Saturday, May 26, 2007

Not my proudest moment.

Foxy was on as one of her 72 characters, and she mentioned she was getting jaws. Perfect! Kit and I were getting jaws as well (we'd gotten the 125 and 110 so far). Off we go to the 90+ dungeon, where Foxy was hanging out waiting for us.

So the whole way down, I'm pwning Ravenous Eaters -- woot!
There's Foxy -- woot!
She's on as her new UA char -- woot, I'm Sho! I've got UA trained!

So I figured I'd show her how it's done!

Ravenous Eater spawns.
I try and show Foxy how it's done, and fight the thing -- barehanded.

During this time, I'm trying to work the camera for a good screenshot, when I see this message:

(Foxy's character) says, "lol you are taking damage"

I thought, "What?"

Ravenous Eater runs Tai Fung through!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

For those of you keeping track . . .

. . . I just received my third Clutch of the Miser Augmentation.


For YEARS, since I've been Ken Po, to even now, death has been a huge hassle because I invariably drop stuff I need. That's so done!

Now then:

--I have 3 Clutch augments
--I have the critical hit augment
--I have 1 of the 20% burden reduction augments.

What's next? Don't lose buffs when you die?