Monday, February 29, 2016

Revised JFK 50-Miler pacing times and cutoffs

As I'd mentioned in a previous post, the JFK 50-Miler has changed its start time, cutoff times, and qualifications. I did the math for you -- here are my revised cutoff times, along with the paces needed to stay just ahead of the sweeper in the JFK 50. It's my suggestion that (1) you run FASTER than this, and (2) don't rely on anything I'm saying. I'm putting this chart up as a GUIDELINE -- this race is on you to study, learn about, and prepare to run. If you use this chart and don't finish, it's on you, not me (sorry, I have to have that disclaimer in there).

Learn the cutoffs. Press On. Always. Be. Churning.

Anyway.  Here you go.

If you finish this thing, thank me sometime, willya?

Note:  This cutoff chart is a picture.  Click it, then click "save as," and it will appear larger on your screen, if you wish to print/laminate/cry over.

JFK 50 Miler cutoff and pacing chart


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