Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2015 Race Report table of contents

During the DC #Snowzilla shutdown, I finished a bunch of draft race reports using the notes I made shortly after each race.  I'm not a "fast blogger," i.e., someone firing off entries multiple times per week.  

It's going to be too spammy and/or cumbersome to upload each report, so this post is a quick Table of Contents to them.  If you want to read them all, I'd love that.  But, in case you don't, I've included a short link and synopsis of each race, so you can see what's what.

I'm cool like that.  But each race report has some cute pictures, so maybe peek at them?  Plus, quite a few race reports involve cameos by various Twitter celebs (aw, go on, you're TOTALLY a Twitter celeb, admit it!).  Maybe you're in one?

North Face Endurance Challenge 50K:  My first 50K, and first true "all trail all the time" race.  Ouch.  Woof.  Ass grabbing within.

GW Parkway Classic 10 MilerI ran this race a week after doing a 50K.  That was unwise.  But it was more like a warmup to hanging in a beer garden with some great people.  Photos!  Beer!

Endless Summer 6-HourWho would NOT want to be out in a sunny park running a 4.1 mile loop for 6 hours?  What if, during that run, you discovered your hydration pack was empty!?

2015 Marine Corps MarathonMy 6th running of the MCM, and a bit of a different type blahg post for me.  Still sucky, but . . . different.  Lots of cameos, though!

Rosaryville Veterans Day 50KMy final race of the season, a 50K PR, with a lot of soul searching and gut checking (the second part of that was quite easy, if you've seen my gut). 

Ok, there you go, the links to my 2015 race reports.  If you're snowed in, why telework?  Have fun and take a few minutes to read my drivel instead. 

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