Sunday, January 28, 2007


I am no longer a "3-D" archer. I used to be spec'd in Missle/Melee/Magic D's, but I've realized that I'm probably wasting serious skill credits through the missle D spec'ing. I asked Marie, who said that NONE of her chars even have it trained, so out it went.

I know this much -- I DEFINITELY don't want any other magic schools right now. I can barely keep myself alive as an archer, and have a helluva time even remembering to freaking BANE, so I give myself a 0% chance or remembering spells with names like, "Fafhard's Gratiutious Wedgie," or "Lithia's Greater Benediction of Wii," or whatever.

So what does that leave? I'm not sure. So far, I've trained up Mana Conversion, so that when I DO remember to bane, it won't take me 30 minutes of doing that insipid "Casting Stein Trick Thingie" (although I'm thankful for it).

Now I'm left with 6 skill credits, and too many to specialize at this point (so far, I'm spec'd Bow, Melee, Magic D, and Lore).

Of course, I wonder if there's room to spec Run? ;-)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

AGAIN with the chopping off of heads?!

I've been faced with a problem as of late: I moved my LS from Ayan, to the one just outside the Viss. Isle portal (the cool, gyroscope looking LS), but sometimes I still need to get to Ayan.

What to do?

Ohhhhh! I'm a member of the Whispering Blade thingie (the good guys). There's a recall orb I can just quest for and then I'll have a nice quick and easy way back to Ayan! Woooooot!

But first, you have to get to Ayan, to get to the WB chapterhouse. I went to Holt, and couldn't get my typical method (a bot named Mia) to cast. Grrr. So off I run to Ayan, using a FREAKING LONG WAY I DON'T MIND TELLING YOU.


After getting your orders at the WB Chapterhouse, the quest starts with having to go to Eastwatch, and find some idiot called "The White Spear." I kept thinking of "The White Shadow," from that old TV show. But instead of being surrounded by troubled black basketball players, "The White Spear" is surrounded by penguins.

Anyway, you're supposed to whack Whitey, and then, as if that's not enough, chop off his head.

I blogged about getting the head of Baron Entemerrewhatever a while back (he was the torturous tyrant, who it turns out is the height of a Pack Drudge). But you're supposed to whack him, and then take his head.

Same deal with the Dereth version of Ken Howard (Google that line, it's hysterical). Whack, kill, chop.

Sigh. Whatever, I killed him, and went back to Ayan (taking another FREAKING LONG WAY because I couldn't get the portal bot in Holt to work).

But THIS head isn't good enough for the chick. She wants: ANOTHER shubbery, er, head!

Grrrrr. Yup, I'm to run to Vissidial, where I'm supposed to run to some Mukkir place, and chop off yet another head.

Which I did. After only dying twice (once running to the dungeon, once in it).

So I got the orb, and some bow-thingie, and then triumphantly announce that I have a quick way to Ayan in @a chat.

At that point, someone said something like, "Yeah, I really want the Ulgrim Spell, so I can get back there fast"

Which prompted me to (literally) smack my head.


I actually HAVE that spell.

Another Sunday night, down the drain.

Whispering Bladowned.

Foxy cracks me up.

Short version (har) of the conversation I just had with her:

--She has, apparently, half the population of TD on her accounts. By the time we were done talking, I became convinced that I need to start sending @tells of "<3" to freaking VENDORS.

--She drinks Cheerwine. The only people who I've ever known who drank that stuff usually had thick white handlebar mustaches, and were, technically, Robert E. Lee. On the other hand, believe it or not, Cheerwine drinkers are just seriously old-skool, like folks who still drink Tab.

I dig that chick. She's smart, funneh, and damn knowledgeable about this game.

Then again, she's also likely the person who plays Asheron, so she should know.

I bet she's sorry she called me. =P

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A 310 million XP mistake. Ouchies.

But oh, so typical. =/

It was a nutty Saturday afternoon, when Kitra asked if I had the time to make a quick Harby run. I really didn't. But she hates doing that stuff alone, and I thought I'd try to help out (and basically be a target).

The trouble was that I still hadn't:

1. Untrained/Retrained Bow
2. Found a new Bloodletter Drudge Charm

So I was scrambling to do that stuff (a huge tip-in/save from Marie, who just handed me one, I so heart her), when at the same time I've got something going on in RL around me (distracting me), as well as trying to type out/talk out to guide Kitra to the train/untrain place. On top of that Polendra something, who was totally nice to chat to was also talking to me.

Oh, and in @a chat, people were trying to explain how you could (this is baffling) actually RUN Harby BEFORE you give Vincadi the item. WTF? I have a hard enough time getting flagged for a freaking "Go kill 50 Repugnant Eaters" quest!!!

Anyway, in the middle of everything, I started to raise up my XP in to Bow. You know, where you get it to where you need 310 million for a point, and then stop, so you get the extra 310 and 350 million?

Click. Click. Click click click click click.

And just like that, in the middle of everything: Click.

Your base Bow skill is now 380!

Um, oops.

So I didn't get any XP post Harby, just so I could "Fred Berry" my ass to the Train/Untrain dungeons.

"You may complete this quest again in 6d 14h 23s."


At that point, I just recalled to Yanshi, talked to Vincadi, and got my free 350 million.

That's 310 million XP down the tubes, but it's a lesson learned: I do NOT like to rush to get ready for a quest. I'd rather miss it. And sometimes, I need to just let a few lines of text fly by, and catch up on the reading later.


Monday, January 15, 2007

That Gwyd vs. pkhere bet

That's a seriously gutsy move, and Gwyd handled herself with class. She was the one who first stepped up to the plate and was willing to absent herself from VN.

Friday, January 12, 2007

To run, or to run?

There's Harby run coming up this Saturday, and I'd love another free 700+ million. But I've got a 10 mile training run scheduled for the same time.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hot Monkey Love

That's what was going on with my bodies when I got back to them.

Freakin' Assailers. Again. Twice.

It all comes down to forgetting that there's those "Tusker's Gift" spells hitting you every which way (and me without life magic).

Ouchie. Maybe going back to my Life/Critter Major Covenant suit is the way to go after all?


At least I look good in both outfits. What's that quote about leaving a pretty corpse? ;-)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

500th death, and it was memorable.

This was a wierd weekend. It had good, bad, and ugly moments as usual. But what was funny was that my 500th death, which I'd been planning to be something momentous, was actually pretty stressful. I even had to get an Envoy.

The Good: At the last minute tonight (Sunday), I saw that Enos, Kasen, someone named "Lyr" who I think was actually "Ashai," and Legend of Bow were going off on the Composite Bow Upgrade Quest. This seemed fun, and while it was REALLY frustrating at times (you have to find this portal tucked deep in these caves), it was all worth it, and the upgrade is quite nice. It apparently does really well against Harby, so I'm looking forward to trying it out soon.

The Bad: 20% vitae. Including 2 deaths in about 10 minutes. Some things never change. I can't get over how bad I am at this stuff.

The Ugly: That would be death #500. Specifically, I died in the PoTB, above the pit, after being too stingy to crack an Aphus Gem. Humph. Fine. So my body is at PoTB, being used as some sort of marionette by the Lugies ("Now make him kick like a Rockette!"), when I head back.

I pretty skillfully (lots of experience at this) manage to open my body, loot a bit, heal, loot a bit, heal, etc. And JUST as I get the last pyreal off of myself, I took about two paces back, and slap my finger down on the "3" key, for an Aphus ejection to safety. But I looked up just in time to see this:

The force of Tukora Lieutenant's attack flattens you!

So maybe I'm not THAT skillful at this stuff. Anyway.

Hello, LS, goodbye (again) buffs. At this point, I'm having a hard time reconciling what to do about augments to not drop items, or to not lose your buffs. I know that I'm wasting bots' time by using them repeatedly from dying.

Anyway, I recalled back to the PoTB, and ran to where I died to find: Nothing.
So, maybe I actually DID hit that recall gem! So I recalled to Aphus (via another gem, because the lugies were yet again beating the crap out of me), to find: Nothing.

At this point, I know what you're saying: TAI OMFG YOU GIMP! YOU WERE IN THE WRONG POTB!

Nope. Because I went to EACH of them at this point. Right to where I know I died, to find: Nothing.

No body. But I'd dropped items. I sure as hell had vitae (10% now). And I was a mite confused.

So I LS recalled. No body. I LS "floated." No body.

I paged for an Envoy, and while I was waiting, it occurred to me that maybe I should log to the desktop and back in. I did that, and hit the PoTB main: No body.

So I hit PoTB West: Oh. "Corpse of Tai Fung" Right where I'd left it.

At that point, I grabbed by body's stuff, recalled (goodbye another gem), and kind of thought -- did I just have a brain lock? Was I not in Main? But I just *KNOW* I went through the three dungeons first. It had to have been the desktop logging.

Because I can't suck so badly at hunting in Dereth that I forgot where I was, can I?

I think the Envoy peed himself from laughing at me so hard.

And I checked -- this was my 500th death. Well, it turned out to be memorable after all. Env-owned.

Oh, I was wrong, too!

Got a PM from the guy who is (was, etc.) The_Corinthian. It's apparently him. At least the PM was more convincing. I remember him as being this class act, at the time he was a TD monster who people looked to, etc. For lil' ol' Ken Po (with no schools of magic, not even item), it was pretty intimidating.

Anyway, it seems to be him. Lots of old players coming back as of late.

I dig that.

My nemesis is named, "Bur Lizk?!"

I've been trying to do the Gateway to the Deep quest for months. Months and months. Hell, Es has been promising to take me for about that time. But, lo and behold, the EoL set up the Quest for 31 December, Sunday, right at 11am. WOOT!

Anyway, Kitra wasn't available for this quest, but I was, and I thought it was time to jump at the chance. Here's the log. My comments have this type thing "--" Everything else is the actual chat transcript, with appropriate snips.

Sorry for the length, but it was a long quest, probably one of the longest I've ever done in years.

[Allegiance] Colette Hawkins says, "Gateway to the Deep quest meeting at mansion for buffing in 10 min"

---Ah, ha! Just what I’ve been waiting for! This calls for decisive action! This calls for independence! This calls for the actions of a true SOLOIST!

You tell Gbb, "bow"
Gbb tells you, "Your 'bow' request added. You are first in line.. Tell me REMOVE to delete your requests."
Gbb tells you, "Now starting your 'bow' request."
You tell Gbb, "*afk*"

---Screw you. I went and got a diet coke while he was buffing me. THAT is decisive. =P

Timarra says, "Hi folks :)"

---That’s actually Marie the Loyal. She’s my Monarch, i.e., boss.

Xarkath says, "Hi Marie"


Brown Trucker says, "hello fearless leader"

---Who the heck is THAT? What an effing name, lol. =D

Gbb tells you, "Finished! Your buffs required 00:02:02 to perform. using 10 tapers and 0 plats."

---Ah, never mind. Time to go get access to the Deep! Or Vissidial! Or whereever the heck we’re going.

You have been recruited into the Deep fellowship, a fellowship led by Colette Hawkins.

Timarra eyes the golden boy

----Sheesh – it was someone all in gold. The guy looked like a walking academy award.

You say, "Is Marie here?"
Timarra says, "yup :)"

--Clearly, I not only am a gimp. I have the retention of a lab rat. But everyone’s a comedian.

Kasen says, "no =P"

-—Some better than others.

You smack your head.
Kasen giggles
Colette Hawkins says, "ok, who here is going for flagging"
Fluker waves.
Alanna Mosvani =D
You wave high in the air.

Biaka is now a member of your Fellowship.
Biaka has given you permission to loot his or her kills.
Biaka may now loot your kills.

Colette Hawkins says, "biaka, i know you are"

-–This Biaka guy is formerly Puncture. I think he was a TD bigwig back in the days when I sucked. I realize that’s not a very good differentiation, since I’m not exactly Mr. Uber Guy now, either. But when I was REALLY sucky. As in, “I can TEN shot a Drudge Slinker” sucky. I better do something to show this guy that I mean business! That I have CLASS!

Tai Fung sends himself up a flagpole

-–That’ll do it.

Timarra says, "Tai and Alanna also I believe"
Tai Fung nods

-–I heart emotes.

Alanna Mosvani nods

–-I heart chicks who emote too. ;-)

-–And now for the Most Optimistic Statement to Date(tm), 2007

Colette Hawkins says, "ok we should have no problems with this group"

-–Har. She don't know me very well, do she?

Colette Hawkins says, "most of my instructions will be for those that are flagging"

Biaka says, "me sister got engaged today <3"
-–Well, yay for Sister Biaka. Two words: Get. A. Prenup.

Dark Balrog counts his DIs
–-I don’t know who THAT guy is, but he’s smart.

Fox too says, "grats :)"
–-Oh look. My new Patron. Kind of. Well, mostly. But not really. She hates me. But also wubs me. Is it any wonder I have issues?

[Fellowship] Kasen says, "wow grats!!"

Colette Hawkins says, "anyone not ready?"

Kasen says, "wow grats!!"
-–For the record, this is now way too excited to be over someone else’s marriage. =P

Alanna Mosvani says, "poor girl =)"
-–Har. I already dig this chick.

Alanna Mosvani says, "just kidding"
–-Noooooo! Don't back down! OWN it girl!

Colette Hawkinssays, "ok, please head in the portal"

–-This is going to be a messy New Year’s Eve.

Biaka says, "going to be a messy night"
-–Ok, whether he's referring to his engaged sister or not, when you’re right, you’re right. ;-)

At this point, we talk to the first of many Talking Rocks. Talking Rocks are very important to this quest, despite their worthless-looking appearance. Kind of like Tom Petty's impact to the music industry.

Colette Hawkins says, "E side of town is a lugian, talk to him"

Shuthoth tells you, "Welcome, friend. I seek warriors in search of great adventure. I represent one who would grant the Isparians of this world much power, much knowledge."

Shuthoth tells you, "She has found something. Something powerful beneath the waves of this world. A city, ancient and doomed. The blue-skinned King did his part to raise it from the deep, but I daresay he could not have done it alone."

-–Yeah, yeah, yeah. Gimmie flagging, dammit.

Shuthoth tells you, "Now that the island exists, the lady would ask Dereth's hunters and adventurers to explore its mysteries."


Shuthoth tells you, "If you seek such a challenge, I bid you take this gem and place it within the empty eye of one of Aerlinthe's Watchers. The Watchers will tell you what else you must do."

--By “Watchers,” he means those Talking Rocks. Or the Heartbreakers, who I think are all now working at "The Gap." One or the other.

Shuthoth tells you, "You have the spark of adventure within you. Good luck, my friend."
Shuthoth gives you Watcher Token.

[Fellowship] Colette Hawkins says, "when you are done here, please use Aerlinthe Recall"

–-Ok, so let’s have a big YAY for solo flagging of this quest a few months ago! Only took me 3 hours to do it! ;-)

Silver Staff cast Major Item Enchantment Aptitude on you

-–I might be Item-Only, but my Staff is a serious Kickass stick.

Silver Staff cast Item Enchantment Mastery Self V on you, but it is surpassed by Celcynd's Boon

–-Well, that and the buffs.

You say, "Shurov Thiloi"
The spell consumed the following components: Prismatic Taper, Prismatic Taper
You have been teleported.

[Fellowship] You say, "I actually HAVE that spell! Woot!"

–-Not that I’m immodest or anything.

[Fellowship] Alanna Mosvani says, "lol"

–-Guys dig chicks with senses of humor. And those who laugh at corny jokes.

[General] Leggy says, "i know i got in it a long time ago"


You tell Timarra, "Glad Kitra couuldn't make it -- she still has to get Aerlinthe recall yet!"

-–Throwing Kitra underneath the bus at this point.

Timarra tells you, "she could have gone the D note route"
-–Women always take each other’s side. Humph.

--Anyway, off we go to run. But where, I wonder?

Biaka says, "87.3n 51.2e"

–-Thanks. So I take off running. So does everyone else. But for the record. I got there first. By a mile. My run is INSANE. I figure, I have no other real defenses, might as well go with that one. I still pump points into it.

Death tells you, "And yet Lugian rocks are still faster."
You tell Death, "Eff j00"

You resist the spell cast by Banderling Mangler


Specter cast Blade Vulnerability Other IV on you

-–Oh, for eff's sake. He landed it. A freaking FOUR? Pardon me while I drink drano now.

Specter tells you, “owned, lolza”

-–I’m freaking coming back here, that’s for sure. Not that I’m petty or anything. (Insert Tom “Petty” joke here. Where’s DM when you need him?)

Altered Drudge tried and failed to cast a spell at you!
Altered Drudge tried and failed to cast a spell at you!
Altered Drudge tried and failed to cast a spell at you!
--Har. So I run by. Only to see this.
Altered Drudge was laughing too hard at Tai’s speed to get the spell off.
Altered Drudge pities Tai.

–-Sigh. Even mobs emote at me. Must have been a Dev at the keyboard for that one.

[Fellowship] You say, "@e Marvels at the body imprints he's left all over these beaches from back in the day"

-–That’s true. You wouldn’t believe the imprints. Like I was filming the effing scene from “From Here to Eternity” or something.

[Fellowship] Fox too says, ":P"


[Fellowship] Alanna Mosvani says, "nasty boy"

-–If she only knew!

Fox too says, "xar gonna diiieeeee"
-–Har. At least she griefs EVERYONE!

Blade Vulnerability Other IV has expired.
–-Well that was quick.

--Anyway, Giant Talking Rock, meet Tai. Tai, meet the Rock.
Death tells you, "WTF, don't you know enough Lifestones now?"
You tell Death, "Eff you. The LSs don't talk back."

You give Devastated Watcher Watcher Token.
The gem clicks into place within the Watcher's empty eye socket. The statue hums to life and looks down upon you. You hear a whisper in your mind, "Appease the Gatekeepers," then all grows quiet.

Colette Hawkins says, "ok, from here on this is very important"

-–I leaned in real close here, at this point. Just to see:

[LFG] Unarmed One says, "Anyone lvl 42-52 want to fellow in wasps?"

-–STFU NOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Fellowship] Colette Hawkins"at every NPC, please form a line"
[Fellowship] Colette Hawkins says, "do NOT use or hand the NPC anything until the person in front of you is done"
[Fellowship] Colette Hawkins says, "they will usually be portaled so that will tell you if they are done"
[Fellowship] Colette Hawkins says, "those that are being flagged will go first"
[Fellowship] Colette Hawkins says, "as for the dungeons, we'll be running through them for the most part"

–-This concept, I am quite familiar with.

[Fellowship] Colette Hawkins says, "at times we'll have to stop and fight"
[Fellowship] Colette Hawkins says, "please watch your health carefully"
[Fellowship] Colette Hawkins says, "anyone want to be a dedicated healer?"

Timarra nominates Foxy
Timarra grins
Fox too says, "lol i will"

–-Nooooooooo! You’re playing into her hands!

Colette Hawkins says, "ok"

Tai Fung counts his health rations


[Allegiance] Jaid al-cya says, "I was stuck in portal space earler, and when I relogged, I was standing in front of Gbb. I don't know how long I was there, but hope it didn't inconvenience anyone. : )"

–-Random point. See how nice folks in the EoL are? What a nice thing to point out.

Colette Hawkins says, "any questions?"

-–Um, lots. Like, “Can you just cast “Vissidial Flagged VII” on me and let me go rock in the fetal position in the corner?

Colette Hawkins says, "ok, let's do it =)"

Doomed Spirit scratches you for 14 points with Bed of Blades.
Your killing blow nearly turns Entropy Wisp inside-out!

-–Hahahahaha! Die wisp! Taste my arrows! Bleed! (Well, as much as a cloud can do that)

Doomed Spirit is utterly destroyed by your attack!


Doomed Spirit cast Healing Ineptitude Other VI on you


You say, "EEEK!"

Colette Hawkins says, "hold here"
Colette Hawkins says, "ahead is a large room"
Colette Hawkins says, "there is a stair case there, go to teh right side of the staircase and fight there"

---Oh, hell. Asheron save us. Directions.

Tai Fung prepares to run smack dab into the nearest wall.
Kasen says, "ok"
You smite Doomed Spirit mightily!

-–What the heck ARE these things? Can I fight them, like daily? No wonder they’re “Doomed.” I mean, if *I* can beat them . . .

Colette Hawkins says, "ok, portal is just ahead, i'll open the door"
Colette Hawkins says, "when i run off, wait 10 seconds, then run up and S"

-–CRAP! Is that 10 “seconds seconds,” or 10 “ Mississippis?”

[Fellowship] Colette Hawkins says, "go"


You resist the spell cast by Lightning Trap
Entropy Wisp casts Enfeeble Other VI and drains 39 points of your stamina.
Entropy Wisp scorches you for 47 points with Flame Bolt VI.
You resist the spell cast by Bone Scourge
Bone Scourge bashes you for 44 points with Crushing Shame.

-–Ok, this could suck.

Timarra casts Adja's Gift and restores 83 points of your health.

–-Have I mentioned I heart Scottish Lasses?

–-At this point, we’re blocked from the portal. By what? A cloud. A wisp. A freaking CLOUD is stopping our progress. What is this, the first Star Trek Movie? Effing V’ger is our means of demise. I bet someone will help us.

Alanna Mosvani says, "trapped"
You resist the spell cast by Entropy Wisp

-–That’s the culprit. I bet an experienced EOL’er will help us.

[Fellowship] Fox too says, "pfth hit the port in in in"

–-But not her. >:-(

Healing Ineptitude Other VI has expired.

Alanna Mosvani says, "cant"


[Fellowship] Alanna Mosvani says, "in"


[Fellowship] You say, "Baddies were blocking the port. =( Did you see all those bodies?"
[Fellowship] You say, "Ick."
[Fellowship] Alanna Mosvani says, "yeah i saw =)"

–-Heh, yeah, I bet YOU noticed. You were blocked. ;-)

[Fellowship] Fox too says, "and see, you didnt add to it :P"

–-Seriously, she’s enjoying this waaaaay too much.

[Fellowship] You say, "First time for everything. ;-)"

Colette Hawkins says, "well done on that part everyone"
[Fellowship] Fox too says, "stick w/ us tai, find a whole new way to quest :p"

–-What’s she implying? That I can’t die with them?

You put your hands on your hips.
You let out a hearty laugh.

Colette Hawkins says, "please line up at Shemza"

–-Shemza? All I see are spinning rocks.

Colette Hawkins says, "do NOT do anything yet"
Colette Hawkins says, "first you must talk to Shemza, then give it the Yellow Gem"
Colette Hawkinssays, "do this one at a time"
Colette Hawkins says, "when the person ahead of you is portaled, then the next person can start"

-–WTF is she talking about? There’s nothing here but us and spinning rocks.

Biaka says, "go?"
Alanna Mosvani nods
Colette Hawkins says, "ok, first person"
Colette Hawkins says, "next"
Alanna Mosvani says, "*poff* lol"

-–Then I realize. They’re talking TO the rocks.

You say, "That thing has a name? It's a rock."

–-No one responds, since I'm stating the obvious. I shrugged, and then I double click, er “talk” to it.

Shemza tells you, "A warrior! A warrior comes! Brothers, feast your eyes on one who would give their lives willingly to the great lord!"

-–Oh, for eff's sake.

Fox too says, "pet rocks 4 the win"

[Fellowship] You say, "You want me to do WHAT to the rock Foxy??! =O"

-–I crack myself up.

-–Anyway, at this point, I’m dumbfounded. We’re now talking to ROCKS for our quests. ROCKS.

Shemza tells you, "You seek to bask in the glory of Grael, do you not? You seek to join us in the worship of he who is more powerful, more glorious, than all who have come before? My brothers and I, we were the first to join his side. We were there when he led us to victory over the old ones. We helped him slay the mages and lay waste to their cities. We were there when he led an army upon the heretics of the light."

Shemza tells you, "When defeat fell upon us, we knew that our ascendance was only delayed. One day, we knew that our god would rise from the depths and claim that which is his. And we knew that ones such as you would seek to free him from his chains."

Shemza tells you, "And now you are here. You seek to barter with us who have given our souls in exchange for life eternal. Those of us who have lengthened our lives for the sole purpose of delivering warriors unto him."

Shemza tells you, "Yes. You are here now. And now you will aid me. And then you will aid my brothers."

Shemza tells you, "I seek a boon. One small boon. The masters of the portal carry a token of golden hue. A token that I would claim as mine own. Find it and deliver it to me. Then the first part of your quest shall begin."

Shemza tells you, "I have altered your body. You may now use our portal near Ayan Baqur."

-–Yeah, yeah, yeah, you effing Stalagtite. Bite me.

You give Shemza Yellow Jewel.

Shemza tells you, "Seek out the Radiant Crystal. Bring a shard to my brother Lurza. Then he will treat with you."

–-Oh look. The rock has a brother. It’s like Bananarama, but with rocks.

Colette Hawkins says, "ok, at the end of this part is a crystal that we need to kill, it will drop shards, everyone that needs flagging needs a shard"

Colette Hawkins says, "same as the last dungeon, mostly running"

Tai Fung scotch guards his armor since he's wetting it so much

Doomed Spirit scratches you for 22 points with Sau Kolin's Sword.
Doomed Spirit scratches you for 20 points with Sau Kolin's Sword.

-–WTF? They have personalized weapons? Eek.

Your killing blow nearly turns Doomed Spirit inside-out!

-–So much for HIM

Timarra casts Adja's Gift and restores 38 points of your health.

-–This is becoming a recurring theme with me and Marie.

Doomed Spirit cast Blade Vulnerability Other VI on you
You cleave Doomed Spirit in twain!
Doomed Spirit cast Imperil Other VI on you

-–Moral of that stuff? You lose some, you win some, you lose some.

Entropy Wisp cast Exhaustion Other VI on you
Doomed Spirit cast Imperil Other VI on you, surpassing Imperil Other VI

-–Some of us lose more than others.

Colette Hawkins says, "everyone in"

-–No kidding. Lemme out.

Doomed Spirit cast Blade Vulnerability Other VI on you, surpassing Blade Vulnerability Other VI


Colette Hawkins says, "ok when we jump, run W, then come to the wall, then S"

-–Again with the directions???? This is gonna hurt.

You resist the spell cast by Entropy Wisp
Doomed Spirit is torn to ribbons by your assault!
Doomed Spirit cast Blade Vulnerability Other VI on you, surpassing Blade Vulnerability Other VI
You resist the spell cast by Entropy Wisp
You resist the spell cast by Entropy Wisp
Blade Vulnerability Other VI has expired.

Colette Hawkins says, "kill here"

-–I seriously wondered at this point who she was talking about. Me or the wisps?

You resist the spell cast by Entropy Wisp
You cleave Entropy Wisp in twain!
Entropy Wisp cast Mana Depletion Other VI on you
Imperil Other VI has expired.
Exhaustion Other VI has expired.
You cleave Doomed Spirit in twain!

-–Haha! I rock!
Colette Hawkins says, "we'll kill as we go from here"

-–Must have meant us killing THEM. ;-)

Imperil Other VI has expired.
Blade Vulnerability Other VI has expired.

Colette Hawkins says, "kill all here"
Colette Hawkins says, "those for flagging get a shard from the ground"

-–Righto! Time to contribute my share to this quest!

Your missile attack hit the environment.

--I can't believe how much I suck.

Colette Hawkins says, "well done"
Colette Hawkins says, "ok, this time line up at Lurza, talk first then give the shard you got"
You say, "Oh look, another talking rock."

-–And it was. Another rock. That talked.

Lurza tells you, "You must bring to me a shard of the Radiant Crystal. Only when Shemza sings your name to the lord of the deep will you gain access to that Crystal."

Mana Depletion Other VI has expired.

You give Lurza Radiant Shard.

Lurza tells you, "Long have we waited, trapped within these crystalline forms, waiting for those who would join him in his quest. And now you come. You come seeking our approval. But are you worthy?"

Lurza tells you, "There is something I seek. The key to one who once followed our cause. A traitor who makes his home among the winged demons of the dark. Bring the key to this fallen lord, and I will grant you passage."

You give Lurza Sezzherei's Lair.

Lurza tells you, "The demon Sezzherei once called himself our brother. But when he betrayed our lord to the ancient mages, he fell from Grael's favor. Our brother Tursh slew Sezzherei on the battlefield, or so we all believed. Now he claims the dark as his master, and seeks to appease its twisted whims."

Lurza tells you, "Sezzherei will once again know the taste of his own blood. When Grael rises and marches across this land, Sezzherei will kneel once again."

Lurza tells you, "Now find the Dazzling shard, and give it to my brother Dmesne."

Colette Hawkins says, "this time we kill as we go"

-–I am contributing TWICE as much this time!

Your missile attack hit the environment.
Your missile attack hit the environment.


[Allegiance] The Elite Ua says, "morning all"
[Allegiance] Timarra says, "hiya"
[Allegiance] Kasen says, "hiya elite"
[Allegiance] Tai Fung says, "Hey there"

Colette Hawkins says, "ok, we have to run this part, we are running S after the jump"

–-A jump?
–-Running wildly?

Colette Hawkins says, "when we get to the end, stand where i will be standing and do a full power jump to get on the ledge"
Colette Hawkins says, "here we go"

–-Ok, this is NOT going to go well.

You suffer 14 damage from acid!
You suffer 14 damage from acid!
You suffer 14 damage from acid!
You suffer 13 damage from acid!

--Still trying to make the jump. A simple jump, "up."

You suffer 14 damage from acid!
You suffer 14 damage from acid!
You suffer 14 damage from acid!
You suffer 13 damage from acid!
You suffer 13 damage from acid!
You suffer 12 damage from acid!
You suffer 13 damage from acid!
You suffer 13 damage from acid!
You suffer 13 damage from acid!

–-See see?

Fox too casts Adja's Gift and restores 81 points of your health.

You suffer 14 damage from acid!
You suffer 14 damage from acid!
You suffer 14 damage from acid!
You suffer 13 damage from acid!
You suffer 14 damage from acid!

You say, "ROFL"

–-At this point, I manage to finally make the jump up out of the acid.

You say, "Whee"

[Allegiance] The Elite Ua says, "kool i got hellos from the monarch, the "new" toon, and the death by the chicken guy :P"

He’s referring to this picture, my photo signature on the EOL page:

--Is it any wonder I inspire so much respect?

Colette Hawkins says, "ok, this time line up at Dmesne"

Rock. Talking. Again.

Dmesne tells you, "I require a shard of the Dazzling Crystal. Until you have acquired one of these from my brother Lurza, I will have naught to do with you, little one."

[Fellowship] Biaka says, "not gonna behappy if the quest breaks because someone can't wait 3 seconds for me to hand stuff to a crystal"

-–This struck me as weird. I make it a habit to stand back and/or go out of my way to hit the back of a line. I didn’t notice anyone else crowding either. Ah well, people can be tense on quests.

[Fellowship] Alanna Mosvani says, "we all do our best"


You give Dmesne Dazzling Shard.

Dmesne tells you, "There is a metal, a pure metal of great power. You use it to strengthen your arms, barbarians that you are. One bar is all I ask. One bar and you shall have my blessing."

You give Dmesne Pyreal Bar.

Dmesne tells you, "Within this chamber lies the Brilliant Crystal. Take a shard to my brother Rhujun, and you will be escorted to the isle of water."

Colette Hawkins says, "we are fighting through this time"
Your killing blow nearly turns Bone Scourge inside-out!
You split Bone Scourge apart!
Your killing blow nearly turns Bone Scourge inside-out!

-–Well, hell. NOW I’m cooking!

Doomed Spirit cast Imperil Other VI on you
Your missile attack hit the environment.

-–Or not.

Colette Hawkins says, "take out the crystal"

-–No screwups THIS time!

Your missile attack hit the environment.

-–Yup. 100% with these guys every time.

Colette Hawkins says, "when you get the shard, head out"

Colette Hawkins says, "ok, this time give the shard to Rhujun"


Rhujun tells you, "A shard of the Brilliant Crystal is all I require. Until I have it, you are not fit."

You give Rhujun Brilliant Shard.

Rhujun tells you, "There are those of wet skin and barbaric means. They carry the meanest of stones, a stone whose power is unknown even to them. I would have it, little one."

Rhujun tells you, "I would have it now."

You give Rhujun Swamp Stone.

Rhujun tells you, "The cousins of these young ones make their homes on the bones of the ancients. They know not the power that surrounds them. Such simple creatures they are."

-–So we hit the portal, and now we’re on this little island. It looks like the Islands of Veseyanwhatever, so I’m immediately pissed. And wary. But on the bright side, this person isn’t a Talking Rock. He’s just a Guy on Fire.

Flame Guardian tells you, "Welcome to my lonely isle, little one. You seek the mysteries of Vissidal, do you not? Many have come before you. Many will follow in your footsteps. The power which once lay dormant beneath the waves has surfaced. I fear the new rulers of this world will regret their meddling before all is done."

Flame Guardian tells you, "You seek a boon from me, do you not? You seek my permission to further your quest?"

Flame Guardian tells you, "You must prove yourself, little one. You must bathe in the cleansing waters of the deep. You must destroy the spirits of Water that lay claim to this isle."

Timarra says, "ok go kill 5 golems"

-–Kill 5 golems? WATER golems? WTF???

You say, "5 little water golems? Easy!"

Water Golem casts Harm Other VI and drains 42 points of your health.
Xarkath tried to cast a spell on you, but was too far away!
Water Golem casts Harm Other VI and drains 48 points of your health.
Water Golem frosts you for 71 points with Frost Bolt VI.

-–Uh oh.

Timarra casts Adja's Gift and restores 62 points of your health.
Timarra says, "not normal golems :p"

-–Yay, Boss-Lady.

You have killed 1 Water Golems! You must kill 5 to complete your task.
You flatten Water Golem's body with the force of your assault!

Water Golem cast Cold Vulnerability Other VI on you
Water Golem frosts you for 126 points with Frost Bolt VI.

-–Double uh oh.

[Fellowship] Biaka says, "done"

-–This guy is like 34 levels below me, and he’s DONE?

–-Anyway, after a while:

You have killed 5 Water Golems! Your task is complete!

Timarra casts Adja's Gift and restores 86 points of your health.
Fox too casts Adja's Gift and restores 47 points of your health.

–-My babes watch out fo’ me, yo.

Flame Guardian tells you, "The waters of the deep cover your flesh. You have been cleansed. I sense the spirit of Grael about you. I deem you worthy, little one."

–-So we portal to . . . The Hub.

You say, "Am I nuts, or is this the Hub?"
Colette Hawkins says, "ok, this place is just like Hub, except at the jump, when we get there do NOT jump down"
You say, "Oh"
Fox too says, "not hub :p"

Colette Hawkins says, "ok, high level undead down there"

Colette Hawkins says, "mages please debuff all except the boss"

–-There’s a boss?

Colette Hawkins says, "you can imp the boss, just do NOT vuln"

–-Clearly there must be. I'm hitting the "+" key furiously, trying to find him.

-–But then I finally ID the boss. His name? “Bur Lizk.” Seriously now. Say that out loud. For the record, “Bur Lizk” is basically a sound you make after eating day old pizza and drinking warm diet coke out of a 2-liter bottle. "Whoa, sweetie, stand back, I might have to Bur Lizk in a hurry!"

-–At this point, I’m incredulous. Effing talking rocks. More rocks. That talk. Exits being blocked by CLOUDS. And now, the boss’ name is an Intestinal Event. So (in the spirit of his name) I vented a bit.

You say, "Wait, the Boss' name is "Bur Lizk????" That's not a name, that's a body sound."

--While I'm complaining (and emoting)
Tai Fung had too much pasta, and makes a "Bur Lizk" sound.

Colette Hawkins says, "get in portal"

--They kill him, and we hop in the portal.

Colette Hawkins says, "ok, this place is like the last island"
Colette Hawkins says, "only those that are flagging, talk to guardian"
Colette Hawkins says, "then head out and kill 5 golems"
Colette Hawkins says, "return here when done"

-–Wait – now we’re talking to a guy made of water? He looks like he’s in a commercial for Pepto.

Water Guardian tells you, "You have done much to reach this point. You have appeased the Gatekeepers. You have been bathed in the waters of the Deep. You have bested the warrior Bur Lizk. And now you seek my blessing."

Water Guardian tells you, "As you were bathed in the waters of the deep, now must you be cleansed by its fires. Slay the spirits of Flame. Bask in their glory."

[Fellowship] Colette Hawkins says, "just to let you all know, this is the last test"

-–Glory be. At this point, I’ve had it. I run out there to kill.


Fire Golem cast Fire Vulnerability Other VI on you

-–Ok, so these guys are “special,” too. But at this point, I’m just totally Done. I want my effing flag to Vissidial, dammit!

You have killed 1 Fire Golems! You must kill 5 to complete your task.
You beat Fire Golem to a lifeless pulp!


Fire Golem cast Fire Vulnerability Other VI on you, surpassing Fire Vulnerability Other VI

[Fellowship] Biaka says, "done"
-–Speedy McUber Buff, did it again. Time to show him how *I* roll.

Your missile attack hit the environment.
Your missile attack hit the environment.
Your missile attack hit the environment.
Your missile attack hit the environment.

--Someone please just buy me WoW so I can start over in anonymity.

You have killed 2 Fire Golems! You must kill 5 to complete your task.
Fire Golem is shattered by your assault!

Your missile attack hit the environment.
Your missile attack hit the environment.
Your missile attack hit the environment.


You have killed 3 Fire Golems! You must kill 5 to complete your task.
You flatten Fire Golem's body with the force of your assault!


You have killed 4 Fire Golems! You must kill 5 to complete your task.
Fire Golem is shattered by your assault!

You say, "VOTE BUR LIZK IN 2008!"

Fire Golem casts Harm Other VI and drains 36 points of your health.
Fire Golem cast Fire Vulnerability Other VI on you, surpassing Fire Vulnerability Other VI
Fire Golem cast Fire Vulnerability Other VI on you, surpassing Fire Vulnerability Other VI
Fire Golem cast Fire Vulnerability Other VI on you, surpassing Fire Vulnerability Other VI

You have killed 5 Fire Golems! Your task is complete!
You flatten Fire Golem's body with the force of your assault!

[Fellowship] You say, "Done, my Bur Lizk is sated"

Colette Hawkins says, "we still have 2 out there"

[Fellowship] You say, "Bur Lizk will not wait much longer!"

Fire Vulnerability Other VI has expired.
Fire Vulnerability Other VI has expired.
Fire Vulnerability Other VI has expired.
Fire Vulnerability Other VI has expired.

--Ok, so I did wait a while, in fact.

Water Guardian tells you, "You have been cleansed by the spirits of Flame. The essence of Grael wraps about you like a lover's embrace. Soon, you will be his."

Water Guardian tells you, "Give this to the Watcher of the Deep, and then you shall know glory."

Water Guardian gives you Watery Token.

Colette Hawkins says, "those that are flagging, give the token to the watcher"

You give Watcher of the Deep Watery Token.
You feel a low rumble, and the statue looks down upon you. You hear a whisper in your mind, "The isle of the deep is yours," then all grows quiet.
You've earned 190,000,000 experience.

Colette Hawkins says, "you are now flagged to go to Viss Island =)"

You say, "WOOT!"
You say, "Thanks Collette!!!"

You have attuned your spirit to this Lifestone. You will resurrect here after you die.
You hear a low rumble deep within the stone artifact. The sound lasts for just a moment, then falls silent.

And with that, I now have a whole new Island in which to add to my vitae. :-)