow, and furrowed my brow, trying to figure out why I couldn't target him, he MOVED. He did that kind of "lean in and squeeze his arms together" thing.

I nearly peed myself. I then wrote that in open chat, thinking that Kitra was the only other one in the Igloo with me.

Ahem. You guessed it. AC is low populated my (tight) bee-hind. There were TWO other players running up to the igloo during all this, and they came in just as I announced my jumpy-ness (read: propensity to wee-wee my armor) to Kitra.

Coolness. It never leaves ya.

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