Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Oh well, that was fast.

Woke up this morning to see that Kaos has apparently passed on his membership. I guess others took a more hard-line approach to this than I did. It's just as well. He violates the VN TOS almost daily, yet remains oblivious to that fact.

Based on a prior personal request/favor from Thistle, I've agreed to leave him alone, as she's explained to me that he has a history of these obsessions, and I'm honoring her request. I can't say it's a gratifying result, but I'm also very happy to not have to step away from the alliance.

Monday, May 30, 2005

As Dereth turns . . .

So, lots of alliance related drama going on (not just mine, but other peoples' alliances). Three alliance recruiting threads, from what I can see:

1. Kaos first posted a recruiting thread. Actually quite nice to see so many people point out what a good group it is (even if it doesn't have the marquee power of Chunglee's clan, which still seems to be the gold standard of TD). There's some internal question now, because Gibbon posted that he wants to join Kaos' clan.

He's got an interesting road to go down if he wants to join since Kaos suspected Gibbon was behind a DNS attack on the clan site, since it happened the day Gibbon was sending e-mails to my home account, and posted on the clan boards (no one can prove anything, and as coincidental as it was, it's not even to the level of "beyond a reasonable doubt."

Some people saw his posts, and asked my opinion on his joining. I went out of my way in private tells and PMs to not be the deciding factor -- hell, I don't want to be ANY factor in this. I've made it clear -- my feelings on whether or not he should join are irrelevant. I really have to demur here -- I don't want to be a factor in deciding up or down on Gibbon. Honestly, I think he could be much more of an impact player than I can be. He plays far more, is higher level, and is otherwise much more available for quests and group hunts. The fact is, he has the potential to be a very positive impact on the group, unlike myself, who is awfully solitary in my time online.

Having said that, I will regrettably have to step away from that alliance, and will do so with (seriously) not an ounce of hard feelings or a bad heart. In fact, I'll remain an "alliance-friend," instead of an "alliance-mate." It's just a point of principle, but it's seriously not worth affecting someone else's gameplay (Gibbon's). Not putting him in because of my opinion makes ME the deciding factor, and the simple fact is, my departure from alliance status won't have any affect on the alliance itself.

That sounds pretty lame, but I know all too well that if I left the Kaos group, there would be no loss. I just don't have any impact on it, and on balance, Kaos' group would be better served WITH a power player, than a guy who falls off cliffs. A lot.

If I do leave, there's one thing for certain -- I'll never join any other alliance. 2 of them in 5 years is plenty.

Well, with THAT happy point taken care of, my take on the other 2 alliance recruiting threads that popped up subsequent to Kaos' thread:

2. Doomherald posted a thread subsequently to Kaos. Here's the thing: I've pretty much only read Doom on the boards, since the days he was with (or close to) Masonry. I know they jumped quests back in the day, and apparently took delight in messing with others' in-game experience, but my interactions with him as of late have been nothing but upfront and honorable. Maybe he's mellowed with age? (That, or with Willow out of the picture, he's back to normal, lol). He seems very willing to help out, quest, and otherwise just pitch in. It's weird, he's being a model player, and seems to still be getting beaten up over past actions and/or rep. I'm actually thinking he might be a good fit for, well, a misfit (not me -- see #1). =P

3. One of the al-Thors posted a thread, but that seems to be going nowhere fast. *shrug* I heard it's like one guy with 5 accounts or something.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

I love the "Library Book" quest.

There's this quest, called the "hidden entrance" quest, where you go and retrieve these 11 books, called "Report to Niraltah." You get 1% of your level for 10 of them (1 just gets you a no-drop "Guard Uniform," which might as well be inscribed, "Give this to a town crier immediately.").

Anyway. I love going there, because I absolutely NEVER fight a thing. Why bother? This is a LIBRARY, dammit! You ever seen librarians? They are either:

1. Freaking HAWT (once they take off their glasses, let their hair drop down to their waists, and step into whatever Whitesnake video they're about to be in), or

2. Fat and bearded, like UNIX programmers.

Technically, it's illegal to kill both (although some of the #2 class bring it on themselves).

It's LEGAL to kill librarians in Dereth, though. At least these two kinds in the Library Book quest dungeon:

1. A Tumerok, or
2. A Lugian.

Tumerok Librarian tells you, "QUIET j00 OR YOUR CARD IS REVOKEDZORED!"

Seriously, even for someone like me, that's like 8million XP (just under a mutilator pincer, and more than a Warrior pincer) for about 10 minutes' work, tops.

Except that I take a little more time than that.

I told you, I look at it like a library. So when I run through for the books, I tend to, um, type stuff out (seriously).

@e knocks over the card cataloge

All of those statements are things I've actually typed out, and spammed, as I run through the quest. Why do I go to the trouble to type them? Look, if you were in a library where the librarians wanted to kill you, wouldn't you finally vent a little?

I know what you're going to say: It's not a library. But when it was first introduced, it was often referred to as the "library book" quest.

So that's what it is.

Besides, I just KNOW I've seen a hottie in the corner, with her hair in a tight bun, wearing oversized glasses. If I keep going there, maybe she'll notice me. :-D

Friday, May 27, 2005

I tried running El Tank . . .

. . . I hit "start," and it attempted to delete my character and reroll. :-(

Sigh. Tank won't even ACM or UCM me, since I suck so bad.

Why Tank?

In a fit of desperation I spec'd magic D early, untraining lockpick in the process. Over the past few weeks, I've been regularly going to the spec or unspec dungeons to get various gems "just in case," I wanted to tinker w/my template, in the futile hope that I could arrange my XP in such a way that I could have my 3D archer template in place. An additional benefit to that would be that (with enough XP), I'd have all of the relevant skills at the necessary minimums for waring my major suit.


Just kind of sitting in my Villa (chez de vitae)'s basement, I did the following:

1. Untrained 'pick. (Goodbye, chances at Aerlinthe!)
2. Spec'd magic D
3. Moved lore to trained, and got a boatload of XP back, which I shunted into Magic D and/or Self.
4. Untrained Run, and got a moderate amount of XP back (I so loved having an insane Run skill, and gawd knows it certainly looked good from a role player's standpoint!).

Bottom line? I'm still, oh 1 BILLION xp away from 280 Magic D. I think. I've got melee at 364, missle at 305, but magic D is killing me.

I did some calculations: 20 million per hour over 5 hours is 100 million. 10 spouts of 100 million is 1 Bazillion-izzle. Now then, since I've eared 20/hr about, oh SIX times in the course of my AC career (and even then, the longest I'd ever played in that position was like 2 hours, tops), we're looking at me hitting 280 magic D sometime around Gwydiana's 35th marriage (figuring that each one runs about, what, 4 months?).

Pwned. :-(

Edit: One last thing. I love --no, make that LOVE LOVE LOVE-- my "dapper suit," from the Noir Assassination quest. In fact, I go out of my way to wear it when I'm not fighting. Except now, with Lore reduced to a trained skill w/ZERO xp in it, my armor can't come off until I hit the magic D level.

Double pwned.

Mana charges, anyone?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

When it rains, it pours

Major bow items, that is.

Someone PM'd me out of the blue with some ANOTHER major bow covenant item (who knew ISOs were so effective?). Woot!

Now if I can just keep from blowing it up . . .

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I so heart Lokkie.

I don't even know why, but he cracks me up, and I dig him.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. =P

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Um, ahem.

So, I posted on the VN boards to look for a replacement of a major bow covenant item. WIthin 2 posts, someone offered me some seriously underpowered covenant bracers w/major bow.

For 50 MMDs.


@e counts the MMDs to his name.
@e counts up to 63.
@e remembers he owes 3 for something he bought Kitra

Down to 10 MMDs to my name.

But, for the time being, I've got major bow in my arsenal again.

Update: Dionysis (sp.) on the boards, out of the blue, offered me ANOTHER major bow covenant item. OMG! Awesome! He even accepted the last of my MMDs for them (had to even sell pyreal peas to make up the necessary amount). These aren't useable - yet. But I'm a-workin' towards em.

Wow. I think it was Taka Toka who wrote, "We come for the game, we stay for the people." Good observation, on balance, at least.

Because, after the 2 posts, I never bumped that thread again. Diony just PM'd me out of the blue.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Pot, meet kettle.

Here's Gibbon's most worthless vomiting -- God, I seriously have to weigh out the benefits vs. cost of just going to Florida to beat his POS ass down.

"It is one of the banes of the internet. People relish in the fact that they can be rude, crude, insulting, vile-spewing mega-gits with absolutley no worries about consequences."

--Gibbon Raver, Berek Heartthew in AC:TD.

Who is the BIGGEST violator of this? Who engages in the MOST personal attacks, second only to Wash Chines? Yup.

Pot, meet kettle.

@e adds another reason against ever logging in again.

Maybe deleting isn't a bad move.

Why do I bother?

I worked for over a WEEK, staying up late, doing nothing but slagging through olthoi while burdened to get my missle D to 305 base (yes, that's accurate -- it's the 3D archer template) so I could weild the major bow greaves Doomherald gave me. The only problem was that they had a rank requirement.

They just blew up on the silk tinker, with the tinkerer claiming a 90% chance of it landing. The person who was tinking them did NOT wait for me to brill, however. He just saw me pull out the stone (which was out of mana). As I was charging it, he attempted the tinker, and blew up the one item I was building this template around, the one item that had actually given me optimism about maybe being able to experience some of the higher-end aspects of the game.

This was to be the cornerstone of me getting back into this game, and actually trying to make a template where you didn't have to buff, but just made do with level 6s (plus majors). Instead I'm left with a gaping hole. In fact, now I'm stuck with (1) missle D raised up high (which only allows me to wear one item I need -- is that truly worth spec'ing missle D?), (2) I had just swapped out lockpick for magic D, and (3) an absolute feeling of: Why bother?

It must make the loot/fate gods happy to know that while UCMers, griefers, and d00ds are soloing the planet, one casual player who was just trying to get by has had his teeth kicked in. When I hit 305 base missle (around 4pm), I was completely rejuvenated, and thought, "Hey, things are really looking up! Let me go dye and make these things useable."

Wow, that happiness lasted what, like 30 minutes?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Newsweek did it on purpose.

They knew the story was false, and printed it anyway. They did it deliberately to make money on sensationalism and to make money.

What? Is that unreasonable? Overstating a mistake? You say that Newsweek was given faulty info they believed to be reliable? You say that as long as Newsweek reviews its internal procedures to figure out the intelligence failure, all's well?

But, somehow it's ok to say that Bush "knew" there were no WMD's in Iraq? Somehow, it's ok to say that Bush deliberately went to war in Iraq just for (insert conspiratorial reason here)?

Hi. Welcome to KarmaVille.

@e prints "Newsweek lied, people died" posters.

Woot! Life suit completed!

Swingblade (HR_Puffinstuff from the VN boards) just came through BIG for me.

He traded me HIS full life outfit (two clothing items and one bracelet) for MY full life outfit.

I've got room for my health necklace now! Wooooo-hooooo!

I r teh happy.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

You know what's not a good move?

@e notices that he's down to 4 arrows in total, and is happy, since he wants to recall to Villa anyway.
@e takes off all his armor and puts on Dapper Suit to conserve mana.
@e notices Crystal Golem over there.
@e thinks, "What the hell, only 4 deadly fire arrows anyway."
Crystal Golem evaded your attack.
Crystal Golem evaded your attack.
Crystal Golem evaded your attack.
Crystal Golem evaded your attack.
@e notices Crystal Golem is next to him now . . .
You say, " . . . "
Tai Fung is recalling home.
Crystal Golem stops and looks at the floating, slowly spinning Gimp.
Crystal Golem tells you, "Much <3 for Rotisserie"
Crystal Golem beats Tai Fung to a lifeless pulp!

One hit.

Why wasn't this a good move? Let me 'splain it to you:

Tai's villa location: 36.1N 36.1W

Your corpse is located at 35.8N 36.5W

I was THAT close to the house. Why exactly did I do @house recall?

Oh yeah -- because I'm an idiot. :-(

There's a reason it's called the Valley of "DEATH," Tai!

Ok, so I'll admit it: I'm a VOD Virgin. Never been there.


It's a very complex series of reasons, mostly because of time problems, committments, and . . . oh, screw it -- that's not why.

I've never been able to find it.

Look, I *know* there are directions on how to get there, they usually involved:

1. Mansion portals (I wasn't a member of a monarchy)
2. Caul (if you think I had THAT portal up until recently, you're nuts).
3. Aerlinthe (ahem).

So, anyway, I finally decided to go. Once and for all. @e makes little trumpet sound with his lips. Figured I'd see what all the fuss was about.

I get "there" and promptly spend the next hour running "West then South," as described by my patron (I gotta give her credit, though -- she pointed out that if you just paid the D note, and then took portal after portal, ones where NO running was involved, you could get to the "VOD Lifestone." Now THOSE are route instructions I can handle!

Anyway, I take the portals, and per her instructions, run "West then South." Only to find Drudge Bloodletters, some (gasp!) Sinister Shadows, and LOTS of Imperial Mu-Miawhatevers. So, I recalled, and re-thought. "Hmm," I thought, "Maybe I'll try a LITTLE west, THEN South."

Silver Tuskers. :-/


The whole time, I'm chatting with my patron, trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. She keeps telling me that I'll know a VOD thingie when I see it.

You say to your Patron, "Oooooh -- look at GREAT Revenant! Is that one?"
Your Patron (name redacted to protect the innocent) says to you, "Um, no. That's a monster most people can kill by the time they leave the training hall. Where ARE you?"
You say to your Patron, "I went west then south, right past the lifestone like you said."
Your Patron (see above) says to you, "That's weird. You should be in the thick of it."
You say to your Patron, "Maybe they're afraid to spawn now that I'm all uber-ified."
Your Patron says to you, "Sorry, just trying to figure out why Tai can't find the broad side of a barn in the middle of an empty room."
Your Patron says to you, "mt"
You say to your Patron, " . . . "

So I do what all good men do when they're lost . . . I pulled up a map (heh, we just TELL women we navigate by feel). ACMAPS.com, specifically.

Wow. Look at that. TWO "VOD Lifestones."

One on the North end, one on the South end.

I've been running West then South. Which LS have I been at?



Let's try "East then North."

I run along, and all of a sudden, there's this group of baddies over there. Hmm. "Lich Oppressor." Oooooh! THAT sounds cool! Let's ID him.

Your base assess creature skill is now (still) pathetic!

Humph. Bah, let's just try a fire arrow.

You know that scene in "Finding Nemo," re Dory's attitude with the baby jellyfish? That's the tone I'm setting here.

Remember (wtf was Nemo's Dad's name?) that guy's attitude when the million BIG jellyfish wanted to turn him into slightly braised clownfish?

It wasn't pretty.

But it WAS fun. I gotta get back there.

Now if I can only remember how . . .

Saturday, May 14, 2005

@e wipes a tear . . .

And now Juzam just goes out of his way to make a trade for me for ANOTHER incredibly useful piece of armor for me.


Suddenly, last week's letdown over failing Aerlinthe (again and again and again) isn't as tough on the soul.

It's that whole Karma thing. Again. ;-)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

@e feels his heart start to pitter-patter

I might have a SWEET trade with Doomherald coming up for some Major Bow greaves, and my patron (<3) found me a replacement major focus BP at the same time. This could seriously be a great break for me.

'Bout time! :D =P

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Well, since I've put all that XP into my run skill . . .

. . . might as well see what it's like in RL!

The bad news is that the Marine Corps Marathon is WAAAAY past sold-out (apparently registration filled in like 62 hours!). :(

The good news is that I just got registered for the 8K portion of the race. :)

I guess I can just run the 8K portion of the race (we pick up at like mile 22, at Arlington Cemetary) 5 times. :D

Or, I can just run the 8K once and commence drinking at the finish line (Iwo Jima memorial). B-)

Pathetic enforcement on VN -- where are the mods?

They go to all this trouble to hire mods who will be available at various times, and then NONE are around?

From the Vault TOS:

Flaming, Harassment, Bashing, Baiting, Threats and Trolling (back)

The following is not allowed on the VN Forums:

Calling people names, swearing at people, following people around on various threads to purposefully bother or harass them, sending them Private Messages when they tell you not to, threatening people or just directly provoking or baiting people just for the purpose of getting a negative reaction is not allowed on our forums. Any word used in a derogatory fashion against somebody constitutes a personal attack and will be treated that way. This applies to all posters and all areas of our forums. We expect posters here to respect each other, even if they disagree and dislike each other, so please keep personal disputes off our forums.

You bet your ass I have a problem with Gibbon, and I will beat his ass in RL if we ever meet up (and I'm thinking that's going to be a LOT easier than I'd first thought -- woot!).

What's worse is that I've been told in PMs from Vault Mods that he's do be coddled and that he just "takes" to people from time to time, and just fixates on them. It's apparently known to the mods that he does this, but it's still permitted(!).


Frankly, despite our board history, I wouldn't care -- if he pulled the stuff he's pulling now, I'd ban him. The VN mods can't be there all the time, but they need to show backbone when they ARE around. How many warnings does one require?

Pretty sad.

But meanwhile, I --DID-- specifically promise T4 that I wouldn't "agitate" him, since she noted that he's a problem child and gets these fixations.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Another major

Just bought a major strength covenant item on VN. Not too shabby!

So, that's:

Major Str
Major End
Major Focus

Noble Coord (+12)
Noble Quick (+12)

And, if I feel like taking the HUGE AL hit, Major Bow.

Plus, full life 6 protects (kinda, at the cost of my +30 health necklace), and a nearly full array of creature buffs (missing missle D, sprint, and regeneration).

Can't wait to see how I screw up tonight . . .

Monday, May 09, 2005

And here's the curse:

Well, actually, I'll save the curse for the end.

Attempt #3 (at least) for the Aerlinthe Lower Reservoir grate jump: Failure.

I posted the question as to the jump on VN and my alliance boards, and it seems there were two divergent opinions. One was for a "full forward" jump to the left corner, the other a shift jump. I opted for the shift jump to the corner.

Didn't even reach the grate. Fell straight down the shaft.

This is actually my fault, not the fault of any advisors either on VN or my clan boards. I should have realized that I'm gimped enough that a shift jump wouldn't be enough for me, and that I'd [u]have[/u] to do a full forward jump to even reach that corner. But I didn't think it through before I did the jump, so that's attempt number 4 at Aerlinthe down the tubes (only 3 jumps failed, as I recalled out of the Coral Tunnels the first time, not thinking as I was burdened for unrelated reasons).

Oh well. At least I'm not doing some boring powerleveling (which I can't do with the bellows, sluice bar, and dagger weighing me down, lol).

I'll give it yet another try tomorrow night. This is just plain ridiculous now.

Oh -- here's the curse (and it's a RL trait). I don't quit. As in ever. I am the fucking incarnation of the Energizer bunny. I go, and go and go, and don't quit. It's translated into mucho success in RL (probably too much of a type A anyway), and a heckuva reputation professionally, but it's not exactly that fun to live with this trait. You kind of detach from yourself, and know you're doing it, but can't stop. You step outside yourself, and almost join in with others saying, "Take it easy, ease up, let us/me help you." I don't quit not because I don't want to, but because I can't.

I guess it's like that scene in "Tin Cup," when Kevin Costner just keeps hitting ball after ball into the drink, and knows he can make it, so just keeps going anyway. Except instead of saying, "Gimmie another ball," I'm saying, "Gimmie another D note."

If you need me, I'll be on Aerlinthe. Not leaving that island until I can at least make the jump. Until then, gimmie another D note.


Sunday, May 08, 2005

So, why the FUCK do I bother?

Went to Aerlinthe again. Figured, "I'll just try the jump again -- if I make it, I'll log, and wait for everyone to find a good time to run the quest, since I've gotten everything we need -- I just have to make the jump."

Went to the ledge. Saw the grate. A jump to the wall, with a slide down to the grate didn't work the first time. Thought I'd do a shift/jump this time.

Missed. Not sure what happened, but it didn't stick.

Why the fuck do I even bother?

Friday, May 06, 2005

Well, THAT was special.

I've never done Aerlinthe. Haven't even managed to ever be online when an Aerlinthe quest is running.

So, what's the perfect move for me? Yup: Trying to solo Aerlinthe.

I printed the VN guide to Aerlinthe, and had AC Maps up on the Mac (yes, I'm ambi-computable), and worked my way through it.

Holy crap -- setting up for that damn quest is LONG!

I got the bellows, (eventually) the sluice bar, and even the sacrificial dagger. Off I go to the lower Aerlinthe res. portal! Woot!

At this point, I'm thinking, "You go Me!"*

But of course -- there's a jump.

From the Guide: "If you miss the grate, you'll have to go back to the (D note) Emissary and start again.

Was there ever any doubt? Missed the jump, now saddled with the bar, bellows, and dagger.

That's special. And a complete waste. I guess I will hang on to the dagger (haw) and just bide my time to try again. Like when I have another 3 hours to be online.


*I realize "You go Me," is akin to "Ah-Nold" type talk, but allow me that one bit of Street Talk.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What's your personality disorder?


Heh -- "Avoidant: Very High"

This is a surprise why??? ;-)


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

106? WTF?

So, I stuck it out last night after missing most of the weekend. Just like that, 106.

20 levels to 126. This is bizarre. New territory, to be sure, but bizarre.