Wednesday, October 01, 2014

2014 Race Report Table of Contents

I uploaded a LOT of race reports all at once.  Why the delay?  Because it seemed EACH race had something that was a callback to an earlier one, or it was a harbinger of a future race development.  I realized, as I did each race, that there was something connecting them, so it would prompt me to go back and revise the reports to incorporate points.  Meanwhile, time ticked by, and I wanted to upload the reports.

It's going to be too spammy and/or cumbersome to upload each report, so this post is a quick Table of Contents to them.  If you want to read them all, I'd love that.  But, in case you don't, I've included a short link and synopsis of each race, so you can see what's what.

I'm cool like that.  But each race report has some cute pictures, so maybe peek at them?

George Washington Parkway Classic 10-miler:  My first race since the 2013 Richmond Marathon. I was slower, fatter, less trained, and generally ran it not-too-smart.  But I hung out with friends post-race, and actually enjoyed myself.

Spring Backyard Burn ("BYB") 4-mile trail:  My first trail race, something I'd signed up for with an eye towards prepping for the JFK 50 miler, before I'd thought about the terrain.  Much concern about tree roots, rocks, and basically anything alive on the trail that wasn't another runner.  Ran it very cautiously, but had a good enough time out there. See pics of me fat.

Public Service Employees 5K:  I don't know what prompted me to sign up for this one, because I was ALREADY over-racing this year, and was still PLENTY overweight compared to last year.  I ran it well enough, but didn't push it as hard as I could towards the end, only to discover that I'd missed a PR by less than 10 seconds.  I did get a great finish photo though . . . .

Herndon 5K:  My daughter is an alumni of a school in Herndon, and asked if I was going to run it like I had previously.  I told her I wasn't sure.  A last-minute reading of a re-tweet of a Mark Twain quote inspired me to drive out and run it.  I ran it hard for the first mile, then settled into last year's pace for the remainder of the race, and earned a 5K PR.

Lawyers Have Heart 10K:  A rare, "trash the race organizers" report.  Pre-race, a complete disaster.  Like, a fucking train wreck of logistics.  Awful and unprofessionally run pre-race by the organizers.  For the race, I stuck to my pre-determined pacing plan, and came out with another longtime quest conquered, a sub-50 minute 10K.  Then there was more logistical train wrecking, quickly followed by (many) mimosas at brunch in Georgetown.

Potomac River Running Twilight 4-Miler:  Almost the total opposite of Lawyers Have Heart.  Incredibly well-run pre/post race, and then I basically crapped the bed DURING the run (I hate Twilight races, and had a bad one here years ago).  I missed a pacing mark towards the end, and once again ran with tons of energy left in the tank.  I had no plan, and just ran, making up strategy on the fly.  Big fat Fail, but I had beer post-race, and it was delicious.

Annapolis 10-Miler:  Lots of "throbbing groin" jokes.  An incredibly difficult course, but it resulted in a PR. Oh, whatever, like you're even reading after "throbbing groin."  Screw it.  Meepzorp banana beach ball fartknocker.  See? You're not even reading this part.

Reston Perfect 10-MilerA more difficult course than Cherry Blossom, but easier than the dreaded Annapolis EKG course.  And, as it turns out, my second fastest time for a 10-miler ever.  Running is a weird sport.

Ok, there you go, the links to my Spring & Summer race reports.  Why work?  Have fun and take a few minutes to read my drivel instead. 

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