Thursday, March 23, 2017

My 40s in review

In somewhat chronological order, my 40s in review:

Gained my second marathon finisher's medal, lost motivation to train.
Became a father again, when I gained a son.
Lost a ton of sleep.
Gained a ton of weight.
Went through the motions for a time, both at work, and by running.
Trained up for a marathon for realz, but just missed my sub-4 hour goal.
Lost my mind and went to Disney for all the Dopey races over a single weekend.
Did some triathlons on a lark, including 3 in one month, because why start small?
Gained confidence, lost a lot of weight.
Ignored my health, got hurt. Lost my mojo.
Gained an appreciation for Marzen-style German beers.
Gained a ton of weight again. 
Went to over a year's worth of PT sessions.
Came back and lost weight slowly.
Got better at running, lost the desire for triathlons.
Kept my wetsuit.
(Re)Gained a fanatic love of baseball, particularly the Nationals.
Gained a ticket to see the Book of Mormon on Broadway (original cast!)
Lost the ability to pick up my daughter and carry her on my shoulders.
Gained the ability to curse in front of her.
Went to Hawaii. Like, a lot.
Lost my Thyroid's usefulness.
Gained a prescription for a Thyroid substitute. 
Got better at my job.
Got better at a lot, including losing weight.
Got under 4 hours in a marathon.
Almost lost something ridiculously important to me.
Got it back.
Lost my father. Didn't know. Didn't care. Then I did. Then I didn't.
Got close enough to whales to (literally) touch them.
Decided I hate all things seafood.
My son taught me that sometimes it's ok to deviate from the directions in a Lego set.
Ran my first ultra, 50 miles, because why start small?
Lost my appreciation for all things dairy.
Ran more ultras.
Lost friends.
Got better ones.
Saw my first no-hitter in person.
Lost all hope I'd ever see the Nats make it out of the first round of the playoffs.
Got so confident in my job that I got a little tired of it.
Thought, "What if I issued decisions in Court, rather than defended them there?"
Thought that was a ridiculous, overconfident, and needlessly-fanciful idea.
Went for it anyway, because why not.
Held my dog in my own home, in his bed, in my lap, in a sunbeam, when he lost his life.
Ignored another injury.
Gained weight.
Lost my mind.
Gained a new job.
Left the city I'd known as my home for (literally) more than half my life.
Crossed the US (and the Atlantic) way more than I thought I would.
Gained an Oregon driver's license (and probably perjured myself for the "weight" entry)
(probably got it wrong for the height one, too).
Got my stuff back, including, of all things, my wetsuit.
Got a FitBit.
Got this written before I turned 50.
I'm starting my 50s with the goal to get even healthier.
Because, if my 40s taught me anything, why set a small goal?


  1. This is great - the format and the insights. Love it. I'm still working on the one about deviating from the Lego instructions. Can't do it.

    1. You're the best, Kim. Thank you. And best of luck with CUCB coming up! You've been killing it running the show!

    2. Aw, thanks! It's weird that you aren't here for it this year. I know I'll keep expecting to run into you at the expo :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ack! Sorry Malinda (or Leah?). Missed this. Have a wonderful race at Boston! You've (both) caught the Unicorn!