Tuesday, January 31, 2006

PoTB badness

Wow, a poorly run fellow in the PoTB is REALLY a bad thing.

Not that the XP was low (it was -- horribly so).

But when people are (literally!) sightseeing around the dungeon instead of actually fighting, then that just sucks. At one point, I was in the corner/hallway (whatever that place is where the mages usually hide), while --count em!-- THREE lugians with rocks (all standing across) pound me and one mage. Just me and one mage against the rock throwers, and, oh, about 57 random melee lugians.

Ouchie. So I shimmy away (I am SO not losing my body because of some folks emoting throughout the dungeon, rather than fighting). Immediately, the mage starts bitching, and I choose not to debate the point that:

1. I could stand there and die and not fight anymore, or
2. I could keep moving, NOT die, and at least fight a LITTLE.

So, without saying a word, I just bailed.

And then (hi Karma) most of the people in the fellow apparently died (Doom found their bodies later), and even Sweetpea, who I thought would save the fellow by having a good influence on the place, bailed herself as well.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A picture of DM?

I think (in that thread that got locked) someone said they hadn't seen a pic of DarkMarcsun. Think a younger, thinner, Simon Cowell (seriously).

Even though that's not a personal attack, I can't post on a locked thread!

Anyway, much <3 for DM -- he DOES crack me up daily (and I think my description isn't that off, although IIRC the photo he posted might have been of an old work ID).

Oh, he kinda looks like the tall, thin guy from the "Porky's" movies too, but I don't know the name of the actor.

But he is (I think this is an easily defensible point) pretty much the funniest guy on TD VN.

China, Google, and lame posters on VN

People around here pissed themselves on VN thinking that Google might work with the Justice Department in its attempt to make a new law aimed at curbing kiddie porn.

So, I wondered whether or not we'd see any objections from those same folks when this story came out -- Google is working with China, a country that is outright DEMANDING censorship (you know, of pesky search terms like, "Democracy"), but we have nary a peep from those folks so far.


Guess doing "Nazi"-like actions, and censorship is only bad to folks like pathetic folks like Jezza and Plasma if the US does it. If someone else does it, well then that's just cultural. It's amazing how hating the United States is so chic. "America love it or leave it" is lame, but "If something is wrong in the world, find a way to blame America" is equally so.


More links!

(describes what is blocked on that version)

(good survey of opinions, discussing the Google vs DoJ thing compared to Google getting in bed with China)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mr. Planning Guy

So I realize I have two pieces of armor I've been waiting to use: a covenant helm with major piercing ward, and covenant pauldrons with major coord. The bonus is that NOW that I can wear those pauldrons, I can ditch the covenant helm (and wear this nice ward! Woot!).

Thus, last night, I spent --easily-- 90 minutes buying salvage, using Thurwyn, finding some black plants, getting my uber gimp alchemist/cook to make dye, and then even LONGER finding a cook to dye some armor.

The moment of truth comes -- I take off that silly noble helm (with -- pfft -- only +12 to coord), and put on my new helm. This enables my major coord pauldrons to be put on. Woot!

Except one problem -- my noble helm casts bow mastery self 6. I don't have creature.


Anyone want to buy some nice covenant armor with majors? =(

Monday, January 16, 2006

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Finally found a use for all those extra red monster seeds I've been muling.

Kinda nice to be able to help someone, even if I am no one of consequence. =P

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ok, so I'm a bit of a leecher . . .

. . . went to the 110 eaters and tried my best, but deep down I knew that for about 20 minutes or so, about 4-5 people were simply burning vitae for me. I got better as the vitae went down, and contributed a bit.

Then, those words: "Vitae penalty has expired."


I'm not proud for basically leeching, but I'll admit it when I do it, or when I know that I'm not contributing equally to a fellow.

Nice to have all that vitae gone so quickly before the update though. =/ Or is it? Getting rid of all that vitae might well have been a tough challenge to handle. It might have really taken some hard work for me to earn back all that XP. Mighta been different.

Now I'm regretting doing it.

Guess I should go back to the PoTB and drop 8 more bodies! (Well, that or @die a few times and do it that way).

Monday, January 09, 2006

40% vitae.


I've known the character, "G T" (well, I've known of him) since I used to see him running around Teth, when even beaming into Teth would scare me. Anyway, that guy (without me even explicitly asking, although it was clear he knew what was up), saw that I was in deep trouble at the entry room of the PoTB (1 body dropped, and then LOTS more trying to recover the first one -- it's called a "death spiral").

G T kept the lugians in the entryway busy, and allowed me to recover all my bodies. So I got all my items back (mostly mana stones, but it's just the sting of it).

In the meantime, I'm basically half the man I used to be. Time to log. =(

Sheesh, 15% vitae . . .

I hate body recoveries.

You'd think I'd just ASK in the LFG or General channel if there was a PoTB fellow. Nooooooo. Instead, I just make that death run in the PoTB, jump off the ledge to the Pit, and run to where the mages usually stand (since by this point, I've figured out I'm in deep doo-doo, as there is NO fellow going on).

About 5 nasties followed me. 1 of them must have had a rock. Before I could hit the hotkeyed Aphus gem, I died.

And then spent a good 40 minutes getting not just that body back, but the other two as well. That friggin SUCKED.

And cost me --this is true-- 20 Aphus gems from having to pick up 1-2 items, getting down to 30-70 health, and having to crack the gem before I was about to leave yet another body. Not good.

Guess I need to hit the MP and see if anyone's selling those things anymore. =(

Sunday, January 08, 2006

You know what a really hard quest is even now?

This one:


This quest is just a freakin' BEAR. I mean, those buggers just chain cast on you like crazy. ZAPZAPZAPZAPZAP.


I've tried it -- this is true -- FOUR times previously. Just getting there is a hell of a run. So this time, I pulled up AC Maps and looked at the map.

Hrm. What if I just RAN though the whole thing, whacked the Aviator, and ran out?

For the record -- even THAT isn't easy.

Use cold attack on those idiots, they seem to hate that type. Assume you'll do the entire dungeon with these debuffs on you:

Weakness 6
Vulnerability 6
Lightning vuln 6
Cold Vuln 6
Imperil other 6

This is a given -- no matter your magic D, they cast so often, that the spells will land eventually (I resisted a lot). Then they'll attack with lightning, cold, and (huh?) fire.

Even running through this place, barely stopping to fight only at the end, and I had to crack an Aphus Gem with only 27 health left (out of 355).

But I got it!

And now I look like the creepy kid from "A Christmas Story" -- the one who talked to Ralphie while they were in line to see Santa.

You think AC's still a cakewalk? Try and do that dungeon in a systematic crawl. You'll fly -- to the lifestone!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shill bidding

It's at this point very likely, if not entirely true, that Poison Elf has shill bid in the past.

But Doomherald and "OMG PAY ATTENTION TO ME I'M A SATANIST ISN'T THAT INTERESTING" Rast's vendetta, now dragging the VN Mods into it, just serve to create sympathy for PE (and Juzam).

Fucking tools.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

To merge, or not to merge

Kaos caught me totally off guard the other day when he suggested that he might merge into AS1 or Chunglee's clan. Personally, I have no problem with either of those monarchs, and consider them both credits to the server. But -- if Kaos had merged, I likely would have quit, and gone through Dereth unattached.

But what brought this on? I'm guessing it was the lack of chatter on @a, but hell -- I log on all the time, and NEVER say "Hi." Sometimes, I'm just logging on for a sec or two, and it actually seems more rude to say, "Hi/Bye" than nothing at all.

So. Here's the thing. If Kaos was to close out the monarchy, it should be for one of two reasons:

1. He's sick of being a monarch, or
2. The members of the monarchy are about to jump to other monarchies, thus imperiling (ha! AC humor) the mansion, including all its portal items, many many (many) trophies, and numerous stocks in the chests.

So I just pointed out to Kaos, that if he could honestly say that either #1 or #2 was the case, then he might well want to bail. But, the thing is that I'm personally not bothered by a rather quiet @A chat, particularly where so many clans are cross-talking in general chat. In fact, in some ways, @A is a bit obselete (unless you wish to "whisper" to alliance members only).

As Kaos noted on VN, we have LOTS of self-sufficient players in this alliance. The fact that we can periodically band together for Kings Quests, Bobo runs, whatever, is just fine, but I don't know of many people in the alliance who would log just because they couldn't talk to an alliance-mate (again, particularly now that general is so chatty).

I actually DO like when @A chat is busy -- I'm always cracking up when folks chat, but it's not a critical point for me. I think some of the quietness is from Lorna's pregnancy, Sarz's mysterious disappearance, Og's mission, and other RL matters just occupying folks as of late.

The thing is, AC is like an well-worn pair of jeans -- you can just pull em on any ol' time, and they fit, feel good, and you're back off to the races in them. But if you wear them every day, you'll shorten their life.


Um, anyway, that's basically my peace on it. If Kaos had moved, I was actually giving heavy thought to just going it alone in Dereth (not out of dislike for either Chung or AS1 -- both monarchs are credits to AC). But more out of a desire to just go "walkabout."

Glad I won't have to do that -- I kinda like mooning the statues at the mansion when no one's lookin'! ;-)