Sunday, February 26, 2006

Egg beaters

I've missed a lot of time as of late. And I've really missed playing. I've still got so much left to do.

So on a whim, I decided to try out the Egg Orchard -- holy crap! That's kinda fun! I mean, I blew through blunts faster than a frat boy at a Ziggy Marley concert, but still -- I didn't die!

Not bad XP, but nothing like PoTB. Overall, a good time, and it wasn't as scarey as I thought (I say that now, but I never left the "entry" area, whatever the area is not too far from the beam-in).

Friday, February 17, 2006

New Quest?

I mean it this time! I think I found one -- it's out near Ayan, and full of Viamontians. I gotta check on this one. =)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Baron Overcompensation

So I had just turned in my snow lillies in Silyun (gawd, I heart that quest) when I ran up to this NPC person and was placed on a quest. This quest had several benefits:

1. It involved Viamontians, who I happen to enjoy killing (no idea why).
2. It involved an attack on the King's loyalists (they ARE the bad guys, ya know).
3. The NPC just GAVE me the coords to go to (hell, even *I* can do THAT!), and
4. OMG -- I. Had. To. Cut. Off. His. Freaking. HEAD!!!

Now THAT is cool!

It turns out the dungeon isn't far from Ayan, so I recalled, buffed (even remebering to put on my armor), and ran for the place.

Awesome -- the dungeon portal is inside a castle at LEAST the size of Neydissa. Woot!! So I ran in, and just started blowing away the blueskins. Wow! This was actually kinda tough! Fun!

So I find the entry portal, and beam in. It's a pretty straight shot, and I'm fighting my way though these guys when all of a sudden, there's a huge fight in this big room. And then I notice him: "Baron (Encha-something)."

THIS is the guy who has been torturing people of Dereth and/or Ispar?
THIS is the scourge of the Silyun loyalists?
THIS is the object of my quest?

He was --I'm serious-- about 4 feet tall. No bigger than a mosswart. He might as well have been named "Baron Enchilada." Compared to the other Viamontians, he looked like he was on "Take your Viamontian kid to work day."

Well, no WONDER he's a big time torturer! He's got short man disease! Always overcompensating.

Bah. Bet he drives a big sports car too. Wish I'd looted his keys instead of his head.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Just got a PM. I'm losing my patron, as she has some family matters. On the one hand, she's too sweet to move out from under her, over to someone else. But isn't that XP going to waste if I --DON'T-- move?


Heh -- "move out from under her." O=)

Holy crap!


Um, hi everyone.


I think I'll go throw up now.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Here's why I'm a retard:

(Um, reason # 571, that is).

I went to all this trouble to re-tie my secondary portal to the "Jungle Hub," from the PoTB (the POTB is still pretty quickly gotten to). Fine. So what do I do after beaming into the PoTB (and promptly dying -- again?).

I change into my dapper suit. Life will always get better in AC if I'm wearing my dapper suit.

And then, because I need Gems of Stillness, I need to run to Tufa. Jungle Hub, away!

So I cast portal recall. NOT SECONDARY portal recall.

Giant PoTB Tusker tells you, "Gawd, j00 are soooooo hawt in that suit!"

I mean, I beamed in, and just stood there in disbelief, while all the lugies threw rocks at me like they were Muslims on a Haj pilgrimage.

Make that 2 deaths in the past 30 minutes. But at least I didn't drop my suit. Which, despite everything else, things are better on Dereth when I'm wearing it.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Early night tonight

The PoTB had some folks in it, but I didn't even go there to join up with them. I'm just plain tired. Working & working out way too much. And now, just died to those Ruschks (or whatever they are). Twice. Sheesh!

@e goes off to bed.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tusker fucking ASSAILERS?!

Tusker Assailer tells you, "MMMM, me smell no baned underpants!"
You tell Tusker Assailer, "Begone bitch! I am here for your master's tusk!"
Tusker Assailer takes out his cell phone
You say, "WTF? You bought the PINK razr?"
Tusker Assailer is ignoring Tai Fung
Tusker Assailer dials his monkey homeys
You say, "LOL! Have you SEEN my fire bow? I --AM-- God!"
Death tells you, "Hi."
You say, "Um, why are you here? Shouldn't you be meeting me in the PoTB entryway?"
Death tells you, "Have you looked at your arrow supply?"
Tai Fung looks.
Tai Fung blanches.
You're out of ammunition!

Seriously -- I had cleaned out my "arrow pack" of heads and shafts in my villa, moving them into a chest, since I needed pack space to sell notes and buy plats for Kitra.

And then forgot to pick them back up.

So I had beamed into the Tusker Assailer place with (count em!) 61 fire arrows.

You say, "No worries! See this?! It's a 2-7 FIRE rending nekode! Have at you!"
Tusker Assailer pees himself laughing.

You're exhausted!
You say, "What?"
You say, "Wait a sec, I got a philtre."
Mana Philtre restores 0 points of your mana.

(That is absolutely true -- I so suck at this game)

The force of Tusker Assailer's assault flattens Tai Fung!


Friday, February 03, 2006

Deranged sycophant? WTF?

How weird? WTF are THESE guys? They're not even bothered by fire!


Edit: Oh. I was in the Painbringer dungeon. I've ALWAYS wanted to go there, but never did. Mainly, because of the SIK turn in. So what do I do? I fight my way to Jonas, kill all (well, some. Okay, 1) of the sycophants, and then decide to see how many SIKs I'll have once I --DO-- kill those fire-resistant bastards.

SIK count: 0

I'd forgotten I'd given them all to Kaos. Well, I'll just go through my packs to be sure.


Deranged Sycophant chills you for 52 points with Frost Arc VII.
Deranged Sycophant stabs you for 71 points with Force Arc VII.
Deranged Sycophant cuts you for 75 points with Evisceration.
Deranged Sycophant stabs you for 68 points with Force Arc VII.
Deranged Sycophant runs you through!


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I wonder . . .

. . . should I buy insider?

I mean, it's only $20 for a year, and I'd get 2 magazine subscriptions.


Of course, with my luck, I'd buy insider, and then AC would announce a shutdown.

Ack. That's too depressing to even think about -- I have lots still to do in AC!

Sleeping dragon FTW!

This guy, by himself, sticks it out in the PoTB with me, casting vulns on everything he sees, while I'm furiously trying to kill as fast as I can. But . . . when al the Tukora Lt. kills are yours, you hit the 250 mark awfully fast.

Almost 157! =)