Saturday, February 26, 2005

Glad I still have lockpick.

So I'm in a good mood, having just recently beaten the Callous Heart quest (solo!), and am out by Ayan killing time, thinking of something to do.

I spotted a runed chest, so I killed the bandies (and profane) guarding it.

What happened next is only again Exhibit #697 of why I'm such a gimp.

I pick the lock (thank you Oswald's whatever), and then proudly double click on it.

Nothing happens (important note: I'm on my crappy laptop (not the good one)).

I stand there, and then hit the "R" (use) key.

The Runed Chest's top opens and shuts like one of those old McDonald's styrofoam burger containers.
Yup -- that was lag. The chest was open, and I didn't see it.

So, I examine it, and the chest is listed as "unlocked." Great! Let's open it one more time.

You have solved this quest too recently!
You may solve this quest again in 23h 58m 45s.

Tai Fung says, " . . . "
You cry.

I'm quite the glutton . . .

. . . for health that is.

So about 14 months ago, I did the "save or damn" Numidiria-Indira-Bananna-Fanna-Whatever" quest.

I really did struggle over what to do, since at the time, there was geniune debate over whether she was a "good" or "bad" person. I mean, she DID help us get housing, didn't she?

Anyway. At the time, I was convinced by the idea to damn her over the +30 health necklace, so I ran the dungeon with a small group, and "damned" her. We portal back to the guy, and get our reward gems. At that point, everyone is like, "Woo hoo, off we go -- let's all just meet at the hub in 10 minutes!"

10 minutes pass, and I'm there. Everyone's buffed, and all of a sudden, they're gone. I mean, they just all said, "ready," and then blinked out of existence.

You stare.
You look around.
XXXXXX says to your fellowship, "Where's Tai?"
You say to your fellowship, "Did I miss someone opening a portal?"
XXXXXX says to your fellowship, "hehe just use the portal gem an itll teleprot you here"
You say to your fellowship, "Um, the guy just gave me a "reward gem. I'm clicking on it, but nothing's happening."
XXXXXX says to your fellowship, "Didn't you give him the gems back for the portal gems?"
You say to your fellowship, " . . . "
XXXXXX says to your fellowship, "rofl"
XXXXXX says to your fellowship, "omg"
XXXXXX says to your fellowship, "Have a nice run back to Stonehold ;P"
You cry.

So, FOURTEEN months later (give or take another few months on top of that), I notice that there's a Stonehold portal in the new Umbral Hub. Bam, 5 minutes later, I'm in front of the guy, and now with 3 new shiny portal gems. Woot.

I run to Maggie's real quick, and get the rundown on the layout of the dungeon. Hmm. level 385 "bound coral golems" all over the place.

@e looks at his bludgeon rending yag.
Death tells you, "Plz plz plz plz come try it"
Death tells you, "Mistell"

Oh, what the heck. What's the worst that could happen?

A quick trip to Lanfear in the MP to get buffed up, and I bane for bludgeon attacks (no really! I remembered!).

You have been teleported.
This oughta be fun.

At this point, the story may disappoint: It was NUTS in there, and there are STILL numerous undecayed bodies all over the place, from the first room you portal in (the high grounds, at least) to right by the chest (3 by the chest, in fact).

Bound Coral Golem says, "Dogpile on the gimp!"
I see my health REALLY dropping, but I am running like hell from the minute I hit the ground (it beams you in about 20 feet off the ground). I'm ignoring every one of the golems, who are (really) trying to pin me against a wall. They're really not even connecting with me, since I'm at buffed melee of 420 something, and have my bow with well over +20something defender on it. I then find the chest.

At this point, the game does it's old fun trick -- it moves the camera SO close to me that *I* am the only thing on screen. So, as my health is now halfway down (I'm standing still by the chest at this point), I see this message in the upper left-hand corner of my screen, while I'm furiously clicking on the key and then the "chest," which I can see through my transparent body:

Cannot use silvery key with Tai Fung
Cannot use silvery key with Tai Fung
Cannot use silvery key with Tai Fung
Cannot use silvery key with Tai Fung

Bound Coral Golem hums theme from HBO's "Oz."
Bound Coral Golem says, "You're minezor now beyotch!"

The trade health elixir restores 70 points of your health.
You evaded Bound Coral Golem!
You evaded Bound Coral Golem!
The trade health elixir restores 70 points of your health.


Bound Coral Golem bashes your head for 45 points of bludgeoning damage!
Bound Coral Golem bashes your upper arm for 61 points of bludgeoning damage!

--Um . . .

The trade health elixir restores 70 points of your health.

At this point, I just said, "Screw it," and turned my back on the pack o' golems (haw), and unlocked the chest. I grabbed a jewel, and then clicked on a trusty Aphus Lassel portal gem.

With more than half my health still going.

Death says, "Whaaaaa?"

Haw. Pwned.

Buffed health now 290 @ 95th level. :-) :-P

Sometimes, this game isn't just fun, it's damned fun (get it???????).

Friday, February 25, 2005

I think it's funny, btw . . .

. . . that the whole drama over Agnari/Panda's attitude of "join our fellow and produce, or you're a poacher and should leave" in powerlevelling dungeons hit days after MY post on my first Tusker Holding d00d, which was on essentially the same topic.

I'm on the cutting edge of something around here, besides being able to NOT level. :-P

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My first attempt at withereds . . .

I found myself online this morning, after the servers were restarted (post-dentist appointment), and was watching some folks discuss the Withered Dungeon, and their location.

Apparently, it's near Candeth Keep. Hmm. *I'm* LS'd at Candeth.
But . . . it's 100+ to enter. Yack.
BUT . . . there are mobs outside along a beach area.

An alliance-mate gave the coords, and I recalled quickly. I ran there, and positioned myself. I saw Bandies, Drudges, and Tummies (withered) outside the dungeon entrance. Humph. Ok. Let's pick a bandie.

IMPORTANT POINT: I have a lightning rending weapon, but it suxors. It's +130%, with all its tinks going to brass.

So I used cold.

Bandering (whatever) evaded your attack.
Bandering (whatever) evaded your attack.
Bandering (whatever) evaded your attack.
Bandering (whatever) evaded your attack.
Bandering (whatever) evaded your attack.


Notice that he didn't run TO me, though.

So, I picked a drudge (and yes, used cold).

After about 5 Gems of Stillness to debuff those frigging Ataxia and Astyrrian's Gift spells, I kill him.

Woo hoo!

Then I decide to try to use fire against another drudge. And did like double damage.


Anyway, I'm beating down this one, but just was VERY sloppy this time (basically watching TV back and forth with the screen).

Oops. Hiya Candeth, miss me?

Off to get the body. I loot, kill a platinum golem (goodbye 5% vitae), and log.

I can see how that area might be fun. Might go back soon.

Oh, and I'd know how many XPs I got, if I had infinity on. I was wondering why it didn't show that. Then I realized. Instead of starting bandit sight and infinity, I'd started AC Trade.

I r teh gimpy. :-(

Sunday, February 20, 2005

And just like that . . .

. . . 95th level. Amazing what a little time in game will do for you. Now if I could just play during the day on Saturdays, I could actually (shocker!) quest!

Friday, February 18, 2005

My first "Tusker Holding d00d!"

So I ran through some Tusker dungeons last night to collect tusks (mostly for the AL gems, but I'll never turn my nose up at a Rampager tusk either). I didn't finish, so I logged off on Marae Lassel. When I logged on, I hit the Holding for my last tusk.

I saw a few people in the Holding, but ran past them all to get to the Tusk room, which was empty of people. So, I cleared it, grabbed a tusk, and looked around.

Hmm. Less than 100 arrows. Might as well sit here for a bit and kill stuff. The XP per hour was horrible (might have been better if I'd been in whatever fellow was running, but who knows?).

So this guy, "Zabatar" comes into the tusk room and says, "Your not joining the fello?" I told him, "I was here for a tusk." He says "Ya right," as I am typing out, "But I figured I'd stay here and see what the XP was like." At this point (I think) he's taken off down a hallway.

Hrm. *shrug*

I kill another cycle in the tusk room, and by the time the third hits, I am in one of the side tunnels, looting some salvage. Zabatar shows up again, and says, "Nice to block the door."

Huh? What door? In fact, I actually SAID that: "What door?"

He then says, "Like you don't know I'm running a cycle here." And runs off.

Um. What cycle?

I have "auto accept fellow requests" set to on, and never decline when invited.

So seriously -- what's the ettiquite in the Holding?

I'm happy to join fellowships, but if you're not planning on being there long, is it required?

Or is it easier to just grab a tusk every three weeks and not stay there, since there's better XP elsewhere? ;) :p

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wouldn't it be funny . . .

. . . if people were unable to get the pre-order rewards if they'd ever been banned (for some indeterminate time) for UCMing? Or somehow had otherwise ended up in the old "hall of shame?"

I don't wish that on anyone, except just to see the huge drama and wails that would happen if that were announced. :D

OMG, what a night.

So last night, for the first time in 5+ years, I joined a new alliance. The last one was practically nonexistant. This one appears very active, mature, and easygoing. I joined "The Order of Kaos."

I chose them for the reasons alluded to in my earlier blogs, although it wasn't easy.

Random points:

1. Within minutes (seconds?) of swearing, I was killed. In fact, I was so distracted by the allegiance chat (in my prior alliance, you never saw it go by, since not enough people were ever online), that I died - count em -- FOUR times. I haven't died that many times, in such a short span, in possibly years. I mean, I had two bodies on top of each other at one point.

2. I have to get used to a lot: There's the "@f" chat, because in fellows I normally keep quiet and pay attention to what I'm doing. There's the "@a" chat, there's "@p" to talk to Lorna II, my new Patron, and there's "@c" which apparently lets me talk to Lorna as well as my "co-vassals."

3. In many ways, I probably enjoyed my time "unsworn" most of all, but I realize that (a) without an alliance, I really won't be able to do many quests, and (b) I am naturally averse to change, so all these unfamiliar names and people I don't know will no doubt become more familiar soon. I'm sure I'll be comfortable.

4. Last night was also the first night I brought out my "New & Improved Creature/Life Suit" (tm), which features full Creature buffs (sans willpower, but who cares for a tank archer), and full Life (um, except I had no pants on, and still have to get some Bludgeon VI protects).

5. I thought with this suit it would be pretty interesting. It was, insofar as I just SUCKED in the 80+ hive. But when I'm at full buffs from a bot, I kick butt. What gives? I don't know if I was distracted by the chat or what, but it was a train wreck. It's possible that when I'm there, I normally wear my raiment, and fully buff it -- but the mutilators would go right through that, presumably, yes?

Sigh. Weird times ahead, but I know I'm so averse to change that ANY alliance I joined would feel bad, with the exception of the RL one I was part of for those 5 years, but now they don't want me. I'm sure I'll be right up and running soon in this one.

Time will tell!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Woo hoo! Life & Creature suit (pretty much) complete!

I just need a set of bludgeon protection pants (pfft, easy), and then have room for about two more creature spells (missle defense self, or regen self) on either:

Covenant BP or
Covenant Pauldrons

But other than that, I'm done!

Time to spec Missle and Magic D. :D

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Narrowing down choices now

But I still have to think this out -- I'm not sure if Kitra and her 4 other mules will join up, and I just don't know what Virgil will do. But this has to be for and about me. I'm enough of an "un-person" after the last debacle. So sad when RL invades my time on Dereth.

I posted a "hidey-ho" to Kaos's website. Not where I've looked previously, but I think that Chunglee's clan, while apparenly great, has too many personalities that will rub me the wrong way, causing me to (essentially) continue to be a solo player. AS1 is a very tough decision, but I'm getting some outside pressure on that, so I need to back off. What really did it in Kaos vs. AS1, however, was the fact that Kaos's website is more up-to-date, and appears to have more quests regularly run. I have no doubt that both alliances are good ones, though.

Juzam's website won't come up for me, so that's out.

Dselestial seems VERY fun, but their clan appears to be a bit too small -- I did that for 5 years, and it was rough going.

I'm actually interested in Baelfire's potential clan of old-school roleplayers as well, but that's more of a theory of a clan than an actual one right now.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Seriously now . . .

. . . why Mystic wasn't banned for flamebaiting the DT boards is beyond me.

She goes over to DT and blatantly flames them. They go nuts and retaliate.

Is she banned for cross-server flaming? Nope.

It's obvious why she wasn't banned. Of course, we can't talk about the modding on the VN boards.

She exhibited no class just now (which we aren't allowed to point out either).

Whoa. 93rd level.

This 80+ hive thing is leaps and bounds beyond the 60+ hive in terms of XP production when you're in a fellow (about double, from what I can tell).

I'm closer to wanting to swear into an alliance. I saw that some people in Chunglee's crowd had an Aerlinthe quest run recently, and I woulda killed to go along if I'd had the time -- I really want that recall spell (along with the BoBo recall).

What I need to do now is contact an old vassal (who is now a monarch by protest) and take him up on his offer -- he said he'd follow me to whatever alliance I went to, and it looks like he has a total of 72 followers (only a few active, however). If the HOV was still active, I would have already gone there.

So where to choose? Chunglee is a pretty dominant choice, since there are so many of his folks on the boards, and I like what most of them have to say (barring Kiaya, who I guess I'll just have to learn to ignore). On the other hand, AS1's alliance has been around since the days of Djcjr, and there are people who swear by it (no pun intended).