Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I can't help it . . .

. . . but I love evaders. I don't necessarily endorse the people they attack, but some of the stuff they come up with is hysterical.

Here's a line about Gwydiana:

"i bet she headbutts your mop head while shes givin you a reach around you wrinkly old sea hag"

See? Genius! I mean, I happen to DIG Gwyd, but that doesn't matter -- that's a funny fucking line!

And I used to love invasions just for the appearance of Virusman. He was an artist.

Cool monarchs of Thistledown

There's actually quite a few:


Peanut II


Todoshi Matsudaira


And of course, there are lamers.

I find that I particuarly dislike Redfist, not because of anything in AC, but moreso because of the way he conducts himself in his writings. It appears to me that he thinks far too highly of himself than he is, and that his "monarch" status only fuels that.


Anyway, I'm alliance-less, after sticking with my old one for almost 5 years. I'm on the market. I'm going over a few, but some just aren't working for me for absolutely no fault of the Monarchs:

Juzam is out because Lamir (Gosser) is in his alliance. I can't abide attention whores such as Gosser, and while I completely respect Juzam's defense of Lamir, I just can't see myself in the same clan as him. But, Juzam still gets major points for being a fellow Covenant-afficionado. :-)

Chunglee rocks, and everything about him rocks. I just don't like Kiaya Elam, or whatever her name is, so I'd rather not be in her alliance.

Todoshi's out only because of the time zone problem.

Currently thinking AS1 or P2. Have a really intense enjoyment of P2's website, and his code of conduct.

We'll see.