Thursday, September 29, 2005


Just something about me buying auctions for gloves seems to create drama.

When I first bought some noble gaunts from Asper in an auction, I did it by correctly reading that there was a snipe rule in said auction. Soooooooo, I just set the palm pilot with an alarm for about 15 minutes or so, logged in, made a snipe bid and won them. That was the start of my issue with Gibbon_Raver (Berek Heartthew in-game), who (shock!) it seems was exposed as an evader, lol.

Fast forward to tonight. Those noble gaunts I won? I stuck a quickness gem in them. So, +12, not +15. I've always kept my eye open for major quickness covenant gaunts. They were auctioned off last night. So I bid.

And waited.

I noticed that another person outbid me on them later, but that the auction wasn't ending until about 9pm EST. Soooooo, I made another tactical decision -- I set the palm, and went on about my day (evening).

Then bid around 8:50pm.

1+ hour passes, and the guy realizes he's been sniped. Oops. O=)

Of course, he's crying over the fact that I outbid him by 1 MMD, but it's just patently obvious sour grapes over losing.

These aren't ringed sing keys -- these are MMDs, and they come in ANY amount. I'm not rich, but I do on occasion, make a good business decision. It's called, "Buy low, sell high."

Maybe I'll offer him the gaunts for twice what I paid for them. =P

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hole -- ee -- crapola.

The PoTB is NUTS.

I love it.

I went there -- waaaaaay too late tonight, but this time with AC Maps pulled up (I later eavesdropped on the best way to the pit in PoTB). But I got there, and was immediately recruited -- and saw that I was like the 2nd lowest level there.

Hoo, boy, this should be scary. =(

Two things:

1. Chung had warned me about "rocks to the back of the head." Wish I'd listened, lol. Wham, lifestone in like 10 minutes.
2. When I got back, I (and I don't say this often) seriously kicked ass. LOTS of dead lugies. At one point, it was just me and two mages, before more melees arrived. Woot!

In fact, I should name them, because these two mages were kicking serious ass with the imperils, and were balls-to-the-wall OUT there in the middle of the pit (while I cowered in the doorway, plinking away). Their names were C a r n a g e, and Majin' (can't say much for their names). Anyway, they were astoundingly good at what they did, and also got me thinking --- you simply HAVE to have mages in the PoTB. They're indispensible (but useless without melees/archers) to kill.

One question (and I didn't ask in the fellow, because I was working my ass off, and trying to stay ahead of the spawn): What's the ettiquite there? What's the deal with looting? How do mages loot, if all they do is imperil?

I should ask Lokkie, he'll know how the mages handle it. =D =P

"I'll give u . . . "


The same idjit in the MP, named "Whieht Boy" always sends me the same tells every time he sees me in the MP:

"I'll give u 20mmds for ur armor" Monarch is Chunglee, which goes to show you that even in a class act group like his (I'd put it up on par with Kaos' as the best (but I'm biased), you get douchebags.

I never answer him, and never even squelch him. I just ignore him.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Path of the Scared.

So, I'm 141 now, courtesy of some eater jaws. Might as well do it -- let's see what this whole "Path of the Blind" thing is all about. JUST as I beam in, none other than Chunglee is there, and I said something pithy about this being my first time. Chung wasn't in a fellow, so I just assumed we'd form up there at the entrance and hold "the drop" open.

Um, no.

Chung could not have been nicer. He said, "Let's go to the pit," and after I did some "@e wets his armor" emotes, he said, "Ready?"

That seemed weird. Isn't it just a little ol' run?


Watching Chung's little "X" fade away from me, whlie I was knee-high to a bunch of angry giants reminds me of being a little kid, charging around a bunch of adults. You only move around at their pleasure, unless you're REALLY fast.

Good thing I poured all that XP into run. =P Anyway, Chung came back for me once or so (ok, it was five times, but who's counting?), and we made it to the pit, where we were immediately recruited. So I start killing, after Chung gives me a heads-up about "taking rocks to the back of the head." Heh, if he only knew -- I've had bunnies throw CARROTS at me, and whack me. =(

Anyway, I started killing. And start immediately getting death messages saying I've killed X number of Tukora Lieutenants. ?=/

Funny -- I'd spoken to so many NPCs, I must have started that quest and not known it. Anyway, I'm up to like 6 messages, and the spawn dries up, so I naturally relaxed.

Oh wait -- this is me.

What I --ACTUALLY-- did was run off down this ramp -- solo. And found 4 giants just staring at a wall.

Double oh.

Someone else came down there to fight, but I realized the pitfall of having ALL combat filtered -- I looked up and saw my beautiful 350 health down to 100.

No, wait, 75. Make that 60.

All the while, I'm hitting the "7" key for my health elixirs. Which I'd forgotten to resupply.

I r teh smart. =(

So, I hit the quickslot for an Aphus gem, and got out. Quickly healed (note: didn't replenish elixirs), and recalled.

Tai thinks, "Now then, WHAT way did Chung go again? Ah, I'm still in the fellow, so I'll just shoot one of those guys over there. I'm sure his five buddies won't mind."

@e hits that exit portal real-effin-quick.

I tried to be graceful, but I had to fess up to the fellow that I'd recalled, and now was lost on how to get to the pit. So, I bowed out, what with someone already in line.

But I'll admit this -- what I saw seemed FUN. =)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pwned by a Lizard. =(

I've gone out of my way for the past two weeks to bump Juzam's Harbinger quests, only to have that Lizard tell me to go F myself!

Ahem. Kinda forgot that the Harbinger was *90* days, not 30. =(


The "breakup" move

Heh, I just got a PM from someone who got me thinking about this thing @ work, and how in a sense it relates to this AC thing I'm feeling about being in any alliance. IRL, I have this girl who's totally stalking me: She comes by a LOT, talks incessantly, has proferred ME her home phone number -- but all in the guise of "being friendly."

I know there's more to it, because she's told other people she's interested. They've promptly come and told me to watch out, but sworn me to secrecy about how I would know. So, in a sense, I've got to play dumb with her (that's not a stretch for me) as she flirts, acts overly friendly, and knocks over some stuff on my desk with her boobs (that's true).

Anyway, the PM got me thinking about how my alliance has a good reputation, and has good, friendly people in it. They're actually a classy, family-oriented clan. So what's the move that a wretch like me does? You end up acting so anti-social that you drive THEM away, and make it out like THEY'VE broken up with YOU. Haw. Oh, how RL imitates AC (um, or vice-versa).

Consider last night: I'm dying to Augment, but I am a touch impatient when it comes to Capt. Justice's quest TONIGHT at 9pm. Juzam's running Harbinger, and I kinda need Harbinger more. Someone from my alliance offered to run the Augment LAST night at 9pm -- woot! Score! Sweet! I can run Augment Wednesday night, and then do Harbinger Thursday night, all at 9pm! Woo-hoo!

And then the Augment guy never logged on. =/

Between that and the chat debacle, I logged in a touch of a huff. But what's the big deal? I mean, Juzam will run Harbinger at 9pm, and then CJ will run Augment at midnight tonight. Why's everything got me so agitated.

Sigh. I guess I have guy PMS right now. =(

One last bit o' thought on Dealing With People.

So, I'm still having a crisis of confidence about staying in the alliance, and the chat mode just made it worse. Logging in to all this chatter gets me in that "Scream" mode (the painting, not the movie).

That got me thinking a bit more -- even if I give back the bows to Lorna (Avy) and Leventhal, will I still owe? I mean, Kaos gave me a magic D tessie (that's 30 MMDs), but I gave Og Tree a tinked up 335 LR bow (which he had mentioned HE would give me 30 MMDs for). So I guess I'm about even if I quit.

But where the hell is all this quitting thing coming from? How much of ALL of this is just my own "fed-up-ness" with dealing with ALL people as of late, instead of not liking being in an alliance.

Mind you, it's NOT this alliance -- it's just being in ANY alliance that's getting me nuts as of late.

Sigh. =(

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What the F*#$&#)*?

Oh. My. God.

I flippin' HATE the new chat channels.

And sure, enough, within 5 minutes, Shui Chon Poh was uber-spamming the general channel.

[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"

Followed then by all the people saying how they'd squelched him (also, of course, in general chat).

I immediately turned off ALL chat in windows 1-4, and use the main window for just the "basics." If I wanted to see more channels, I'd just add them in the F11 window.

Then again . . . I was only on for 15 minutes.

Monday, September 19, 2005


I just thought of this -- I don't think I've seen a single rare come up on TD that was anything OTHER than a +250-type gem.


A heart attack -ack-ack-ack

First off, I'm glad Mage MicheleMM is doing well, and was saved. She's a wonderfully perky person, with a great attitude, and is nearly always positive, which is a great thing.

But note this from her post:

>>>"At age 35 i never in my right mind would think i of all people would have had a Heart Attack"<<<

Look -- there are pics of her from gatherings. She's overweight. And not by a little. There are risks to having that kind of weight, plain and simple. If she's happy at that size, that's totally fine. It's good to be happy with your body. But don't act like a heart attack is a surprise at any adult age, if you're as overweight as she is.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Otherwise known as "premature augmentation"

So, I went from 134 to 138 in (literally) the blink of an eye.

It's called "The Scroll of Dark Rain"

At level 134, I'd finally amassed enough non-attribute XP to take magic D within 3 points of max. Then I handed over the scroll.

Holy crap: Fireworks, level lights, max skill message.

Oh, and 4 levels' worth of xp. =/

Anyway, I was left with like 1.5 billion xp, after having around 480 million. And then it hit me -- why not do that augmentation thing NOW? I am always getting into trouble with burden, carrying around too many arrow types, etc.

Of course, leave it to me to not have a SINGLE thing maxxed, and I'm off to augment. =P

You know what?

I'm still pissed over the whole debacle with the lab dungeon thing.

And so, it's time to put my affairs in order.

There were two 335 bows given to me by members of my alliance, which I tinked up with hog. Courtesy of some pretty incredible timing, I've just had the inscriptions removed. I'm going to return them to the people who gave them to me, with no charge for the hog, and with a well-wishing inscription. No hard feelings.

I also gave away an electric bow to an alliancemate earlier this week. I could have made a bundle on it. If there's a ledger of things received in the alliance, vs. things given, I'm definitely at LEAST even.

As for my current set, all my 360 bows have come from ME. Through MY work. MY efforts. I'm still missing fire and bludgeon, but I'll find some.

On my own.

Friday, September 16, 2005

And the XP whoring begins . . .

. . . driving me out of a fellow, half of which were members of my alliance.

What the hell?! But let me begin, as they say, at the beginning.

So Kit & I are trying to figure out what to do tonight, and I hit on the idea of us going to the Abayar's lab, just outside Eastwatch. You fight Fiun there, and it seemed like a nice idea, with decent XP. Plus, Kit had never fought them 'en masse' (that's Latin for "a fuckload"). Oh, and she wanted to get those Fiun spellcasting gloves for the heck of it. Finally, that dungeon is a dream for us, because with spec'd magic D, we would resist tons of spells (I've been there previously).

As we're talking about this, an alliancemate named "Troh" is talking in @a about how he's doing in there. He says he's in there with one other person named "Foreena." They're clearing 80-90 million per hour. Hrm. Nice. And that he can see there being room for more. So I tell him that me "and a mage" were on our way.

At this point, another alliancemate (let's call him "Bob") who could not be nicer also wants to explore the dungeon. Troh by this point has already recruited him, although we got to the dungeon ahead of Troh and Bob (Troh had left the dungeon to restock, leaving Foreena there alone).

So, at this point the fellow is: Troh, Foreena, & Bob. Me & Kit are standing there at the entrance with the cool kids. We have to actually ASK to be in the fellow. Troh mentions, "Hmm, not that great xp with this many people, and there's already one in the dungeon ahead of us, but, gee, ok." We are now in the fellow.

Just a point here: That's once.

Also, I'm pissed. So I immediately offer to leave the fellow and find another place. Kit will come with me. But Bob mentions that it's the fellowship (I think he said friendship) that's better than the XP. Not exactly a resounding endorsement of Bob's point from anyone else, mind you.

So off we go to the "study" portion of the Lab (where the higher XP is, and where Troh was). We charge into the room.

Foreena says, "..."

Yup, he's pissed. He points out that, "Wow, um, so like, you brought more people back."
Troh recruits him.
Foreena says to your fellowship, "Um, you can still make good xp in the first dungeon, too many people here."

That's twice.

I said something like, "Look, Kit & I will try another room. If the XP is not what you want, we'll leave."
Foreena has left your fellowship.
So, I repeat it in chat mode, just to make sure he hears it. Not that it does any good, he runs off.

Troh then says, "Yeah, it's kinda not as good xp like this, he didn't know I was bringing more people back."
(Good, let's make excuses for the xp whore)

Anyway, that's three times.

Three times, the level of XP has been brought up, and without a subtle method of pointing out that the "extra" people (to wit, me and Kit) will be dragging it down. And that's it for me. Three times, and I'm out.

You tell Foreena, We're leaving the fellow if you want to rejoin it, enjoy.
(like 10 seconds later)
You say to your fellowship, "We can take a hint guys, thanks. See ya." (or something like that)
(this is in open chat here, he came running up) Foreeza says, "Hey Troh, heard you lost two people from the fellow."
Foreena is now a member of your fellowship.
(Honestly, at this point, I'm actually embarrased to still be IN the fellowship when he is re-recruited by Troh)
You have left the (whatever) fellowship.
Kitra quits too. We head to the top of the dungeon.

And off the rest of the fellow goes, happily getting nice n' optimized XP now that those darn interlopers (um, us) are gone.

Troh just happily goes on and sucks at the XP teat. Conversely, Bob then sent me a tell and offered to leave the fellowship to follow us, and do whatever, but I wanted none of it. Frankly, I wanted none of a LOT of things at that point. Bob was concerned Kit would get the wrong idea about people. Gee, I wonder how? But, she just let it go, and we went off to do our own thing.

Heh, but one thing she mentioned to me: While we were in that room, even for only the 3 minutes we were there, she looted a single slot Major Willpower item, lore only.

Karma's a bitch.

si fecisti nega

That's Latin for "If you did it, deny it." That was going to be my title, but I thought about this, and that's not really who I am. I mean, how can one have a blog describing how one gets killed every 5 minutes, blows up bows & wands with mana stones, and constantly does bad trades, and have a motto of denial?

If anything, my problem is admitting to too much! =P

So, I went with this, that describes me far better:

Bona Mixta Malis. That's Latin for "A mixture of good and evil."

Now THAT is me.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Like this bow?

Electric rending bow
+8 electric
+7% melee
work 6, 8 tinks

I coulda gotten some serious MMD-age for it.

And instead, I gave it away to an alliancemate. Just handed it to him without him knowing I was going to do that. He's a good kid, very enthusiastic, and is extremely polite/cheerful.

And since I keep gifts turned off, I couldn't be paid back for it.

But I'll still, of course, bitch about being broke.

Donald Trump I am not. =(

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I won a title on VN!

I have 7 days (from yesterday) to come up with a title. For instance, "Syrus_the_red_dragon," who won before me, has the title, "Resident Dragon." I don't want something unimaginative or boring like, "Resident Gimp," or something too fanboyish like, "Vitae laden."

What the heck should I have my title be?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Why, oh why . . .

. . . do I insist on hunting in my dapper suit?

3 deaths in the Aerbax's lab, just because I can't resist wearing it instead of putting on all my armor (I was only there to burn off about 100 arrows, just wanted them gone).

Instead -- 15% vitae. Ouchies.

Worst thing I did was go on another Noir Assassination investigation and get another suit. =(

Holy karma.

So after I explained to Kit that you could get gems of stillness from Memnosynes, I decided to do her a favor and go get some obsidian hearts for her to carve some keys. Sigh. Don't ask. I mean . . . we're not . . . I'm not supposed to . . . sigh.

Don't ask.

Anyway, I know of those huge spawn of obsidian golems (like 10+) in almost the same radar area in the Vesyanwhatever Islands. So (after spending 15 minutes trying to find which main town has a Kryst portal (hint: its name rhymes with "Moo-she"), I head off to those series of Islands.

Have I mentioned that I just HATE running in archipelagios? ("Oh, you can run across THESE islands, but NOT these ones. THOSE? No way. But those ones just a quarter inch to the right? Sure, as shallow as VN 'good morning' thread"). Grrr.

Um, anyway. Again.

I'm running from Kryst, trying to find that spawn area. And along the way, I see them: Shallows Devourers. I spent HOURS (like many people) looking for Ulgrim's scroll, to no avail.

Ok, I spent like 2.5 hours, but it totally FELT longer.

Anyway. Again again.

I kept my eyes open for devourers, but just kept seeing destroyers. Finally, I had a good run of devourers. Well . . . there were 6. No scroll.

Humph. Moving on. There's two more.

Holy cow. No, wait. Cows had nothing to do with it. Karma. I was out there to do a good deed for someone for whom I bear no ill will, but who has a boatload for me. And there we are.

Eighth devourer I killed.

Ulgrim's scroll.

I don't care how broke I am -- I'm keeping it.

Um, just as soon as I can find Ulgrim. =P

P.S. Killed (this is true) 250 arrows worth of obsidians (most were one shots, but some had them down to just a few points on the first hit). Sum total of hearts: 4. But I'll take that for Ulgrim. And for Karma's sake. Goodnight!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


If only I'd have been up at 3 this morning. Someone was selling a ton of low work hog. Sigh. =(

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sigh. I'm such a wretch.

Just because I refuse to accept help, I just made an alchemy mule. She's capable of making bloodhunter oil, so I can make my own deadlies, rather than bothering anyone in the alliance, or pressuring anyone to keep the chests at the mansion full for me. I *know* that no one would worry about just picking up oils from the chests, but I don't feel like I deserve to. I really don't contribute to the alliance, and am more a drain than anything else (other than the meager xp passup).

Sigh. I'm such a wretch.

And a gimp. =P

Tai Fung has discovered the vaulter's crystal!

Big freaking whoop. =/

Been a while.

Work has been ka-ray-zee.

Let's see:

--Hit 131 . . . eaters are my total bitches. I go through those pigs like I go through, well . . . bacon.

--Hit 360 bow, and am absolutely having a struggle, ethically, over what to do with the complete set of 335 bows I had tinked up with imbues and hog. It took a lot to complete that set, but I know that I'd never get a full return on my investment (I wouldn't deserve it -- I got my money's worth on their use). But -- I need SOME money for hog on the 360s! So what to do.

What's the ettiquite here? Just give it away to alliancemates? Charge them for it? At a discount? Just put it up for sale on VN? No one responded to a PC/IC, I just got lots of courtesy bumps. Plus, Lorna & Lev donated fire and bludgeon bows to me, so I totally should pay them back in some way -- maybe even return the bows, enhanced with the hog.

--Spent about 2.5 hours in the Tusker holding, over a period of two days, just for salvage. The holding is, not suprisingly based on the number of UCMs that used to be there, GREAT for salvage. I got lots of types I needed, although very few full bags of anything, because I refuse to spend XP on salvaging. I'd rather hunt longer, or at least be more effective when I DO hunt, than worry or hem over getting "full" salvage return.

--I'm going to try and take Kit on one of Juzam's harbinger runs next week -- I'm not sure who will be more stressed: her, because she typically gets stressed on quests, or me, worried that she WILL get stressed. Then again, as I think more about that, I'm not sure that's fair -- she's getting knocked offline a lot, and we're not sure why (it's usually an AC Client crash). That's stressful, to play knowing at any second you could be knocked to your desktop.

--So, a couple of weeks ago, I found a major war magic sceptre. I auctioned it, and it was won for 35 MMDs. Remember -- I'm flat broke, and need hog. The winner of the auction was a former alliancemate of mine (one who doesn't hate me) named "Ozgood the Ass." He's under Juzam now in his main, "Steve Vai." This cat is a nice guy. He's a bit out there compared to my vanilla, button-down nature (of course, compared to me, that would put someone like Lokkie on Pluto!). But putting that aside, I knew something -- this guy is just plain nice, and also just had a new baby. So after (1) he won the auction, and (2), we found ourselves in a fellow in the eater place, I inscribed the wand with a congratulatory message over the baby, and just handed it to him.

I keep "accept gifts" turned off.

So he tried to pay me, and couldn't. I didn't want his money. It was a gift, after all.

Like I'm allowed to ever complain about being broke again. =(

No wonder.

Anyway, see you on Dereth. =)