Monday, October 21, 2013

No Frills 2013 Army 10 Miler Race Report

I've got a major blog post coming about Yasso 800s.  One that is very personal, and which was written over the course of months.  But I wanted to say a few things about the Army 10-Miler race I just ran, since it resulted in a PR for 10 miles.  So here's a no-frills race report:

Good things about the race:

--Finishing time (PR!)
--Negative split (a pretty significant increase)
--Post-race brunch with friends from Twitter (including bottomless mimosas!)

Bad things about the race:

--I think all WalMarts on Black Friday have less people.

--I didn't see a lot of conspicuous mile markers, but I'm told they were there, off to the left.  They could have stood to had them on both sides of the road.  I was having to guess when to hit the lap button on my Garmin.

Navigating the crowd was awful, both pre-race, and during.  To my delight, it seems I finished soon enough that I didn't experience the water stop issues some did, and likewise had an easy time getting the shuttle back to the Metro.

One thing:  In roughly the last .4 of the race, some woman wearing a beige peacoat of some kind, carrying a Starbucks cup, tried to CROSS the race.  As in, she was basically between two sets of barriers, but just decided to go for a little stroll between them.  I was flying down the course (along with a few thousand faster people), came to a complete stop without hitting her, said, "Oh my GOD!" and had to re-accelerate after moving around her.

Final stats, or, the race by the numbers:
Final Time:  83 minutes and change.

First 6.2 miles:  53:23 (8:35 pace per mile)
Remaining 3.8 miles:  30:02 (7:54 pace per mile)

Fastest mile:  Last one, 7:21 (7:15 if I had chosen to plow through Starbucks/Peacoat Woman)


Top 30% of all men.
Top 27% of my age group.
Top 20% of all finishers.

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