Thursday, December 29, 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005

VN-style of "T'was the night before Christmas"

I just wrote this in 35 minutes, based on "Dateline NBC" being 5 minutes in when I started writing this, and ending at 9:40
(I say that because I *know* it's not that great, but I still don't want anyone to think this took ACTUAL time).

Oh, and for obvious reasons, I can't post it on VN:

T'was the night before Christmas,
and all on the boards,
not a troll was lurking,
not even the post whores.

Chines was snuggled away,
tight in his bed,
with visions of Kiaya,
falling over dead.

Lookie was snuggled tight too,
As mages will do,
except the point isn't WHAT Lookie was snuggled in,
But WHO.

When all of a sudden, there arose such a spamming,
Even Foxy crawled out of her mousehole,
to watch the future banning.

Yes, the trolls all awoke,
and logged into VN,
(Sure, that's a stretch, but so are size 32 pants on Jen_)

"Who is it?" they cried,
"Who's doing this posting?"
Grim tried to do a trackback to find out the IP hosting

"It's a evader," some screamed,
"But who can it be?"
"It seems his posts are oh . . . so jolly"

The spammer continued, posting notes of goodwill,
"You're beautiful, Gwyd!" he'd say in one post
"Now give us another recipe -- one for yummy pot roast!"

For some, this was too much,
Negativity they craved,
With flaming, and threats, and frothings and raves

"No more happy thoughts," they posted
"Just stop this ride!"
The only sig with happy thoughts
"Should be like Plasma's countdown to suicide!"

"I've got his pic!" said Juzam,
"He's huge!" He must weigh a ton!
"Or, at least half the size of Pkhere's son."

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" the mystery poster wrote,
"Your mods won't ban me -- I can't be smote!"

"Still, the jolly poster said,
"I'm logging off -- you folks are just icky"
"But know you all this -- make it a sticky!"

"It's not nice to be naughty, nor naughty to be nice!"
"Being mean all the time is a troublesome vice"

"Oh, you can trust me, this is no trick!"
And with that, a permaban slammed down,
On the (former) poster known as "Saint_Nick"

Is this an unsolved quest?

Go here:

Getting this heart gets you (edit: the realization that I'm an idiot -- see prior blog entry). [REDACTED]

But there's something else. Something not mentioned in Maggie's -- there are prisoners in cells, who are former shopkeeps of Redspire, captured by the Viamontians and replaced with the "Blues." They are in cells that "cannot be opened or closed that way." So it seems some lever or key is needed.

Nothing on Maggies re this, and nothing on Warcry.

What's all this then?

20 million XP every 7 days?

Yay me! =)


THIS is what 20 million xp looks like:

You've earned 20,000,000 experience.

THIS is what I actually got:

You've earned 20,000 experience.

Boy, this blog is well-named. =( =( =(

Time to make a choice . . .

. . . King Varicci, or the rebels?

I'm going with the rebels. I haven't even read up on the quests, but if the King's folks killed off Antius Blackmoor, and that dude went to the trouble to give me this nice gem of armor, he couldn't be that bad, could he?

Oh sure . . .

. . . now that I am TRYING to find a snow lilly, they're nowhere to be seen.


Time to reverse myself:

Doomherald IS a cocksucker.

If you get your rocks off ruining other people's game experience, you're just plain pathetic.

You're not a "roleplaying badguy."

You're not "enhancing the server."

You're just a douche.

He goes and fucks with a clan's evening of questing, just to fuck with them.

But what's more pathetic is the idiots on VN who suck his cock and say, "Yeah, Doom, you rock! Yeah, give life to the game, woo-hoo!"

AC really is going downhill. I wonder what games out there enforce strict enforcement against griefers?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

THIS is why I'm a loner.

So I have this friend who's a mage. She just recently topped 140, so I took her to the PoTB entryway to just try out vulning lugians for me. We actually had a good time there for a bit, and creamed all those sentinels.

Then, all of a sudden, someone (whose name is escaping me, but I think it's "(something) sin" shows up, demands to be put in our (2 person) fellow, and then starts vulning, well, everybody.

We're down the first hill, so ALL the lugians on that first level come for us.

AND follow us back to the entryway.

And this guy just keeps vulning.

Result? Dead Tai. He just quits the fellow and moves on.

The bottom line is that this was my fault -- I recruited him, not knowing he was a mage. If I'd known that, I would have shoo'd him off since he wouldn't have gotten any worthwhile xp anyway.

Oh, and I died on body recovery, too. 10% vitae, thankyouverramuch.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Harbinger? Lemme at 'im!

I'm so lame at questing, it's just plain scary (doubt me? Recall that I . . . still . . . haven't . . . done . . . Aerlinthe).

Anyway, I show up for Juzam's Harbinger quest tonight (earlier, like around 10:00pm EST -- what the fuck am I still doing up NOW?!). It's got quite an array of high levels, plus some obvious secondary characters. Off we charge into the dungeon, and immediately I get a lot of this:

Your missle attack hit the environment.

This is AC speak for: "N00b." An alternative translation is (surprise): "Gimp."

Everything was flipping' dying before I could shoot it. I mean, maybe TWICE I even got a kill message. So I did what I can only do in that situation: I start emoting.

@e quakes in fear
@e hides
@e buys real estate with no money down

(all actual emotes I did, not a single word from either of the two fellows)

So, we make the evil-wicked-hella-jumps(tm) towards the end, and we head for Harby.

At this point, I feel like a burden on the group, and like I'm not really contributing (sound familiar?) So we get to the last jump, and I see what looks like two elementals, and the Harbinger.

Sweet! So one archer is shooting at one, and I start shooting at the other. He kills his, and then mine either dies or just moves off out of radar ranger.

Now's when things got a little dicey. Because, and I swear this is true, I absolutely swear, swear, and swear again that I saw someone jump down.

So I did too, and moved off, straight and to my left, finding a wall to fight the ELEVENTY BILLION elementals on the ground floor. The elementals at this point were doing three basic things here:

(1) attacking me
(2) chain-casting spells and debuffs on me
(3) doing *heartylaugh* emotes, with their little puffy cloud bodies grabbing at their little puffs of bellies.

Oh, and the Harbinger was pounding on me like that sailor probably pounded that nurse on V-J day.

All in all, I'm glad I carry so many health philtres.

While I was drinking, I looked around, and away from my health bar to see the following sight on my radar.

(1) Eleventy billion dots around the middle of the radar, to wit, ME
(2) A bunch of white dots and triangles off behind me and to my right.

They hadn't jumped.

Happy Chicken says, "Tai come north" (I'm pretty certain that's Juzam, btw)
Happy Chicken says, "north"

Acid elemental tells you, "Oy vey, I'm fulla gas I am! Too much rugelah! And now I'm gonna gives ya such a bris!"
(In my little world, Miasma sounds very Yiddish)

So I run. Like the proverbial dickens. And now players start raining down on the floor like that "It's Raining Men" video (who the hell sang that? Wasn't it this group, "Two tons of fun?")

Chaos ensues.

The whole time, I'm thinking, "Boy, I hope no one noticed that. Maybe they thought Juzam said that AFTER we all jumped.")

Happy Chicken tells you, "Remind me to beat you next time I see you for jumping down early"

That would be a "No."

So we fight. And fight. And fight and fight and fight.


This was taking a LONG time. I unfiltered combat briefly to see that with a +160ish%, +12 slash rending bow I was doing about 130 per regular hit. Eeeeew.

Anyway, we got him, and he only got one of us. I didn't blame myself for that death, because the Harby apparently chain cast on him like Peter North does to his co-stars. I grabbed an arm token just as Juzam explained you didn't need it for the XP reward. This cat runs a VERY clean, tight Harbinger quest, it always impresses me. I don't know how people can do these big quests and get good at them (hell, even look at Kaos' skill with the Kings Quests).

There's no way I got the kill on the beastie, but what was most surprising (thanks to my healers) was that I survived. Juzam was totally ok with me jumping down, and explained that all he was going to do was just direct the attack before we jumped down, but that it was ok. For my part, I'll be beating myself up over that in-game for a while. Good thing the timer is 90 days! ;-)

Anyway . . . You are now level 151!

Woot! I'm like a bottle of rum now!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

So this CS augment


Was getting creamed in PoTB when it was like just 4 of us, but when we were overloaded in the pit, it was great.





Sunday, December 11, 2005

Oh, lighten up, Francis . . .

I decided to run the Hopeslayer quest for the 10 million (even though it's such a low number nowadays). But, I figured I could do some good by keeping the area clear for the low levels (muwahahaha! Die, j00 level 85 grievers!).

Of course, there was controversy. I guess there were 40+ people in the MP for this one run, and Doomherald showed up. Everything was fine until the end room, but then Doom stood up on the chest to get the Blood of the Hopeslayer.

The thing is, him standing on the chest really didn't hurt a thing, but people were REALLY upset. You would have thought Doom was trying to steal something.

Man, this dude's reputation has him almost larger than life.

Although this isn't even life, is it?

Augmented again!

Woot! Things just kinda fell into place, and I had a billion XP or so lying around (thank you PoTB), so I just got another augment!

I ended up getting the critical strike one -- hopefully I won't really notice it, but will instead notice that I'm dying a lot less (say, every 10 minutes instead of every 15?).

Monday, December 05, 2005

Aw, eff.

You know what throws a kink in playing AC when you're home sick?

Stomach flu.