Tuesday, December 03, 2013

2014 Racing Plans

I find myself really flummoxed by what I should do for my 2014 racing schedule.  Roughly speaking, I see 3 "routes" that 2014 could take.  Each have their pros and cons:

A) Ironman Timberman 70.3


I'd really love to get back into Tris now that I seem to be fully recovered --and have surpassed-- my prior running self.  An Oly distance isn't that difficult, since I only do Tris to finish, and could not care less where I place.


This would be an EXPENSIVE trip to New Hampshire.  Travel, lodging, the race itself is over $200, and I would pretty much do no other races during the year. Maybe a Spring 10-miler, but that would be about it.

If my race plans were ice cream flavors, this one would akin to eating the "Ziggy Pig" from Bill/Ted's Excellent Adventure:

B)  Nation's Tri plus a smaller-field marathon:


This option allows me the luxury of a local Triathlon, even if it's "only" an Olympic-distance. Of course, an Oly is the farthest I've ever gone prior to getting hurt, so maybe this is a good thing?  I could then do a smaller marathon (I'm thinking Wineglass, reviewed so lovingly by Holly at Race It, Live It, Love It).  I could actually do a LOT of races, and train for the Oly on the side, as a supplement to run training.


Forget the Potomac, which is the cleanest it's been in 50 years.  I'm not a fan of the Nation's Tri bike course.  You have numerous hairpin turns, meaning you have to slow down a lot, and then get your speed back.  Biking is the one Tri sport I fear the most (no, not swimming).  I will say, it seems like they've tried to change the course compared to when I did it, so I could be jumping to conclusions. 

This is almost the most "vanilla" of my 2014 plans:

All of the boring, none of the "Super."

C)  Ultras:  North Face 50K, fall marathon, then possibly JFK 50 Miler:


Um, I really want to do an Ultra. And not just any ultra. I've got an eye on the JFK 50 Miler. If I really want to give it a shot, then this isn't a bad way to do it.  My boss is an avid trail/ultra runner, and she's a great resource.  She did a series of trail and road marathons leading up to her Stone Bridge 50 Miler.  I'm intrigued by this challenge.  It would probably mean more trail runs, which would just annoy the hell outta me, because those would almost certainly devolve into "longish hikes with almost no running," but I do know that trail running is far easier on the body, punishment-wise.


I'm also a complete weenie.  I ran ONE trail course when I was in Florida visiting my mom.  I might as well have worn a petticoat, so I could have raised it up and said, "Eek!  Eek!  NATURE!"  I never fell, but there were puddles messing up my nice shoes, fucking bugs EVERYWHERE, and holyfuckdidIpassthattreealready?!  I'M GOING IN CIRCLES!  BLAIR WITCH!  AAAAAH!  Also, I read all the time about people slipping, sliding, and even jumping over streams like a fucking deer.  I know ultra runners are laid back, and I would CERTAINLY just do any/all ultras to finish, but wow.  Sliding down a rocky hill on your ass, then fording a stream, while, what, a fucking bear eats the person behind you?

If this one were an ice cream flavor? You guessed it . . . Rocky Road.

And let's face it.  With my "love" of the outdoors, there's almost no chance I don't end up lost and looking like this guy by the end of the race:


What do I do?


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    humm this is all very hard for me to sort out and help you with ... frankly I like all your choices! The question is what have you had your goals and heart set on this past year? whats going to bug you if you dont try it? I like option C...YOU CAN DO THIS and it allows a variety of races (including fall wineglass (thanks for the love) vs. option A. Truthfully you can do any of these options but I personally like variety annnnnd you could rock the 50K distance!

    1. What would I do without your epic counsel, Holly!? You're exactly right, of course -- the issue is, what will bug me if I don't try it. I don't have an answer to that at this point. But that's exactly the question I'm going to ask myself a lot over the winter. I really want to get back into Tris, but I'm also interested in Ultras. But, I'm a total weenie when it comes to nature, and while not a klutz, I'm injury-prone. Plus, I did get lost in a Christmas tree lot yesterday, which doesn't bode well for trail running . . . .