Friday, August 21, 2009

Interesting exchange the other night

I'm helping Kitra learn how to use a buffbot (no, it's not that she's completely inept with these things -- she's literally never used them before!). I'm there as my mule, who is in his SUPER A-1 AWESOME HALLOWEEN COSTUME. It's actually pretty cool. It came in 2nd place a few years ago in a Dereth Fashion Show judged by some Devs and Maggie the Jackcat. I have a feeling I should have been first, and our final decision apparently caused much debate amoungst the judges, who were in a fellowship, and whose chat we couldn't see. I've had several offers for it while in the MP.


We're at the mansion, and a guy goes, "Whose ur main?" I tell him. "I've never heard of you," he says. Kitra laughs at this development. I then say something like, "I'm no one of consequence, just a gimp running through Dereth," and he says, "Yah, only us PKLs really get to be famous around here."


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