Friday, January 29, 2016

Cherry Blossom Training is Snow Problem

I've known Molly, the person behind the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run (well, the person behind their social media accounts!) for a few years now (thanks for reminding me of when we met over lunch, Timehop!). So when she wrote me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to serve as a Race Ambassador for the CUCB, I was more than a little happy.  But, I also experienced a slight feeling best described as, "A lactose intolerant guy eats a pint of ice cream."

Sure.  Um.  An Ambassador?  No . . . problem.

This turn of events would sink in after a day or two to process it, I'm sure.


I'm not exactly sure HOW to be an ambassador, but I feel pretty strongly that I should get certain . . . benefits. 

Anyway.  Ahem.  Let's begin with the ah, expert . . . you know . . . ambassadoring.

Totally not crapping myself right now.

If you're in the Northeast US, or Mid-Atlantic, then like me, you've spent much of the past week hiding from the cold and snow.  Here in DC, we reacted to #Snowzilla with our customary coolness under fire.

I think there's a 24-hour Bread, Milk, and Toilet Paper store at the bottom of this tower

Actually, we reacted to #Snowzilla with our customary coolness under fire (just picture a ballroom of cats given enough catnip to power several zip codes’ worth of Christmas lights, and then setting a herd of Roombas upon them.  Did I mention the ballroom was on the Titanic?).  I had been in the middle of a month long plank-a-day challenge with my office litigation team when the snow hit, and almost immediately my healthy living this month took a fairly direct hit.

Closed circuit footage of me this past weekend

But this ought to be a reminder to CUCB runners -- you're not alone.  EVERYBODY has a rough month here and there.  Here are three things you can do to get yourself restarted for February: 


Set ridiculously low goals.  Not kidding.  Reset your goals to pathetically easy levels.  Running 20 miles a week?  Try and reach FIVE miles.  Running typically 4-5 miles on an easy run?  Go out and promise yourself no more than TWO.  Allow yourself the luxury to turn back early.  At this point you're just trying to get the muscles to move again.  To think like a runner.  To get your lungs and heart used to the work. 

After a break in training, your brain will be build up running to be a daunting task.

This is, in essence, a defense mechanism to keep you from OVERtraining too early, and trying to bite off too much after a break.  Go with that.  The mileage will come back.


Eat just a LITTLE bit better.  Just a touch.  Bring lunch from home TWO days next week.  Have a salad at lunch if you go out.  Just wean yourself off the carbs, and the bags upon bags of snacks.  I realize, of course, this is not Earth-shattering insight.

I'm totally on the path to Healthy Living Blogging and all that sweet, sweet shilling money

But really -- getting back on track HAS to be about small, incremental steps.  Bringing your lunch two days next week, or just getting salad when you go out isn't a HUGE thing, but it's SOMEthing.


Treat yourself.  Really.  In the next two weeks.  Just do something NON-food, but YES training-related for yourself.  Buy yourself some RaceDots (not putting a link there because I'm just spitballing ideas).  Get yourself socks.  Gloves.  Just do something for yourself to take care of your body and get you back in a training mindset.

For instance, you might want to get a massageOn a recent visit, I asked my massage therapist to concentrate on my legs, particularly my hamstrings, so I wasn't super prepared when she went a little north of Hamstring-ville, up to Booty Island.  I reacted with about the same even keeled nature of any DC resident.  In a snowstorm.

Basically, my face exactly

Just take those three steps.  Make them as small as you can.  Err on the conservative side, while still doing SOMETHING.  I wish you all the best as the weather warms, and I urge you not to lose focus, or think your Jenga tower is shot just because of some snow.

You'll be back, and you'll be rockin.

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