Friday, March 18, 2016

Good Luck Box unboxing

I remember being in college for my freshman year.  Just prior to final exams starting for the first time, my mom sent me a "Care Package" from a company that specialized in them.  The box was nice. It had snacks, goodies, and tchotchkes, and made me feel grateful for such a thoughtful gesture. It surprised me that my mom would do that, because I we weren't around each other a lot in high school (I lived on my own a significant portion of that time).  It was really a great pick-me-up.

Fast forward ONE ZILLION YEARS to present (I'm old). In preparation for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-miler, the folks at Good Luck Box sent me a care package free.  They aren't mom, but they're still quite kind. And clearly, they must know the awesome power I wield . . . as a BLOGGER.

Ok, fine.  As a Run BLAHGGER.

Even though I think almost every CUCB social runner/ambassador has done a blog reviewing what they got, I nev--

Fine. Let's see what's in there. Captions for each picture below!

I'm fairly certain, even with my color blindness, that the box is green.

I'm a sucker for puns. I got this. It would be funny if it opened from the other side or something.

Right from the start, the presentation is top notch.  I like the green(?) laces. They could've saved my ass on St. Patrick's Day.

I got a lucky penny!  Does it substitute for not training?  Let's hope so.

The safety pins are a cute touch, although I now use RaceDots for my bibs. Actually, a package of RaceDots might be a really good inclusion for future boxes!  Give it a consideration, BoxPeople!

A paper card with the weekend schedule is a nice touch. Also, a "Tiger Tail" which is a rolling stick, is one of the hits for me in this box. That's a really cool inclusion.

I made this picture larger so you can see all the stuff. There's Balega socks, a sample of sports detergent, body glide, the stick-ish Tiger Tail, and lots of food samples. Confession: I ate the Honey Stinger bar like 10 seconds after this photo.

So, big shot blogger/ambassador that I am, having received this bountiful tribute from this company, what are my thoughts?

One thing's for sure, I would have agreed to The Turk's proposal and joined the heroin trade.  But I digress.

This box is a really kind gesture to do for a runner. It's a good runner gift. It really is. Any runner who gets one of these things will be happy to receive it. I mean that. Is it chock-full of stuff you can't live without? Nope. But neither was the box my mom sent. It had some nice things a college student appreciated, but what was more important was the gesture itself.

This box will set you back less than $40, and you're giving your runner close to that in value. Do you send flowers? Do you like to receive them? Do you appreciate getting them, or appreciate the feeling of doing something kind for someone who needs support?

Of course you do. 

And that's the benefit from this box. It's a nice thing to do. You're not going to change anyone's life, but you're going to show someone that you care. I still haven't used everything in the box yet, but I will. If I got one of these before a marathon, or even a shorter race (like the CUCB 10-Miler!) I'd be super appreciative to whomever sent it to me.

I know a lot of bloggers go nuts over free stuff, and do infomercials for the items. Maybe I'm being a little cold.

But it does me (or a reader) no good to just be a shill. This is a NICE thing to send (and receive). It isn't going to make or break your race, or even "necessarily be a necessity." But it won't break your wallet, and if you get one it just MIGHT break you from a bad day you're having. That's good enough for me. It reminded me how grateful I was at 19.

Thanks mom.

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