Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Even my fireworks were gimped.

Yes, I knew there wouldn't be any. Might have been cool if there were. Ah well.


Wow. And only, what . . . a month late? ;-)

Anyway, it was worth every minute. Every vitae-laden minute.


Saturday, August 13, 2005


Went on my first "tessera hunt" with the alliance tonight (still haven't done a QQ in my entire AC life, but I'll take things slow. I found two tessies (although both are non-specable skills, so I suspect they're worthless): Armor and item tinkering.

But . . . my monarch just GAVE me a magic D tessie! Woot! I am planning on using 5 magic D tessies soon (post September patch, though) with my scroll of Dark Rain. That's the only way I can really get a handle on this "tessera trick" that's done for free XP. It just means I'll leave my magic D 8 points off of max, for life (I think?).

Oh, and landed an imbue on another +12 bow. That makes 4 bows out of 7 so far that I have imbues on, and all are +12. Whenever I can finally get to 360 bow, I'll have quite an array!

And will be in the mood to overpay for Hog. =P

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Principled. Even on an XP wh0r3 weekend.

Went to the Tumerok Hill after tiring of eaters, and was all about to join a fellow, when I noticed that Berek Heartthew was in it. He is (was, lol) Gibbon_Raver on the boards, although it seems that someone figured out he was an evader under VN rules.

Whoops! :-D

Anyway, XP or no, I won't associate with someone like that, so I moved onto the Lugian dungeon. Didn't last long there, although now I can say that at least I've SEEN the so-called "basement." Didn't like it much. :-/

Time to go find something else to kill!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Worst. Morning. Ever.

FIVE deaths in three different places.

On the other hand, at least I didn't have to get help to recover the bodies. I got to wallow as much as I wanted, although at one point, I did ask for help. But by the time help was available, I'd recovered my bods.

Sheesh. Talk about an ego hit.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Running away -- now THAT is a quest I can do!

Saturday night was a bust. My alliance was going on an eater jaw run, and I wanted to go, but the person I normally mess around with lost her connection at the last second, and died. They offered to wait and let he make the run, then recover later, but I knew that would fluster her. Drat. Sometimes I'm too chivalrous.

So, later on that night, because I'm completely lacking in the ability to quit, I went back to the 90+ eater place. THAT was fun. No, really - I couldn't believe it, but not only did I *not* die, but I actually only came close to dying like once(!).

(Insert jaw message here)

Woo hoo!

Then I realized -- the jaws from the 90, 110, and 125 level eaters flag you for the "Chasing Oswald" quest. Maybe I should NOT turn this thing in . . .

@e thinks. I mean, *I* run all the time from stuff -- I'm like an expert already!

Off I go with my jaw to Silyun.

Already, I love this quest -- someone is selling PORTAL GEMS! (For a formerly no-magic (not even item) player) Portal gems are teh roxor.

Wilderness Hunter Guy sends you to "Ice Lugian Place."

The Ice Lugian Place:
This place was fun, but scared the crap out of me, because Maggie's did not have a map of it. Note: I realize Maggie's site is a spoiler place, but I happen to love it, and even think she's a total cutie, so take my criticism of it with a grain of salt. I ran in, half dead, because of the run TO this place, which is just insane.

I turned a corner into a snowy valley leading to this place, and was blown away by the mobs. Literally (ba-dum-bum). Ack. So, courtesy of some gems of stillness and health philtres, I make it in.

Maggie's directions are taken verbatim from folks' e-mails, which usually go like this: "Um, from the beam-in, turn that way. No, the other way heheehe. Then run down this hall and take the second left i think but i not sure hehehehe. Do this fliip thing inna big room with a guy, and go down the SE hallway, but not THAT se hallway, k?"

@e die.

Anyway, I didn't die, and managed to run the whole time without getting mobbed, and eventually found the exit portal. But no body. So, I worked a different way, and . . . BOOM! Corpse. Of someone else. Not me. With "the note!"


@e cracks a Silyun gem, and heads back to the mean hunter.

At this point, I'm like -- it's 1:30am. I should crash. But, hmmm, maybe I'll just do ONE more task for this guy, who sends me to the Ruschk place.

The Ruschk place:
This place was FAR easier to get to, and other than their spells, actually pretty boring. Except for the fact that they ALL debuffed the crap out of me. The only advantage is that they're not much for chasing one around, which suited me just fine.

(I did. A lot. Yes, no one was there).

The directions again weren't super helpful, but they did the trick, and I got the next note.

By asking directions.

Of the monsters.

(Seriously.) You say, "Any of you uglies seen a corpse around here? Or a dude named Oswald?"

There's something wrong with me.


@e cracks a Silyun gem, and heads back to the mean hunter.

At this point, I'm like -- it's 2:00am. I should crash. But, hmmm, maybe I'll just do ONE more task for this guy, who sends me to the Viamontian place.

The Viamontian place:
This was scary, at least in the write up. Maggie's says that there's a lever here.

Levers are to me in quests like sunlight is to dracula. I'm ending up a huge pile of ash when all's done.

I basically ran past as many of those idiots as I can, and as I'm playing, my right leg is bouncing up and down more than a chihuaha getting oral from a poodle, assuming they can do that.

At one point, I ran out of lightning arrows, because as much as I tried to avoid a fight, just like Caine in "Kung Fu," it was necessary to do a little Fungy-style killin.

Viamontian guy says, "Rarrr! You die now bloodless scum!"
You say, "Um, you're wearing all metal armor."
Viamontian guys says, "Um, so?"
@e pulls out lightning bow.
@e continues on happily, leaving charred dude behind him.

I checked, and saw I only had one bundle of lightning arrowheads left. Time for a clutch move, where the term "Clutch" is being able to fletch your last set of lightning arrows while getting beat on by guys in scary armor.

You make a big bundle of deadly lightning arrowheads.

Whew. Back to fighting.

All too quickly, I kill the guard, and take the two notes I need from this chest-thingy. I realized as I stood there, that I had completed the quest. I was done!

And here it was about 2:30-2:45am. But -- I. Was. Done.

You have been awarded a skill point!

Woot! Woot! Woot!

I have a subtle reason for wanting this. Because my lore was untrained for oh, about 20 levels, I've had to leave my armor on and continually feed it mana stones.

That's right - now that I could respec lore, and pour some XP into it, there was a happy ending -- I can again (1) get naked, and (2) go back to wearing my dapper suit. :-D