Thursday, December 29, 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005

VN-style of "T'was the night before Christmas"

I just wrote this in 35 minutes, based on "Dateline NBC" being 5 minutes in when I started writing this, and ending at 9:40
(I say that because I *know* it's not that great, but I still don't want anyone to think this took ACTUAL time).

Oh, and for obvious reasons, I can't post it on VN:

T'was the night before Christmas,
and all on the boards,
not a troll was lurking,
not even the post whores.

Chines was snuggled away,
tight in his bed,
with visions of Kiaya,
falling over dead.

Lookie was snuggled tight too,
As mages will do,
except the point isn't WHAT Lookie was snuggled in,
But WHO.

When all of a sudden, there arose such a spamming,
Even Foxy crawled out of her mousehole,
to watch the future banning.

Yes, the trolls all awoke,
and logged into VN,
(Sure, that's a stretch, but so are size 32 pants on Jen_)

"Who is it?" they cried,
"Who's doing this posting?"
Grim tried to do a trackback to find out the IP hosting

"It's a evader," some screamed,
"But who can it be?"
"It seems his posts are oh . . . so jolly"

The spammer continued, posting notes of goodwill,
"You're beautiful, Gwyd!" he'd say in one post
"Now give us another recipe -- one for yummy pot roast!"

For some, this was too much,
Negativity they craved,
With flaming, and threats, and frothings and raves

"No more happy thoughts," they posted
"Just stop this ride!"
The only sig with happy thoughts
"Should be like Plasma's countdown to suicide!"

"I've got his pic!" said Juzam,
"He's huge!" He must weigh a ton!
"Or, at least half the size of Pkhere's son."

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" the mystery poster wrote,
"Your mods won't ban me -- I can't be smote!"

"Still, the jolly poster said,
"I'm logging off -- you folks are just icky"
"But know you all this -- make it a sticky!"

"It's not nice to be naughty, nor naughty to be nice!"
"Being mean all the time is a troublesome vice"

"Oh, you can trust me, this is no trick!"
And with that, a permaban slammed down,
On the (former) poster known as "Saint_Nick"

Is this an unsolved quest?

Go here:

Getting this heart gets you (edit: the realization that I'm an idiot -- see prior blog entry). [REDACTED]

But there's something else. Something not mentioned in Maggie's -- there are prisoners in cells, who are former shopkeeps of Redspire, captured by the Viamontians and replaced with the "Blues." They are in cells that "cannot be opened or closed that way." So it seems some lever or key is needed.

Nothing on Maggies re this, and nothing on Warcry.

What's all this then?

20 million XP every 7 days?

Yay me! =)


THIS is what 20 million xp looks like:

You've earned 20,000,000 experience.

THIS is what I actually got:

You've earned 20,000 experience.

Boy, this blog is well-named. =( =( =(

Time to make a choice . . .

. . . King Varicci, or the rebels?

I'm going with the rebels. I haven't even read up on the quests, but if the King's folks killed off Antius Blackmoor, and that dude went to the trouble to give me this nice gem of armor, he couldn't be that bad, could he?

Oh sure . . .

. . . now that I am TRYING to find a snow lilly, they're nowhere to be seen.


Time to reverse myself:

Doomherald IS a cocksucker.

If you get your rocks off ruining other people's game experience, you're just plain pathetic.

You're not a "roleplaying badguy."

You're not "enhancing the server."

You're just a douche.

He goes and fucks with a clan's evening of questing, just to fuck with them.

But what's more pathetic is the idiots on VN who suck his cock and say, "Yeah, Doom, you rock! Yeah, give life to the game, woo-hoo!"

AC really is going downhill. I wonder what games out there enforce strict enforcement against griefers?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

THIS is why I'm a loner.

So I have this friend who's a mage. She just recently topped 140, so I took her to the PoTB entryway to just try out vulning lugians for me. We actually had a good time there for a bit, and creamed all those sentinels.

Then, all of a sudden, someone (whose name is escaping me, but I think it's "(something) sin" shows up, demands to be put in our (2 person) fellow, and then starts vulning, well, everybody.

We're down the first hill, so ALL the lugians on that first level come for us.

AND follow us back to the entryway.

And this guy just keeps vulning.

Result? Dead Tai. He just quits the fellow and moves on.

The bottom line is that this was my fault -- I recruited him, not knowing he was a mage. If I'd known that, I would have shoo'd him off since he wouldn't have gotten any worthwhile xp anyway.

Oh, and I died on body recovery, too. 10% vitae, thankyouverramuch.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Harbinger? Lemme at 'im!

I'm so lame at questing, it's just plain scary (doubt me? Recall that I . . . still . . . haven't . . . done . . . Aerlinthe).

Anyway, I show up for Juzam's Harbinger quest tonight (earlier, like around 10:00pm EST -- what the fuck am I still doing up NOW?!). It's got quite an array of high levels, plus some obvious secondary characters. Off we charge into the dungeon, and immediately I get a lot of this:

Your missle attack hit the environment.

This is AC speak for: "N00b." An alternative translation is (surprise): "Gimp."

Everything was flipping' dying before I could shoot it. I mean, maybe TWICE I even got a kill message. So I did what I can only do in that situation: I start emoting.

@e quakes in fear
@e hides
@e buys real estate with no money down

(all actual emotes I did, not a single word from either of the two fellows)

So, we make the evil-wicked-hella-jumps(tm) towards the end, and we head for Harby.

At this point, I feel like a burden on the group, and like I'm not really contributing (sound familiar?) So we get to the last jump, and I see what looks like two elementals, and the Harbinger.

Sweet! So one archer is shooting at one, and I start shooting at the other. He kills his, and then mine either dies or just moves off out of radar ranger.

Now's when things got a little dicey. Because, and I swear this is true, I absolutely swear, swear, and swear again that I saw someone jump down.

So I did too, and moved off, straight and to my left, finding a wall to fight the ELEVENTY BILLION elementals on the ground floor. The elementals at this point were doing three basic things here:

(1) attacking me
(2) chain-casting spells and debuffs on me
(3) doing *heartylaugh* emotes, with their little puffy cloud bodies grabbing at their little puffs of bellies.

Oh, and the Harbinger was pounding on me like that sailor probably pounded that nurse on V-J day.

All in all, I'm glad I carry so many health philtres.

While I was drinking, I looked around, and away from my health bar to see the following sight on my radar.

(1) Eleventy billion dots around the middle of the radar, to wit, ME
(2) A bunch of white dots and triangles off behind me and to my right.

They hadn't jumped.

Happy Chicken says, "Tai come north" (I'm pretty certain that's Juzam, btw)
Happy Chicken says, "north"

Acid elemental tells you, "Oy vey, I'm fulla gas I am! Too much rugelah! And now I'm gonna gives ya such a bris!"
(In my little world, Miasma sounds very Yiddish)

So I run. Like the proverbial dickens. And now players start raining down on the floor like that "It's Raining Men" video (who the hell sang that? Wasn't it this group, "Two tons of fun?")

Chaos ensues.

The whole time, I'm thinking, "Boy, I hope no one noticed that. Maybe they thought Juzam said that AFTER we all jumped.")

Happy Chicken tells you, "Remind me to beat you next time I see you for jumping down early"

That would be a "No."

So we fight. And fight. And fight and fight and fight.


This was taking a LONG time. I unfiltered combat briefly to see that with a +160ish%, +12 slash rending bow I was doing about 130 per regular hit. Eeeeew.

Anyway, we got him, and he only got one of us. I didn't blame myself for that death, because the Harby apparently chain cast on him like Peter North does to his co-stars. I grabbed an arm token just as Juzam explained you didn't need it for the XP reward. This cat runs a VERY clean, tight Harbinger quest, it always impresses me. I don't know how people can do these big quests and get good at them (hell, even look at Kaos' skill with the Kings Quests).

There's no way I got the kill on the beastie, but what was most surprising (thanks to my healers) was that I survived. Juzam was totally ok with me jumping down, and explained that all he was going to do was just direct the attack before we jumped down, but that it was ok. For my part, I'll be beating myself up over that in-game for a while. Good thing the timer is 90 days! ;-)

Anyway . . . You are now level 151!

Woot! I'm like a bottle of rum now!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

So this CS augment


Was getting creamed in PoTB when it was like just 4 of us, but when we were overloaded in the pit, it was great.





Sunday, December 11, 2005

Oh, lighten up, Francis . . .

I decided to run the Hopeslayer quest for the 10 million (even though it's such a low number nowadays). But, I figured I could do some good by keeping the area clear for the low levels (muwahahaha! Die, j00 level 85 grievers!).

Of course, there was controversy. I guess there were 40+ people in the MP for this one run, and Doomherald showed up. Everything was fine until the end room, but then Doom stood up on the chest to get the Blood of the Hopeslayer.

The thing is, him standing on the chest really didn't hurt a thing, but people were REALLY upset. You would have thought Doom was trying to steal something.

Man, this dude's reputation has him almost larger than life.

Although this isn't even life, is it?

Augmented again!

Woot! Things just kinda fell into place, and I had a billion XP or so lying around (thank you PoTB), so I just got another augment!

I ended up getting the critical strike one -- hopefully I won't really notice it, but will instead notice that I'm dying a lot less (say, every 10 minutes instead of every 15?).

Monday, December 05, 2005

Aw, eff.

You know what throws a kink in playing AC when you're home sick?

Stomach flu.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

I just ran from a penguin.

Guess he knew I just chowed down on serious bird-age earlier. =P

Oh, and I'm such a post whore on VN that I "clapped" on Lookie's magic D max thread just so I'd make the post ratings again as top "old fogey."

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy . . .

Thanks . . . giving . . . from . . . W . . . Kkkkkkkk . . . Rrrrrrr . . . Pee!

I'm in Oregon as I write this, frantically hoping the wireless card I have for my laptop will let me get at least a LITTLE AC time in -- hope your holiday is happy and safe!


Moi (mwah?)

Monday, November 21, 2005

What's the point of maxing?

So I just noticed . . . I have 900 mill XP unspent. I'm not close to maxing my stats & skills, but I'm wondering . . . why should I?

What's the point of maxing one's skills vs. getting an augment? Would the few points in Coord, Bow, or Melee D make that much of a difference, against a CS reduction augment?

I got the augment to reduce burden by 20%, and it's flipping great. I'm able to salvage like crazy, make (gasp!) TWO full sets of elemental arrows if I'm traipsing across Dereth, and otherwise not sweat certain loot.

So I'm looking at the list, and people just rave about the CS reduction augment (so 1 in 4 of criticals against you won't stick). That's a cool thing.

But what about my stats? It's so strange, but I'm not sure I'll EVER have a good reason to spend 300 mill on 1 point of a skill, when that's 1/3 of the way to most augments I'd like (I can do the burden thing up to 5 times).


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Woot! 250!

I just killed my 250th Tukora Lugian in the PoTB!


And just like that, level 149. B-)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I haven't had much time to get online, and when I do, one of two things happen:

1. There's no one in the PoTB.
2. The PoTB is full.

I'm not married to the PoTB as a choice of where to go, since I do heart the Eaters, and um . . . STILL have to do Aerlinthe.

But I'm awfully tired these days. And quests take time. =(

Thursday, November 10, 2005

VN happenings

Wow, major craziness on VN lately. It seems to have (mostly) started by a decree from Grim about the number of OT posts. People have gone nuts with the crackdown.

In a sense, I know just how Grim feels -- 5157 has gotten away with a LOT in the past, but those were mostly the Kiaya days. She's gone now, and to be honest, I haven't thought the OT posts were that heavy. I'm not really sure who the backlash is against.

The only thing I can think of was SC's "manscaping" thread, which it seems to me he should have known was a bit much. The ban seemed a little harsh, more like a lock and a warning would have likely worked (although I haven't had as much time to lurk lately, thing are crazy in RL).

The AynRand thread didn't even seem that bad, although towards the end there was the usual ePeen waiving before devolving into spam. Up until that point, I didn't think it was that outta line.

I suspect this crackdown will die down again soon, and more OT threads will creep back up. But that's not a terrible thing, if it's done "in moderation."

Sorry. =P

@e cracks himself up.

Friday, October 28, 2005

I told you so.

On the ACFriends Board, but no one paid me any mind.

Right here:

Also note this one:

The only thing I got wrong was Rove vs. Libby, but the actual point was solid -- the issue isn't the leak, which is too hard to prove as a crime, vs. lying in the investigation.

They should call her "Suzy-Save-Your-Ass"

Suzy Fix It just did all my final tinkers on my remaining +12 bows!

I'm psyched. I've got a full set of +12 bows now, all tinked up to +155% (ahem, yes, they're all work 6, so I quit at the 8th tinker).

Now maybe . . . finally . . . I can do Aerlinthe. =P

Tuesday, October 18, 2005



I haven't been in-game for days with RL work issues, and a trip to Philly to the haunted prison thing. I just noticed about an hour ago that u-a-fool was selling a SWEET +12 fire bow on the cheap (as a PYI). I did some dealing, and gritted by teeth, BUYING a bag of RG (I have lots I could get for free from friends, but won't accept help).

And yet . . . no 38% tinkers on (except for someone whom I detest).

So, I was going to just give the bag to Fool to let him keep until a 38%er showed up. And then he offered to try it with his 33% guy.

It landed!


The first thing I did?

Gave the +7 fire bow back to Avy . . . snuck up on her in the MP. =P

I r teh messed up.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Snuck into PoTB a little while ago, and spent just about an hour there. Got a decent, but not great, percentage of kills (Rabiosa and someone named Sweetpea were racking up). That was FUN.

I guess I was technically a leech, but all the folks in the fellow couldn't have been nicer. Father of Storms was effective, and I even found a few (well, 4) insignias on my kills. I think Ali was there as an alternate character, although I didn't notice him and Rab talking (maybe in @A?). Ah well, it was quite a good crowd, and no one seemed to mind me hiding in the alcoves (like hell I'd venture out there in the open!).

Not a bad night, and a nice way to make up for not playing much this week.

Oh one thing --- I *still* didn't remember to get a blue kit, so I was living (literally) off of trade elixirs and peerless kits.

I r teh gimpy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yo, beeyotch!

I'd be a great pimp. Well, actually I'd be horrible at it. But I'd be GREAT at the clothing part.

I want my dapper suit dyed. One mule has it in black. Another mule has the "regular" look (kind of Colban, I'd say). I dyed mine the deep purple. =D

But I don't like it. It looks too much like the Colban. So, I figured I'd dye it. But what color? Then, someone shot me a tell and gave me a great idea:

Hot pink.

Now THAT would be unique.

A quick trip to Maggie's, and we find that failed dye jobs (courtesy of my by-design-sucky cooking mule) will leave clothing hot pink, and armor neon orange. Woot! So after (this is true) running to the swamp gardens to get some black plants (I'd refused to accept extra plants from clanmates), I went home and summoned my cook.

Off to Holtburg. A cooking forge here, alchemy forge there. Boom. Woot! She failed! Hooray.

Except the suit is neon orange. =(

Whored out again. =(

Sunday, October 02, 2005

@reply "Res melius evinissent cum coca"

Quite a few blog entries ago (when I got my VN title), I discussed some Latin. A lot of people don't know that at one point in my life, I was about as fluent in Latin as one could be, without wearing a toga on a daily basis. It was a bad choice of a language, and I let it go by the wayside for a lot, although I still like to use it when I'm translating other languages, since so many come from Latin.

Plus, the recall of Latin (I seem to remember more when drunk) always impresses the ladies. B-)

Or not. =(

Anyway, someone was talking to me tonight, and I was discussing how I was having a diet coke at like midnight. She questioned that, and I said that it was because I was so in love with Coke. She agreed. Then I said the Latin phrase listed above, which roughly translates as "Things go better with coke." She made a joke about the word "cum" (Latin for "with"). We zapped back and forth, and then I eventually hit this in @a chat instead of reply:

"And you like cum too!"

Oops. Holy crap. I was mortified. A few people were on (the ones who would likely be offended had logged), and they laughed it off. But, I was actually quite taken aback and defensive -- it really WAS Latin, and while it was part of a bad pun (from the series of @replies that had been going on), it actually made sense on a non-neanderthal level.

But if I protested too much, it would look too guilty.

Then it got worse.

I got an @tell from a non-alliancemate asking about life, and mentioned that I couldn't talk, as I was too bummed over committing lapsus linguae in @a chat. So what do I do? I type the following without proofing it, so I don't realize I didn't delete before starting to type fresh:

reply It's no big deal, and it really was Latin. I just made a terrible pun but it's ok. (At this point I then asked about a RL friend's surgery).

And I hadn't left off the "@" sign, but instead had typed "@a reply" because I was still focusing on the @a chat.

Oops. At this point, I think people just plain felt sorry for me, and told me to get some sleep (I'd been complaining about being tired earlier).

But I'm still mortified. And I probably still will be tomorrow. And the next day. I forsee LOTS of self-flagellation over this.

On the other hand, maybe this will get me thrown out of the alliance (they do have some strict language rules, which I think is a nice thing). If I do, I won't have to fret over whether I'm any contributor to the group, or just a leech. I'll be solo.

Or, as the Latin goes, my time in the alliance will humum mandere: Bite the dust.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Just something about me buying auctions for gloves seems to create drama.

When I first bought some noble gaunts from Asper in an auction, I did it by correctly reading that there was a snipe rule in said auction. Soooooooo, I just set the palm pilot with an alarm for about 15 minutes or so, logged in, made a snipe bid and won them. That was the start of my issue with Gibbon_Raver (Berek Heartthew in-game), who (shock!) it seems was exposed as an evader, lol.

Fast forward to tonight. Those noble gaunts I won? I stuck a quickness gem in them. So, +12, not +15. I've always kept my eye open for major quickness covenant gaunts. They were auctioned off last night. So I bid.

And waited.

I noticed that another person outbid me on them later, but that the auction wasn't ending until about 9pm EST. Soooooo, I made another tactical decision -- I set the palm, and went on about my day (evening).

Then bid around 8:50pm.

1+ hour passes, and the guy realizes he's been sniped. Oops. O=)

Of course, he's crying over the fact that I outbid him by 1 MMD, but it's just patently obvious sour grapes over losing.

These aren't ringed sing keys -- these are MMDs, and they come in ANY amount. I'm not rich, but I do on occasion, make a good business decision. It's called, "Buy low, sell high."

Maybe I'll offer him the gaunts for twice what I paid for them. =P

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hole -- ee -- crapola.

The PoTB is NUTS.

I love it.

I went there -- waaaaaay too late tonight, but this time with AC Maps pulled up (I later eavesdropped on the best way to the pit in PoTB). But I got there, and was immediately recruited -- and saw that I was like the 2nd lowest level there.

Hoo, boy, this should be scary. =(

Two things:

1. Chung had warned me about "rocks to the back of the head." Wish I'd listened, lol. Wham, lifestone in like 10 minutes.
2. When I got back, I (and I don't say this often) seriously kicked ass. LOTS of dead lugies. At one point, it was just me and two mages, before more melees arrived. Woot!

In fact, I should name them, because these two mages were kicking serious ass with the imperils, and were balls-to-the-wall OUT there in the middle of the pit (while I cowered in the doorway, plinking away). Their names were C a r n a g e, and Majin' (can't say much for their names). Anyway, they were astoundingly good at what they did, and also got me thinking --- you simply HAVE to have mages in the PoTB. They're indispensible (but useless without melees/archers) to kill.

One question (and I didn't ask in the fellow, because I was working my ass off, and trying to stay ahead of the spawn): What's the ettiquite there? What's the deal with looting? How do mages loot, if all they do is imperil?

I should ask Lokkie, he'll know how the mages handle it. =D =P

"I'll give u . . . "


The same idjit in the MP, named "Whieht Boy" always sends me the same tells every time he sees me in the MP:

"I'll give u 20mmds for ur armor" Monarch is Chunglee, which goes to show you that even in a class act group like his (I'd put it up on par with Kaos' as the best (but I'm biased), you get douchebags.

I never answer him, and never even squelch him. I just ignore him.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Path of the Scared.

So, I'm 141 now, courtesy of some eater jaws. Might as well do it -- let's see what this whole "Path of the Blind" thing is all about. JUST as I beam in, none other than Chunglee is there, and I said something pithy about this being my first time. Chung wasn't in a fellow, so I just assumed we'd form up there at the entrance and hold "the drop" open.

Um, no.

Chung could not have been nicer. He said, "Let's go to the pit," and after I did some "@e wets his armor" emotes, he said, "Ready?"

That seemed weird. Isn't it just a little ol' run?


Watching Chung's little "X" fade away from me, whlie I was knee-high to a bunch of angry giants reminds me of being a little kid, charging around a bunch of adults. You only move around at their pleasure, unless you're REALLY fast.

Good thing I poured all that XP into run. =P Anyway, Chung came back for me once or so (ok, it was five times, but who's counting?), and we made it to the pit, where we were immediately recruited. So I start killing, after Chung gives me a heads-up about "taking rocks to the back of the head." Heh, if he only knew -- I've had bunnies throw CARROTS at me, and whack me. =(

Anyway, I started killing. And start immediately getting death messages saying I've killed X number of Tukora Lieutenants. ?=/

Funny -- I'd spoken to so many NPCs, I must have started that quest and not known it. Anyway, I'm up to like 6 messages, and the spawn dries up, so I naturally relaxed.

Oh wait -- this is me.

What I --ACTUALLY-- did was run off down this ramp -- solo. And found 4 giants just staring at a wall.

Double oh.

Someone else came down there to fight, but I realized the pitfall of having ALL combat filtered -- I looked up and saw my beautiful 350 health down to 100.

No, wait, 75. Make that 60.

All the while, I'm hitting the "7" key for my health elixirs. Which I'd forgotten to resupply.

I r teh smart. =(

So, I hit the quickslot for an Aphus gem, and got out. Quickly healed (note: didn't replenish elixirs), and recalled.

Tai thinks, "Now then, WHAT way did Chung go again? Ah, I'm still in the fellow, so I'll just shoot one of those guys over there. I'm sure his five buddies won't mind."

@e hits that exit portal real-effin-quick.

I tried to be graceful, but I had to fess up to the fellow that I'd recalled, and now was lost on how to get to the pit. So, I bowed out, what with someone already in line.

But I'll admit this -- what I saw seemed FUN. =)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pwned by a Lizard. =(

I've gone out of my way for the past two weeks to bump Juzam's Harbinger quests, only to have that Lizard tell me to go F myself!

Ahem. Kinda forgot that the Harbinger was *90* days, not 30. =(


The "breakup" move

Heh, I just got a PM from someone who got me thinking about this thing @ work, and how in a sense it relates to this AC thing I'm feeling about being in any alliance. IRL, I have this girl who's totally stalking me: She comes by a LOT, talks incessantly, has proferred ME her home phone number -- but all in the guise of "being friendly."

I know there's more to it, because she's told other people she's interested. They've promptly come and told me to watch out, but sworn me to secrecy about how I would know. So, in a sense, I've got to play dumb with her (that's not a stretch for me) as she flirts, acts overly friendly, and knocks over some stuff on my desk with her boobs (that's true).

Anyway, the PM got me thinking about how my alliance has a good reputation, and has good, friendly people in it. They're actually a classy, family-oriented clan. So what's the move that a wretch like me does? You end up acting so anti-social that you drive THEM away, and make it out like THEY'VE broken up with YOU. Haw. Oh, how RL imitates AC (um, or vice-versa).

Consider last night: I'm dying to Augment, but I am a touch impatient when it comes to Capt. Justice's quest TONIGHT at 9pm. Juzam's running Harbinger, and I kinda need Harbinger more. Someone from my alliance offered to run the Augment LAST night at 9pm -- woot! Score! Sweet! I can run Augment Wednesday night, and then do Harbinger Thursday night, all at 9pm! Woo-hoo!

And then the Augment guy never logged on. =/

Between that and the chat debacle, I logged in a touch of a huff. But what's the big deal? I mean, Juzam will run Harbinger at 9pm, and then CJ will run Augment at midnight tonight. Why's everything got me so agitated.

Sigh. I guess I have guy PMS right now. =(

One last bit o' thought on Dealing With People.

So, I'm still having a crisis of confidence about staying in the alliance, and the chat mode just made it worse. Logging in to all this chatter gets me in that "Scream" mode (the painting, not the movie).

That got me thinking a bit more -- even if I give back the bows to Lorna (Avy) and Leventhal, will I still owe? I mean, Kaos gave me a magic D tessie (that's 30 MMDs), but I gave Og Tree a tinked up 335 LR bow (which he had mentioned HE would give me 30 MMDs for). So I guess I'm about even if I quit.

But where the hell is all this quitting thing coming from? How much of ALL of this is just my own "fed-up-ness" with dealing with ALL people as of late, instead of not liking being in an alliance.

Mind you, it's NOT this alliance -- it's just being in ANY alliance that's getting me nuts as of late.

Sigh. =(

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What the F*#$&#)*?

Oh. My. God.

I flippin' HATE the new chat channels.

And sure, enough, within 5 minutes, Shui Chon Poh was uber-spamming the general channel.

[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"
[General] Shui Chon Poh says, "Bah"

Followed then by all the people saying how they'd squelched him (also, of course, in general chat).

I immediately turned off ALL chat in windows 1-4, and use the main window for just the "basics." If I wanted to see more channels, I'd just add them in the F11 window.

Then again . . . I was only on for 15 minutes.

Monday, September 19, 2005


I just thought of this -- I don't think I've seen a single rare come up on TD that was anything OTHER than a +250-type gem.


A heart attack -ack-ack-ack

First off, I'm glad Mage MicheleMM is doing well, and was saved. She's a wonderfully perky person, with a great attitude, and is nearly always positive, which is a great thing.

But note this from her post:

>>>"At age 35 i never in my right mind would think i of all people would have had a Heart Attack"<<<

Look -- there are pics of her from gatherings. She's overweight. And not by a little. There are risks to having that kind of weight, plain and simple. If she's happy at that size, that's totally fine. It's good to be happy with your body. But don't act like a heart attack is a surprise at any adult age, if you're as overweight as she is.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Otherwise known as "premature augmentation"

So, I went from 134 to 138 in (literally) the blink of an eye.

It's called "The Scroll of Dark Rain"

At level 134, I'd finally amassed enough non-attribute XP to take magic D within 3 points of max. Then I handed over the scroll.

Holy crap: Fireworks, level lights, max skill message.

Oh, and 4 levels' worth of xp. =/

Anyway, I was left with like 1.5 billion xp, after having around 480 million. And then it hit me -- why not do that augmentation thing NOW? I am always getting into trouble with burden, carrying around too many arrow types, etc.

Of course, leave it to me to not have a SINGLE thing maxxed, and I'm off to augment. =P

You know what?

I'm still pissed over the whole debacle with the lab dungeon thing.

And so, it's time to put my affairs in order.

There were two 335 bows given to me by members of my alliance, which I tinked up with hog. Courtesy of some pretty incredible timing, I've just had the inscriptions removed. I'm going to return them to the people who gave them to me, with no charge for the hog, and with a well-wishing inscription. No hard feelings.

I also gave away an electric bow to an alliancemate earlier this week. I could have made a bundle on it. If there's a ledger of things received in the alliance, vs. things given, I'm definitely at LEAST even.

As for my current set, all my 360 bows have come from ME. Through MY work. MY efforts. I'm still missing fire and bludgeon, but I'll find some.

On my own.

Friday, September 16, 2005

And the XP whoring begins . . .

. . . driving me out of a fellow, half of which were members of my alliance.

What the hell?! But let me begin, as they say, at the beginning.

So Kit & I are trying to figure out what to do tonight, and I hit on the idea of us going to the Abayar's lab, just outside Eastwatch. You fight Fiun there, and it seemed like a nice idea, with decent XP. Plus, Kit had never fought them 'en masse' (that's Latin for "a fuckload"). Oh, and she wanted to get those Fiun spellcasting gloves for the heck of it. Finally, that dungeon is a dream for us, because with spec'd magic D, we would resist tons of spells (I've been there previously).

As we're talking about this, an alliancemate named "Troh" is talking in @a about how he's doing in there. He says he's in there with one other person named "Foreena." They're clearing 80-90 million per hour. Hrm. Nice. And that he can see there being room for more. So I tell him that me "and a mage" were on our way.

At this point, another alliancemate (let's call him "Bob") who could not be nicer also wants to explore the dungeon. Troh by this point has already recruited him, although we got to the dungeon ahead of Troh and Bob (Troh had left the dungeon to restock, leaving Foreena there alone).

So, at this point the fellow is: Troh, Foreena, & Bob. Me & Kit are standing there at the entrance with the cool kids. We have to actually ASK to be in the fellow. Troh mentions, "Hmm, not that great xp with this many people, and there's already one in the dungeon ahead of us, but, gee, ok." We are now in the fellow.

Just a point here: That's once.

Also, I'm pissed. So I immediately offer to leave the fellow and find another place. Kit will come with me. But Bob mentions that it's the fellowship (I think he said friendship) that's better than the XP. Not exactly a resounding endorsement of Bob's point from anyone else, mind you.

So off we go to the "study" portion of the Lab (where the higher XP is, and where Troh was). We charge into the room.

Foreena says, "..."

Yup, he's pissed. He points out that, "Wow, um, so like, you brought more people back."
Troh recruits him.
Foreena says to your fellowship, "Um, you can still make good xp in the first dungeon, too many people here."

That's twice.

I said something like, "Look, Kit & I will try another room. If the XP is not what you want, we'll leave."
Foreena has left your fellowship.
So, I repeat it in chat mode, just to make sure he hears it. Not that it does any good, he runs off.

Troh then says, "Yeah, it's kinda not as good xp like this, he didn't know I was bringing more people back."
(Good, let's make excuses for the xp whore)

Anyway, that's three times.

Three times, the level of XP has been brought up, and without a subtle method of pointing out that the "extra" people (to wit, me and Kit) will be dragging it down. And that's it for me. Three times, and I'm out.

You tell Foreena, We're leaving the fellow if you want to rejoin it, enjoy.
(like 10 seconds later)
You say to your fellowship, "We can take a hint guys, thanks. See ya." (or something like that)
(this is in open chat here, he came running up) Foreeza says, "Hey Troh, heard you lost two people from the fellow."
Foreena is now a member of your fellowship.
(Honestly, at this point, I'm actually embarrased to still be IN the fellowship when he is re-recruited by Troh)
You have left the (whatever) fellowship.
Kitra quits too. We head to the top of the dungeon.

And off the rest of the fellow goes, happily getting nice n' optimized XP now that those darn interlopers (um, us) are gone.

Troh just happily goes on and sucks at the XP teat. Conversely, Bob then sent me a tell and offered to leave the fellowship to follow us, and do whatever, but I wanted none of it. Frankly, I wanted none of a LOT of things at that point. Bob was concerned Kit would get the wrong idea about people. Gee, I wonder how? But, she just let it go, and we went off to do our own thing.

Heh, but one thing she mentioned to me: While we were in that room, even for only the 3 minutes we were there, she looted a single slot Major Willpower item, lore only.

Karma's a bitch.

si fecisti nega

That's Latin for "If you did it, deny it." That was going to be my title, but I thought about this, and that's not really who I am. I mean, how can one have a blog describing how one gets killed every 5 minutes, blows up bows & wands with mana stones, and constantly does bad trades, and have a motto of denial?

If anything, my problem is admitting to too much! =P

So, I went with this, that describes me far better:

Bona Mixta Malis. That's Latin for "A mixture of good and evil."

Now THAT is me.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Like this bow?

Electric rending bow
+8 electric
+7% melee
work 6, 8 tinks

I coulda gotten some serious MMD-age for it.

And instead, I gave it away to an alliancemate. Just handed it to him without him knowing I was going to do that. He's a good kid, very enthusiastic, and is extremely polite/cheerful.

And since I keep gifts turned off, I couldn't be paid back for it.

But I'll still, of course, bitch about being broke.

Donald Trump I am not. =(

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I won a title on VN!

I have 7 days (from yesterday) to come up with a title. For instance, "Syrus_the_red_dragon," who won before me, has the title, "Resident Dragon." I don't want something unimaginative or boring like, "Resident Gimp," or something too fanboyish like, "Vitae laden."

What the heck should I have my title be?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Why, oh why . . .

. . . do I insist on hunting in my dapper suit?

3 deaths in the Aerbax's lab, just because I can't resist wearing it instead of putting on all my armor (I was only there to burn off about 100 arrows, just wanted them gone).

Instead -- 15% vitae. Ouchies.

Worst thing I did was go on another Noir Assassination investigation and get another suit. =(

Holy karma.

So after I explained to Kit that you could get gems of stillness from Memnosynes, I decided to do her a favor and go get some obsidian hearts for her to carve some keys. Sigh. Don't ask. I mean . . . we're not . . . I'm not supposed to . . . sigh.

Don't ask.

Anyway, I know of those huge spawn of obsidian golems (like 10+) in almost the same radar area in the Vesyanwhatever Islands. So (after spending 15 minutes trying to find which main town has a Kryst portal (hint: its name rhymes with "Moo-she"), I head off to those series of Islands.

Have I mentioned that I just HATE running in archipelagios? ("Oh, you can run across THESE islands, but NOT these ones. THOSE? No way. But those ones just a quarter inch to the right? Sure, as shallow as VN 'good morning' thread"). Grrr.

Um, anyway. Again.

I'm running from Kryst, trying to find that spawn area. And along the way, I see them: Shallows Devourers. I spent HOURS (like many people) looking for Ulgrim's scroll, to no avail.

Ok, I spent like 2.5 hours, but it totally FELT longer.

Anyway. Again again.

I kept my eyes open for devourers, but just kept seeing destroyers. Finally, I had a good run of devourers. Well . . . there were 6. No scroll.

Humph. Moving on. There's two more.

Holy cow. No, wait. Cows had nothing to do with it. Karma. I was out there to do a good deed for someone for whom I bear no ill will, but who has a boatload for me. And there we are.

Eighth devourer I killed.

Ulgrim's scroll.

I don't care how broke I am -- I'm keeping it.

Um, just as soon as I can find Ulgrim. =P

P.S. Killed (this is true) 250 arrows worth of obsidians (most were one shots, but some had them down to just a few points on the first hit). Sum total of hearts: 4. But I'll take that for Ulgrim. And for Karma's sake. Goodnight!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


If only I'd have been up at 3 this morning. Someone was selling a ton of low work hog. Sigh. =(

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sigh. I'm such a wretch.

Just because I refuse to accept help, I just made an alchemy mule. She's capable of making bloodhunter oil, so I can make my own deadlies, rather than bothering anyone in the alliance, or pressuring anyone to keep the chests at the mansion full for me. I *know* that no one would worry about just picking up oils from the chests, but I don't feel like I deserve to. I really don't contribute to the alliance, and am more a drain than anything else (other than the meager xp passup).

Sigh. I'm such a wretch.

And a gimp. =P

Tai Fung has discovered the vaulter's crystal!

Big freaking whoop. =/

Been a while.

Work has been ka-ray-zee.

Let's see:

--Hit 131 . . . eaters are my total bitches. I go through those pigs like I go through, well . . . bacon.

--Hit 360 bow, and am absolutely having a struggle, ethically, over what to do with the complete set of 335 bows I had tinked up with imbues and hog. It took a lot to complete that set, but I know that I'd never get a full return on my investment (I wouldn't deserve it -- I got my money's worth on their use). But -- I need SOME money for hog on the 360s! So what to do.

What's the ettiquite here? Just give it away to alliancemates? Charge them for it? At a discount? Just put it up for sale on VN? No one responded to a PC/IC, I just got lots of courtesy bumps. Plus, Lorna & Lev donated fire and bludgeon bows to me, so I totally should pay them back in some way -- maybe even return the bows, enhanced with the hog.

--Spent about 2.5 hours in the Tusker holding, over a period of two days, just for salvage. The holding is, not suprisingly based on the number of UCMs that used to be there, GREAT for salvage. I got lots of types I needed, although very few full bags of anything, because I refuse to spend XP on salvaging. I'd rather hunt longer, or at least be more effective when I DO hunt, than worry or hem over getting "full" salvage return.

--I'm going to try and take Kit on one of Juzam's harbinger runs next week -- I'm not sure who will be more stressed: her, because she typically gets stressed on quests, or me, worried that she WILL get stressed. Then again, as I think more about that, I'm not sure that's fair -- she's getting knocked offline a lot, and we're not sure why (it's usually an AC Client crash). That's stressful, to play knowing at any second you could be knocked to your desktop.

--So, a couple of weeks ago, I found a major war magic sceptre. I auctioned it, and it was won for 35 MMDs. Remember -- I'm flat broke, and need hog. The winner of the auction was a former alliancemate of mine (one who doesn't hate me) named "Ozgood the Ass." He's under Juzam now in his main, "Steve Vai." This cat is a nice guy. He's a bit out there compared to my vanilla, button-down nature (of course, compared to me, that would put someone like Lokkie on Pluto!). But putting that aside, I knew something -- this guy is just plain nice, and also just had a new baby. So after (1) he won the auction, and (2), we found ourselves in a fellow in the eater place, I inscribed the wand with a congratulatory message over the baby, and just handed it to him.

I keep "accept gifts" turned off.

So he tried to pay me, and couldn't. I didn't want his money. It was a gift, after all.

Like I'm allowed to ever complain about being broke again. =(

No wonder.

Anyway, see you on Dereth. =)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Even my fireworks were gimped.

Yes, I knew there wouldn't be any. Might have been cool if there were. Ah well.


Wow. And only, what . . . a month late? ;-)

Anyway, it was worth every minute. Every vitae-laden minute.


Saturday, August 13, 2005


Went on my first "tessera hunt" with the alliance tonight (still haven't done a QQ in my entire AC life, but I'll take things slow. I found two tessies (although both are non-specable skills, so I suspect they're worthless): Armor and item tinkering.

But . . . my monarch just GAVE me a magic D tessie! Woot! I am planning on using 5 magic D tessies soon (post September patch, though) with my scroll of Dark Rain. That's the only way I can really get a handle on this "tessera trick" that's done for free XP. It just means I'll leave my magic D 8 points off of max, for life (I think?).

Oh, and landed an imbue on another +12 bow. That makes 4 bows out of 7 so far that I have imbues on, and all are +12. Whenever I can finally get to 360 bow, I'll have quite an array!

And will be in the mood to overpay for Hog. =P

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Principled. Even on an XP wh0r3 weekend.

Went to the Tumerok Hill after tiring of eaters, and was all about to join a fellow, when I noticed that Berek Heartthew was in it. He is (was, lol) Gibbon_Raver on the boards, although it seems that someone figured out he was an evader under VN rules.

Whoops! :-D

Anyway, XP or no, I won't associate with someone like that, so I moved onto the Lugian dungeon. Didn't last long there, although now I can say that at least I've SEEN the so-called "basement." Didn't like it much. :-/

Time to go find something else to kill!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Worst. Morning. Ever.

FIVE deaths in three different places.

On the other hand, at least I didn't have to get help to recover the bodies. I got to wallow as much as I wanted, although at one point, I did ask for help. But by the time help was available, I'd recovered my bods.

Sheesh. Talk about an ego hit.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Running away -- now THAT is a quest I can do!

Saturday night was a bust. My alliance was going on an eater jaw run, and I wanted to go, but the person I normally mess around with lost her connection at the last second, and died. They offered to wait and let he make the run, then recover later, but I knew that would fluster her. Drat. Sometimes I'm too chivalrous.

So, later on that night, because I'm completely lacking in the ability to quit, I went back to the 90+ eater place. THAT was fun. No, really - I couldn't believe it, but not only did I *not* die, but I actually only came close to dying like once(!).

(Insert jaw message here)

Woo hoo!

Then I realized -- the jaws from the 90, 110, and 125 level eaters flag you for the "Chasing Oswald" quest. Maybe I should NOT turn this thing in . . .

@e thinks. I mean, *I* run all the time from stuff -- I'm like an expert already!

Off I go with my jaw to Silyun.

Already, I love this quest -- someone is selling PORTAL GEMS! (For a formerly no-magic (not even item) player) Portal gems are teh roxor.

Wilderness Hunter Guy sends you to "Ice Lugian Place."

The Ice Lugian Place:
This place was fun, but scared the crap out of me, because Maggie's did not have a map of it. Note: I realize Maggie's site is a spoiler place, but I happen to love it, and even think she's a total cutie, so take my criticism of it with a grain of salt. I ran in, half dead, because of the run TO this place, which is just insane.

I turned a corner into a snowy valley leading to this place, and was blown away by the mobs. Literally (ba-dum-bum). Ack. So, courtesy of some gems of stillness and health philtres, I make it in.

Maggie's directions are taken verbatim from folks' e-mails, which usually go like this: "Um, from the beam-in, turn that way. No, the other way heheehe. Then run down this hall and take the second left i think but i not sure hehehehe. Do this fliip thing inna big room with a guy, and go down the SE hallway, but not THAT se hallway, k?"

@e die.

Anyway, I didn't die, and managed to run the whole time without getting mobbed, and eventually found the exit portal. But no body. So, I worked a different way, and . . . BOOM! Corpse. Of someone else. Not me. With "the note!"


@e cracks a Silyun gem, and heads back to the mean hunter.

At this point, I'm like -- it's 1:30am. I should crash. But, hmmm, maybe I'll just do ONE more task for this guy, who sends me to the Ruschk place.

The Ruschk place:
This place was FAR easier to get to, and other than their spells, actually pretty boring. Except for the fact that they ALL debuffed the crap out of me. The only advantage is that they're not much for chasing one around, which suited me just fine.

(I did. A lot. Yes, no one was there).

The directions again weren't super helpful, but they did the trick, and I got the next note.

By asking directions.

Of the monsters.

(Seriously.) You say, "Any of you uglies seen a corpse around here? Or a dude named Oswald?"

There's something wrong with me.


@e cracks a Silyun gem, and heads back to the mean hunter.

At this point, I'm like -- it's 2:00am. I should crash. But, hmmm, maybe I'll just do ONE more task for this guy, who sends me to the Viamontian place.

The Viamontian place:
This was scary, at least in the write up. Maggie's says that there's a lever here.

Levers are to me in quests like sunlight is to dracula. I'm ending up a huge pile of ash when all's done.

I basically ran past as many of those idiots as I can, and as I'm playing, my right leg is bouncing up and down more than a chihuaha getting oral from a poodle, assuming they can do that.

At one point, I ran out of lightning arrows, because as much as I tried to avoid a fight, just like Caine in "Kung Fu," it was necessary to do a little Fungy-style killin.

Viamontian guy says, "Rarrr! You die now bloodless scum!"
You say, "Um, you're wearing all metal armor."
Viamontian guys says, "Um, so?"
@e pulls out lightning bow.
@e continues on happily, leaving charred dude behind him.

I checked, and saw I only had one bundle of lightning arrowheads left. Time for a clutch move, where the term "Clutch" is being able to fletch your last set of lightning arrows while getting beat on by guys in scary armor.

You make a big bundle of deadly lightning arrowheads.

Whew. Back to fighting.

All too quickly, I kill the guard, and take the two notes I need from this chest-thingy. I realized as I stood there, that I had completed the quest. I was done!

And here it was about 2:30-2:45am. But -- I. Was. Done.

You have been awarded a skill point!

Woot! Woot! Woot!

I have a subtle reason for wanting this. Because my lore was untrained for oh, about 20 levels, I've had to leave my armor on and continually feed it mana stones.

That's right - now that I could respec lore, and pour some XP into it, there was a happy ending -- I can again (1) get naked, and (2) go back to wearing my dapper suit. :-D


Saturday, July 30, 2005

"Hunting" in a dungeon.

You don't. "Hunting," implies that you're seeking out, plotting, etc.

When you're in a dungeon, you're not hunting, you're just farming.

@e goes off to farm. =P

Thursday, July 28, 2005

"Learned" skill in a dungeon?

This is a weird thing I've noticed ever since I started going to the 80+ hive, and it's kept up as well at the withered dungeon, and now in the eater place. I seem to go in a dungeon, and get my butt kicked but good for a while. Then, something happens. I quit taking as much damage, and it almost gets boring, insofar as I have no really health worry come up.

Wouldn't it be funny if the game allowed you to "learn" to stay alive once you were in a dungeon longer?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There's something to alliances

I just did the Library Book quest tonight, because it was last run on July 4 (not bad without Decal's Quest Timer!). I was just examing the pants which give you +11% to Run skill, when I accidently clicked on them.

In the old days, you'd get a message --> "You must remove your (whatever) to weild that."

Not now.

Except what came off were my triple life protect pants, with the low low lore of 318.

Tai's current lore until level 125, including 7s and a focusing stone = 280. Uh oh.

So I just kind of ask in @a, "Um, is there such a thing as a rare gem re Arcane Lore?" And from out of the blue, Toujours Pret mentions that he not only (1) has one, but (2) he wants to just give it to me. He wouldn't accept a pyreal for it.

Um. Wow. Wowie wow wow.

And just like that, I'm back in business. I went from thinking the night was blown to, WOO HOO!

This whole "being in an alliance" thing actually can work pretty darn well sometimes, can't it? Not as much fun being the "lone wolf," after all, is it?!

OMG. So tired. Must. Sleep.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm TOD'd!


Went to (the correct) Best Buy and got my TOD box! I even got them to give me $10 off the purchase of it (you'd figure this wasn't a problem, what with me still having my TOD pre-order box AND receipt!), but that wasn't a foregone conclusion. There was an issue as to whether they'd do it, but I was firm, and here I be -- in TOD!

So I promptly went to the Withereds. :-/

No, I'm not nuts. I used up my last set of deadly lightning arrowheads, from a start of 100 (when I thought they'd NEVER run out). I think I should be done with them, at least for a while. Time to explore.

Basically, I've seen nothing different, other than making a Blue Guy just to see Sanamar. I was just way too proud of myself for finally getting and installing TOD.

I r teh fanboi. :-)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Still no TOD!

I hit the nearby Best Buy just now to see if they had TOD. Woot! They did! I ran back out to the car, and snagged my two pre-order boxes (with receipt, natch) and went back inside to customer service. Trouble is, I bought the preorders out by Dulles Airport, after a quick sidetrip related to my work. The Best Buy I just went to is in Lokkie's neck o'the woods, i.e., Falls Church, VA.


Guess I'll be heading out Dulles-way tonight! :-D

Doesn't matter, I'm really not in a super rush, and I'm in a good mood for unrelated reasons anyhoo. :-D

@e whispers . . . owned. =P


Owned. :-D

Friday, July 22, 2005

So close, yet so far.

I was within 60 million XP of finally getting to 280 base magic D when Sunday night turned into a bit of a blur -- ended up going out in the afternoon and staying out a touch later than I'd wanted. I'd gotten so used to 60 million being less than 2 hours of leveling, that it never set in that Sunday afternoon's Hopeslayer quest was my last AC:DM time.

Fast forward to tonight.

Withered Lugian Beach? Deserted. As in, not a single white dot anywhere.

Withered Lugian Dungeon? Ditto.

So I went into the dungeon, and stayed at the top . . . OMG this is SLOW! Dammit, where's all those XP wh0res I badmouth now that I need them?!

Ack. This is going to take a while.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Real-time impressions of TOD

Ok, loaded the graphics update this morning, and patched. Saw all worlds were down and went to work, fighting for truth, justice, yada yada yada.

Back home at 10:45pm-ish. Time to fire up TOD:

Hmm. Character screen actually sux. Way too large. And where's my 7th character slot . . . doh, that's for when I can actually BUY TOD, not just the pre-order.

I'll log in as Tai, might as well go for the gusto right off. Wow. Nice text. My covenant suit PWNES! Woot. Um, I had 3 golden gromnies in my villa's courtyard. Now they're Azure. Ack. Oh, wait, pick up and put down again, Cyrano said that. Let's try it . . . worked! My 3 "dogs" are hopping in gold once again!

@e looks around his villa . . . damn . . . NICE! Looks like my Capitol Hill rowhouse, lol (or not). Even my vases of snowflowers looks nice. . . . Gawd. Such a fanboi. Lokkie would beat my ass (I gotta remember not to like it so much!).

Interesting . . . the white dots are off of the map of Dereth. Yay. . . . Time to run outside of the house and clean up the neighborhood. . . . Wow . . . I dig seeing the mobs on the ID screen. Coolness!

Missing BS/2 already. Of course, I was like the LAST person to start using decal, so I should be able to get by. . . . Lokkie was right -- tons o' Tusker Spit. 4 out of like the past 8 monkeys I've killed. . . . OMG! I forgot! I want to go collect tons of spec/unspec gems, lol.

You say, "Shurov Thiguz"

Nothing happens. Uh oh.

You say, "Shurov Thiguz"

NOW I portal . . . that could be annoying.

OMG! Awesome looking LS, lol (like I won't be seeing a lot of THOSE!).

Holy crap . . . haven't seen this many people in the unspec temple since, well . . . never. Feared it would be a total shoving match to get gems, but it's not. Everyone's very polite tonight! Uh oh -- just noticed. The gems disappear in the September event. Ouchie. Grrrr. Including the ones I'd already had on me . . . MAJOR grrrr.

Um, is it me, or do the mobs seem to be running faster now? Uh oh. :-(

Looks like I've got my work cut out for me. But I can't help it . . . I'm super excited over this.

Sigh. Fanboi city. :-(

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I have to admit

I was getting killed at work this week, and (courtesy of a friendly e-mail) really liked coming back to the boards to see it exposed that Gibbon_Raver is an evader -- he's stalked tons of people on the boards in PMs (subject of an earlier blog). In fact, I'd complained about this point LONG ago (but since I'm doing this blog for me, and since no one reads it, this expose about him has gone unnoticed, lol).

Anyway, I was psyched that it came out, but I was VERY disheartened when I read Grim's take on it, which was "Well, you don't know if he was permabanned."

Um . . . read the TOS.

1. It doesn't matter if he was or was NOT. He's a banned user who has made an alternate VN name.
2. Isn't it GRIM'S job to check on that? Or is this just willfull blindness?

From the TOS:

Update: Ban Evasion
If you log onto the VN Boards and receive a message that you have been banned, please submit an Unban Request and wait for a Vault Network Message Board moderator to get in touch with you. If you "evade" the ban, by making an alternate user name and then logging into the forum to continue to post, your ban time could be extended and the new account may be banned as well. If you are using a Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo or other "free" e-mail account, you may not receive a response to your Unban Request due to the way these services filter junk mail. We suggest you either do not use these services in our Unban Request form (preferable), or turn off all filtering on your account until you receive a response from us. If you have been banned for more than 72 hours and are not getting a response back from us, you may email us at


Nope. Boy, what was hard, wasn't it?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

BS/2: Scroll of Dark Rain

So I was feeling sorry for myself after the debacle at the Withered Lugians, and went up on Tumerok Hill -- I was actually alone there! So I made my own fellowship -- "Tumerok Hill"

I hate just naming fellowships, "XP." =P

Anyway, the next thing I know, one guy shows up (and is astonished that it's just me and him -- I said something like, "Yeah, they've been coming and going all night.").


Anyway, we make a boatload of XP for about an hour (that's usually all I can stand) there, when I have to run offline. No biggie. But when I log in, I'm nonplussed. It's been a bad week. What better activity than going on a hopeless hunt for a Scroll of Dark Rain?!

Off to the Obsidian Plains I go.

I never have really hunted there previously, and I noticed something tonight - I can definitely KILL that stuff out there. I mean, it's not even that hard to do (!). I used to be so in awe of people who could hunt there (kinda the way I am now with Caul, lol).

Regardless, I've still got to (1) find a Dark Inferno, and then (2) hope he drops the scroll. I checked on Maggie's and saw that Danier of TD had given the coords he found a DI, and worked my way there. Every so often, as I killed things, I'd do a "crazy Ivan," and double back on myself to see what beamed in (not trusting it to BS/2).

Finally, I hit the coords. Nada. I killed a couple of the mobs standing there, when, all of a sudden.

A Dark Inferno. Right there. With 2 Umbris.

I quickly fletched some deadly fires, and then attacked him. With deadly frost arrows, because I'd forgotten to actually EQUIP said deadly fires.

Finally, I wacked him. The whole time, my patron is asking me if I want her to come out and help look. Well, of COURSE not -- do you think I want ANYone else going through this misery?

I actually wasn't looking at the screen when I looted (i.e., hit the "R" key). My attention was diverted. But BS/2 went nuts, beeping like crazy.

And there it was.

On the first Dark Inferno I'd ever seen, much less ever killed.

And now that I have it, I've suddenly reconsidered using it. I'm at 277 base magic D. But what of this "get 30 bazillion points with the tesserra/scroll trick thingie?" What the hell is THAT? And will it be as useful to a gimpy archer, who probably would just as well be happy with 280 base now, and never putting a point into magic D again?

Time will tell.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Man, the Vile Sanctuary turned bad

I've been there a few times, and had a great time every instance. It's been great (but a touch boring). Anyway, I'm close to going over the top to 116, and wanted to try and get a little extra points. So I went there.

No one was at the top, but there was another person named, "Xbow Saebax." She seemed nice enough, so we both ran for the pit, where Poolrad was in there alone. And when he killed what was there, he went to peace mode. I *think* he looted, but wasn't sure. But he didn't respond to either Xbow or my own chat requests.

Xbow Saebax says, "any fellowing??"
You say, "Greetings-- any room tonight Pool? Sae was ahead of me, but wondering"
(I'm nothing if not overly careful)
Still no response.

Xbow Saebax tells you, "bot????"
You tell Xbow Saebax, "Perhaps -- risky!"
Xbow Saebax tells you, "i go hunt outside"

So I wait, since there's another spawn, which Poolrad clears.

You say, "Greetings-- any room tonight Pool?

Meanwhile, a person working the top, who neither of us saw initially, named Redbow, tells me that Dog Tired is leading the fellow, and that I should contact him to get "on list."

You tell Dog Tired, "Greetings-- can you add me to Vile list?"

Twice I sent him this.

No response.

Sigh. Tards. Every one of em. :-(

An Ancient Armored . . . Tai?

A while back, I spent pretty much all I had left on a full Ancient Armored Suit for a friend. She's not in my alliance, but is a super casual player I know IRL (her alliance is the one that made me an un-person both IG and IRL).

She totally loves the suit. I got a look at it buffed (well, I looked over her shoulder at it).

Yowza. That's freakin' amazing. I mean, I can't self-buff, so I'd have to use a buffbot, and only be good for an hour at a clip, but with my melee/magic/missle, it would be hard even for ME to die.

I'm getting back into the game, but there are just no BM quests that I can really go on, and there's still the problem of Aerlinthe (now that I've gotten 'pick back).

Maybe if I work up the courage, I can talk one of those folks into letting me sit at the Caul drop and just leech off of them while they do one of their 70 bazillion XP/hour fellows. Maybe part of the problem is that I need 4 lousy points of Magic D before I can use my complete major suit, but I'm tired of getting XP in the withered places.

Sigh. Things just haven't gone well, and I'm getting that feeling of needing to run off and be alone for a while. There's no reason to, however. I mean, it's not like I wouldn't GET alliance support if I asked for it. I'm just not one to ask. I'm one to just suffer through and work on it myself.

But it does seem like all the uber folks just keep getting more uber, and I'm just spinning in place.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

HO-kay . . .

. . . so it's pretty much been a horrible seven days straight now IG.

Just can't catch a break. :-(

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

*slams head into desk*


Looted an AMAZING +10% slash rending wand the other night. High melee, work 6, nice mana C bonus. Just awesome. Ran and bought some Imperial Topaz, and off to Thurwyn I ran.

It landed. :-O

I tipped him 2 MM notes (from some quest, I forget which), and was just giddy. There was a PYI auction of one of these (WORSE than mine) going for like 25 MMDs! This one had the imbue LANDING!

I'm sooooo broke! But now I can afford a few more things I need! Woot!!

But -- I had to brag about it. In @a chat.

A co-vassal pointed out that it was better than the +9% one he uses. He's tried to look out for me in the past (although I couldn't use his stuff). So, instantly, I met him at the mansion, and just gave it to him.

I've been sick about it ever since. I could have sold it, hell, even given it to someone I know who is even more casual than I am about the game just to help her along with her frustrations. But I had to brag about it.

I'm an idiot. I'm sure this is karma, and I'll be paid back (maybe I already have), but I'm just sick over this.

Then again, since my RL friends have really shut me out as of late, I've been sick a lot in the past few days. Doing wonders for my fighting weight, at least.


No way I can hit 126 with my schedule before the expansion.


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Down goes Tai!

And again.
And again.
And again.

What the hell?

I don't even know what happened today. It wasn't THAT long ago that I wrote about how excited I was to have done the 80+ hive SOLO one day, working my way down to the Matron.

Today -- 2 deaths, and I barely made it to the first ramp down, just past the entrance. Hit after hit after hit.

I was buffed, and so was my bow. My underclothes weren't, but only because the only things that ever hurt me are Muties, and they are hollow.

So, I get those two bodies, and die between the two acid pits on the way to the Matron. That's three deaths in like 20 minutes.

What the hell?

It's even worse when the members of the fellow (Shardy, Shardy's Girl, and Me Fight, who could NOT have been nicer and good natured about the whole thing) actually felt sorry for me, and two of them came to back me up. I got to my body by myself, though, and cleared the area around it. Then the 2 backups showed, and killed some extra straggler spawn around us. No biggie.

I was livid, and really upset at the same time. So I thanked them for the fellow, and bailed back to Candeth.

After running around Ayan for a bit, I decide to join my patron on the Withered Tumerok Hill. Result? Bear in mind -- I absolutely own withered tumeroks. Own them. Have a fantastic slashing bow (even for a 335 wield), and kill em like crazy.

Not this time. They were on me, like 3-4 at a time, and I just couldn't kill them fast enough. Hell -- even lugians were leaving the BEACH to come UP the hill to get me??

Finally, I lagged out, died. First. Death. Ever (on that hill).

I am Tai Flagged. :-(

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Here is how it happened:

This is how it started:

I used to be in an alliance of RL friends. We were a pretty small group, underpowered but for a few people who really had lots of time to play and powerlevel.

We were all friends, in and out of game. In fact, the whole reason many of us even play AC is because the monarch all bought us the game for Christmas 1999.

Eventually, I was in a RL conflict w/someone close to me. Friends claimed to have wished us both the best. Some meant it. Some didn't. I reach a truce/understanding, even in some ways a reconciliation with the person with whom I was in conflict.

But, as it turns out, friends still don't wish you well.

This is how it happened.

You send tells to people you thought were friends when you see them online. RL friends. At first they respond, but tersely. Then they respond in one or two word answers.

Then you do an experiment. You decide to not send them a tell until they speak to you first.

They log on. They stay logged on. Of course they see you.
No messages.
You mule.
You log on.
You log off.
They log off. Nothing is said to you.

Then it keeps up. Days pass, then weeks. You're not spoken to.

Because you're no longer their friend, and they didn't even have the decency to tell you that.

This is how you have it rubbed in your face:

Members of my former alliance were meeting in RL not too far from me. Despite things that we said and did for each other years ago (I called one couple the closest thing I had to "family," at one point), I'm now an un-person to them.

Now it appears I'm like that person you just don't talk about, don't acknowledge, don't even LIKE. Without so much as a work why. I know what the LIKELY reason they don't like me anymore is, but that's a RL issue, and the RL parties involved are settled, if not more than civil. But they can't be.

Forget it -- if I'm an un-person to them, so be it. But I never would have done this to them, had the situation been reversed. I'm bigger than that. I'm better than that.

I might be a gimp in-game, but I know a thing or two about doing The Right Thing in life.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So let me get this straight:

The attention whores on the ACV TD boards are allowed to spam and spam (including of course, Kiaya, who still has to make a new thread every time she blasts gas). They're given free reign to spam the boards with OT threads, without any reprecussions.

@e re-reads the TOS.


One thing though -- other than Kiaya (and now PKhere), the constant OT posts have been SOMEWHAT cut down on. But not by much. However, it's noticeable enough.

Heh, what's funny (and sad) is that Kiaya still is enough of an attention whore that she is STILL "post bestower," lol.

ROFL -- Kiaya's at it again.

She's a "published author." Laff.

Her "publisher" is a POD publisher (it's called PublishAmerica). It's a "print on demand" system -- her books aren't in bookstores, until a book is requested. Oh, and EVERYONE who submits a manuscript gets accepted (see the link below). Frankly, you could just Google her publisher, and find out all sorts of stuff. I'm trying to learn to deal with the constant OT posts, but this swollen head of hers is flippin' pathetic.

She's "published" the way that "Grit" is a "magazine."

Is it really so hard . . .

. . . to type out:

"Thank you!" or,


In the past 2-3 days, i've gone out of my way to help people. Big time outta my way. The result in EACH instance?



Monday, June 27, 2005

Holy crap!

Jericho actually MIGHT be back! I'm freakin' psychic! =P

Tai's good, bad, and ugly of the weekend

I originally wanted to do a few blogs on the weekend, but I've been awfully tired as of late (work is crazed, again), and what little time I have causes me to pretty much just keep trying to earn XP (still trying to get to base 280 Magic D).


The Good:
Kaos ran us through Bobo and G-Man. Hell didn't freeze over, but it sure as hell was a touch frosty -- I got the Bobo kill(!). I couldn't believe it. I'd been kicking myself for forgetting to use my CS bow (which has minor BT), but remembered this time. I casually asked Kaos to hit it with BD7 (I can no longer cast that while I'm working up XP for Magic D, long story). Bingo -- we landed in there, and I immediately just get plugging away at him -- and got 3 fingered paw! Woot!

Used all 3 on the healing kit idol. Result: 2.1 million XP into healing skill. :(


The Bad:
This is kinda bad, but not horrible. Basically, I went way outta my way to help this person find Aun Ralirea, because I had sent him to some coords earlier that night, only to have the landblock reset. Oops. So on my own, I decided to hit Marae Lassel and just frickin find him myself (my clan was out there on a QQ, so their eyes were open for me as well).

Note: I've found Aun Ralirea 4 times on my own. And EACH time, I've killed him, and taken the necklace/idol to "the guy," only to have my health drained 3 times because (this is true) I keep forgetting that I've already done the skill credit quest. Seriously, I don't know how I manage to find my pants every day.

Anyway. Kaos spotted Aun R., and I got the guy out to ML, where I had held the landblock long enough to help him get the skill credit. Woot. The reasons why the whole thing was "bad," should probably be left unsaid (I know this is essentially a diary to myself, but people do read this drivel, and I'd rather not have anything out there to cause more drama than normal).

The ugly:

After Bobo Sunday night, we did G-Man. I noted a couple of problems:

1. Kaos, our leader, was getting kicked offline every time he so much as sneezed.
2. I was the 2nd highest level in the fellow.
3. Which was only 5 people.

Uh oh.

So we did the quest, and Kaos stayed connected, which was good. I did the "CS" trick again (a la Bobo), but Kaos still got the kill (because this time he actually attacked -- if he hadn't, we'd STILL be there hitting Gaerlan, who would have leveled 50 times off of us all).

I hate being the weak link, but somehow, even in a gimpy G-Man fellow, I had to be healed by our "healer" like 20 times over the course of the fight. I wasn't even that fast with my own heals. WTF. :-(

Saturday, June 25, 2005

So Juzam's a mod now?

I actually wish him well -- that's a good choice. I wanted to be one myself, but I (a) didn't apply, and (b) would have probably caused a ton of trouble, because I think the use of the ban stick after a warning ought to be de rigeur, rather than a rare thing.

But Juzam's cool, and the extra help is sorely needed on the TD board.

P.S. One confession, which I've said before: So help me, if I were ever a mod, I'd unban Jericho. =P

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Isn't the reason we log in to get AWAY from the drama of RL?!

Screw it. Off of work for the first time in days, and no desire to log in. What's on Tivo . . . ?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

@e tips hat to the self-buffers

Those folks w/Life & Creature really have it pretty nice! I just bought a complete set of Ancient Armor for someone, and she buffed/baned it up.

AL 1300 to everything. :-O


Somehow, those life/creature/item archers really seem pretty cool all of a sudden. I mean . . . yikes.

@e is envious.

Friday, June 17, 2005

You may now call me . . .

. . . Bill Cosby.


I so heart killing Jellos in the VOD. I went through THREE full spawns of jellos in the VOD this morning. Cleaned em all out. Barely took a single hit from a spell, beyond debuffs and the odd drain. No wars. Woot. Only about 3 million plus XP, but it was FUN!

Bear in mind, as an archer (er, as a gimp), I can't seem to kill ANYTHING in the VOD, without it first being tied up, gagged, and otherwise lashed down to the ground like a Guantanemo inmate.

Except Jellos. I don't know why, but I freaking OWN those things with my slash rending bow. Granted, the only time I'll fight the things is when I have a grove of trees to hide in (I'm actually like a sniper then -- lean around corner of tree, shoot, quickly turn back behind it: lather, rinse, earn XP). I'm a dumbass on this game, but not SO dumb that I'll stand out in a field and do my impression of a wooden target drudge for those things.

I even like how they look. I mean, were the devs loopy on Mai-Tais (get it?) when they came up with these things? In fact, I wonder . . .

(sounds of harp music . . . cut to scene inside Turbine HQ)

Developer Bob says, "Ok, we need a new monster.
Developer Les says, "But it has to be WEIRD and unexplainable! Like the success of Tom Petty!"
Developer Sean says, "(passes out face first into the 7-layer dip)"
Developer Lesl says, "Dibs on Sean's drink coupons!"
Developer Bob says, "Seriously, though -- what about, like, a BOX!"
Developers stare at Bob.
Developer Bob says, "No, really -- like just a polygonal BOX, but with color, so they can see that they're just FIGHTING BOXES, and that we've just GIVEN UP on monster design!"
Developer Kim says, "But they'll see THROUGH that! We need to give them cool lore."
Developer Matt says, "MATT DAMON!"
Developer Sandra says, "Haw -- how about "K'nath Tead?"
Developers stare at Sandra.
Developer Les says, "Death Tank? . . . you mean like the game, "Battlezone?"



Developer Sandra says, "Yup! THAT! They'll NEVER get it!" And we name the TYPES of Death Tanks after US! But with our names all scramblies!
Developer Matt says, "MATT DAMON!"
Developer Bob says, "But they'll tell it's me -- K'nath obb?" That won't work.
Developer Sandra says, "Well then Bob, you will HAVE TO DIE!"
(Sandra shoots Bob just above his right eye).
Developer Sandra says, "Well Kim? Think you'll be ok?
Developer Kim says, "Um, they'll NEVER get "K'nath I'km!" (sweats profusely)

Developer Sandra says, "But we have to make them IMPOSSIBLE to fight -- just like us!"
Developer Alan says, "I just blew up Frostfell's server! All characters deleted! But they'll still keep playing! Woo-hoo! I think I'll eat some more paint chips. LALALALALALALALALA."

Developer Sandra says, "Let's have them all cast war spells, including streaks, AT WILL, and CHAIN CAST drains!"

(all Devs): "(CHEEER!) WOO HOO!"
Developer Sandra says, "There -- I just drew a box on a piece of paper -- a "long cube," really. I just designed our monsters!"
Developer Alan says, "Woot! Monthly update completed then!"
Developer Sean says, "Mmmmwhahaph? What'd I miss? Where's my drink?"
Developer Matt says, "MATT DAMON!"

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hey, can I see your armor for a second?

I've never been stolen from in-game (not counting having kills stolen -- there are people playing "King's Quest I" would could outkill me right now). But anyway, me = never stolen from.

This is because (1) I tend not to trust anyone, and (2) Don't let go of my really important stuff (bows, armor, etc).

So within the past few months, as I've done up my life/creature covenant suit (with majors, as well!) I've had more and more people look at me, and say, "What kind of armor is that?" or "Nice armor." A few, however, say, "Hey, can I see your armor?"

I normally shrug it off. Isn't this something of an old scam? It sure used to be. Person asks to "see" your armor and opens trade window. Person kind of times it, and closes trade window just as it's expected that you're putting item in window, causing you to "set down" the piece. Person picks it up. Person laughs.

So I'm in the Marketplace tonight, and "Shadow-Spear," (not in my alliance) asks to see my armor. He's so insistent that while I'm pricing armor from the al-Thor bot, he's just standing there WAITING to "see" it (I know this, because he told me he was waiting for me to be done with the bot). I am all set to grill him when I'm done with the bot, to ask why he can't just "see" it from where he's standing, when an alliancemate runs into us both, and says, "Hey Shadow." Shadow greets him back?


This got me thinking -- maybe it WAS an innocent request(!).

Wow. I decided not to bring it up and do anything w/the guy -- I just logged on as a mule to make my purchase (since the mule has all the cash, lol).

I guess it's interesting -- the guy could well have meant nothing by it, but isn't that funny -- he used a really vintage method that old thieves used to use, but didn't know he was doing that.

I r teh suspicious . . . but at least I've never been stolen from, lol. ;-)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

RL can be rough sometimes.

So, I don't go into too much detail re my job, as it's a sensitive position, but is in law enforcement. I got a call the other morning and the person on the other line said, "(redacted) is testifying before Congress today. Why don't you meet him at Dirksen (ooops, wrong building it turned out) and brief him quickly on (my area of expertise)? It's going to come up in his testimony and he wants to cut down on subsequent written submissions."

Um, ack.

So I scramble out the door of my office, grabbing about 10 binders filled with information I really didn't need in light of the questions later asked of me. After frantic cellphone calls, I found him and his surprisingly sparse entourage (although they asked more follow-ups than HE did(!)).

In fact, that's the kicker -- I really wasn't asked that much by this person. He just listened to me explain my end of the issue he was testifying about, then eventually said, "Ok, outstanding -- why don't you sit tight here and let's see if something else comes up. Is that ok?"

Fast forward DAYS later. I still haven't logged into AC, have been completely MIA for the most part, and otherwise have spent days (finally finishing up late Friday evening) putting together briefing materials for those pesky subsequent questions. Much of today has been spent doing stuff to clear my head -- I went for a nice run (was supposed to be much shorter, but I honestly think I was so spacey I didn't even do the math right), and then saw someone I hadn't seen for about a week.

Maybe I can finally log into AC tonight. Hope I remember how to play. :-/

Oh, wait -- I was never that good at it previously! :-P

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Damn . . .

. . . THAT was fun!

I spotted a post by Juzam saying he was running the "Tursh Totem Quest" (actually, I misread it as the "Tush" totem quest, and was immediately intrigued). I did a quick check @Maggie's to see what the heck it was ("Holy crap," I said, "It's an %age of XP quest!").

@e logs on and runs like hell for GW.

Juzam wasn't there, but I figured one of the people standing around was him (I'm always so impressed with folks who have like 5 126s, since I'm just well, ME, and I can't even see hitting 126 by the expansion).

Off we go, a fellowship of 7.

This was one of those quests that scare the poop outta me, because there are just TONS of debuffs

On the other hand, at one point, I was rebuffed by (two!) mages in the fellow, and I almost wanted to say, "It's cool, don't bother," because I wanted to show that even will full life/creature 6s I could survive.

The good:
There were more than a few times I beat the support mage to heals, and gave myself full heals after taking triple-digit damage (but I wasn't even debuffed!) from spells. There were also a few times where we "doubled up" (meaning I healed myself for say, 92 points, but SO did the mage(!?)). Weird. I got a LOT of kills on this trip, and I know that part of that reason was because the baddies were softened up, but that still felt good.

Oh, and I not only killed a lot of the "Big Bad Guy's"(tm) minions at the end, I killed the "Big Bad Guy"(tm) himself. Me. I even took a screenshot with my name as the kill. I wasn't even using FIRE. Just my tinked up Slash Rending bow.

You say to your fellowship, "Holy crap! I killed him!"

(At this point, there's a respawn, and I'm still too busy staring at the "killed by . . . " message. But everyone else is waiting for their Tursh Totem shard, but they can't open the body.

You say to no one in particular, except out loud to the computer, "Holy crap! I killed him!"
Computer says to you, "So open and loot, you idiot."
Oops. Which brings me to . . .

The bad:
I wasn't psyched that I had to be the one guy who had to have buffs put on him prior to the final push, as all I ended up thinking to myself was that I was having to be carried along. Like, well, a gimp. @e notices the name of this freaking blog and moves on to . . .

The ugly:
Oh, there just HAD to be a jump, didn't there? RIght at the beginning. And if you miss, there are TONS of these nasty ol' rats that do hella damage to you. So of course, when the quest leader (whom I later found out to be Juzam's alt char) told us to jump, I just --

1. Jumped full power.
2. Diagonally.

Note: The jump is onto a THIN BRIDGE. Strung between the MIDDLE parts of the ledge.

Did Tai "look before he leapt?" Um, that would be a "no." I went sailing WAY over the little thin bridge (again, diagonally, mind you), right into the pit. Someone must have told the rats that my armor was "cheesy," and they CLEARLY don't get metaphors. Because they came at me like I was freaking fermenting right in front of them.

So I ran like hell, wetting my armor and rubbing an Aphus Recall gem like it was one of Gwyd's kitties, the whole way up as I looked for some ramps (not knowing if I would even be BACK there, mind you, I just went left over and over again). I got to the top of the ledge again:

So of course, I shift/jumped from the middle, right?

@e looks at the name of this blog again. Is it ever that easy?

Seriously, it was like someone else was controlling me, because I just ran back to the top, and "CANNONBALL!" sailed over the bridge -- again. I actually thought I --WAS-- in the middle of the ledge, and well, for goodness sakes, WHY BOTHER LOOKING TO MAKE SURE?!

Lather, rinse, repeat.

The 3rd time was the charm (just like my 3 years in 3rd grade!).

So I must have learned my lesson, eh? Um, nope:

Late into the quest, there's another jump. A pit.

(Juzam's alt char) says to your fellowship, "Everyone jump in."

I'm the only one left at the top. I'm inching back and forth, left and right, with my back toward the pit, using a compass and protractor to get the jump just right. I'll show em.

You say to your fellowship, "So is this a stepping shift jump, or full power?
(Juzam's alt char) says to your fellowship, "It's a pit, just jump in."

Oops. Didn't notice that. Why? Someone again literally didn't look before he leapt.

@e listens to the grumbling of his fellow-mates as they fight for their lives in the pit, while Tai is still testing the wind with his wet finger at the top of the pit.

But even *I* can figure out a way to screw up just jumping into a pit. And I did.

@e bouncebouncebounce

>>>"You can't jump while in the air"<<< I so heart that message.

@e bouncebouncebounce
(Sounds of battle rage on below)
@e bouncebouncebounce
(Hack! Slash! Boom! Scream! Debuff! Spell! Kapow!)
@e bouncebouncebounce


Anyway. I eventually defied all odds, and actually fell in a downward motion (seriously, I could jump off the Tou-Tou lighthouse and hit a cloud ABOVE it).

That was late in the quest. Things were smooth(er) at that point, and I got a nice chunk o' XP for the quest.

And maybe next time, just maybe -- I'll look before I leap.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Um, yuck. Can't post this on a VN thread that's already at 3 pages of mostly flames/pharming (thank you TOS, grr), but let's clear up a little bit. AynRand (who is a chiropractor, and an Ayn Rand devotee, so 2 strikes against her already) is pointing out billions of woes if you drink diet sodas containing aspartame.

Hmmmm . . . (do a search on "aspartame") (points out the shortcomings of Chiropracty) (even stronger article on these quacks)

I don't blame someone going if they are in pain, and want relief, but (other than attorneys and used car salesmen) I'm not sure of another profession with so much corruption, and so much utter hooey/drivel/poo driving it. And if someone's going to hold court on their views of health, let's consider the source.

Edit/Update: I just thought of something -- Gwyd posted an anecdote about a chiropractor, and I meant to point this out -- anecdotes mean JACK SQUAT in a logical argument:

Show me some proof (other than chiropractors studying themselves and (gasp!) coming up with their own findings that they are helpful), and then we can talk.


Lokkie's banned?

Monday, June 06, 2005

Weird times in the 80+ hive as of late . . .

So two distinct incidents/weirdness in the 80+ hive as of late, and I'm not sure if it's commonplace, since I just don't go there that often.

The first involved someone named "Double Nickel," a mage. I can't say if the person's good or bad, because he simply didn't speak. As in, at all: I was in a fellow in the hive, and made it to the Matron. I saw him fighting her, and actually having a bit of a rough go at it. So I walk up behind him, and hit him with a blue healing kit for a triple digit heal.

Ok, so he says nothing. I've been there, I can understand furiously trying to click, press keys, and otherwise stay alive. But then everyone's dead. At this point, I repeat an invite to the fellow, and he's still playing Silent Bob.

*shrug* Recall to top, keep working in fellow.

I later found him in the hive, this time IN a fellow, but then the only time he spoke was when he had died, and another fellow member was pointing out/clearing his body (he said, "thanks," and never spoke again). Otherwise, he was silent. I'm really not chatty in a fellow either, but it just seemed weird. I thought of him tonight, because he passed me in the hive (judging by his direction) as he was headed for the Matron again (all of these times happened within the past 7 days, tops). He didn't even stop to see if there WAS a fellow (I'd have been happy to even be in a 2-person one, but no biggie).

*double shrug* Just struck me weird. I wouldn't have thought about it more, except for tonight:

This just happened. I had recalled to the top of the hive, and was not in a fellow (the one person I saw and asked if a fellow was open, said nothing, and just logged at the entrance). XP/hour = apx. 12mil/hr.

Then two people beam in, Zakfein Bonesplitter and Hope I Kancastit. The former was 126, the latter high 80s. I asked if there was a fellow, and after some fumbling by the level 80, she recruited me (no biggie, I can only imagine how hard it must be to be a mage in there). They seemed perfectly nice, although again quite silent.

So, I run off into the hive for good ol' bug-smashin.

After about 30 minutes, I look up on Infinity: XP/hour = apx 11 mil/hr.


Look, I'm the FIRST person to bash XP wh0r3s. But this just seemed weird. Is it ok to do a "report" at that point? I spent some time just debating whether to even DO it. I decided against it, and instead looked to the fellow panel. Hmm, the 126 is --kinda-- damaged (at least noticeable), but the 80something seemed full.

I thought about it some more and made a decision -- this is the first time I've done something like this, but I just left the fellow without a word (and promptly saw my XP/hr increase). I stayed down below for a bit, and had a good ol'time, but after ANOTHER person passed me (not a member of a fellow, and didn't ask if there was one), I decided to recall to the LS and hit the 60+ hive to burn out my last arrows.

It's --ENTIRELY-- possible that I'm just wrong on this, but I thought the hives were places for fellows and general XP smashing? I have NO problem if you don't WANT to be in a fellow (in fact, I believe you still have a right to be there, even if you're just trying out/testing the waters). But do you really want to bring people into your fellow? Isn't it easier to say, "We're staying here at the entrance, just doing a shakedown cruise kinda thing." I don't blame those two at all -- it just seemed a little strange.

I wish I knew what the ettiquite on this type of thing was. :-( But then again, if I did, I'd probably be a lot higher than 109 after 5+ years at this. :-(

Sunday, June 05, 2005

VOD -- bo-ring!

I must be doing something wrong, because the VOD just isn't doing it for me, XP-wise, even with a mage imp'ing everything for me. I'm using a CS bow, or a rending bow, depending on whether the mage is able to both imp & vuln, but . . . sheesh. Quite low XP. It seems like people really go out there and rack up the points, but I sure don't see it.

And those VOD Olthoi HOIT! :-O

Friday, June 03, 2005


LOL, this is too much:

Suppose you have a person, let's call him, "David."

David doesn't get along with Mary
David doesn't get along with Tom
David doesn't get along with Harry
David doesn't get along with Bob
David doesn't get along with George

Wouldn't David start to realize that the problem wasn't with THEM, but with David?

Guess it will only take a beatdown to set things straight. :-D

@e repeats to himself, "A promise is a promise, a promise is a promise, a promise is a promise."

@e *shakefist* at Thistle. =P

Thursday, June 02, 2005


When people make a post on VN that garners little to no replies, but then "bump" the post a day later -- that's just sad and more than a little pathetic. No one gave a rat's ass about what you had to say. Deal with it. It's even worse when a person bumps a post DAYS old. People saw it. They just didn't care.

(Excludes trade/auction/ISOs for items, vassals, etc.)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I hit the 80+ hive last night, just to try and rev up some extra XP. I was there about 90 minutes. Fellow members came and went. There was 1 death the entire time. 3 guesses who it was.


I remember, as I was in a corner with every bug on the server attacking me, thinking, "Wow, I probably should fletch right soon. But in the meantime, I'm getting so low on health, so I'll just drink an elixir rather than heal."

Oops. Out of those. I wonder if I have any random health potions on me, picked up from the bugs?

Double oops. Out of those too.

Maybe I'll crack and Aphus reca

>>>Olthoi Swarm Mutilator runs you through!<<<


Kontrolled Kaos says to your fellowship, "nooooooooooo"
You say to your fellowship, "Ah, np, that's what I get for trying to fletch during a fight."

Well, I was KIND of fletching! I mean, I did at the lifestone.

And then I forgot to pick up more health potions from home before recalling back there. I r teh smart. :-(

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Oh well, that was fast.

Woke up this morning to see that Kaos has apparently passed on his membership. I guess others took a more hard-line approach to this than I did. It's just as well. He violates the VN TOS almost daily, yet remains oblivious to that fact.

Based on a prior personal request/favor from Thistle, I've agreed to leave him alone, as she's explained to me that he has a history of these obsessions, and I'm honoring her request. I can't say it's a gratifying result, but I'm also very happy to not have to step away from the alliance.

Monday, May 30, 2005

As Dereth turns . . .

So, lots of alliance related drama going on (not just mine, but other peoples' alliances). Three alliance recruiting threads, from what I can see:

1. Kaos first posted a recruiting thread. Actually quite nice to see so many people point out what a good group it is (even if it doesn't have the marquee power of Chunglee's clan, which still seems to be the gold standard of TD). There's some internal question now, because Gibbon posted that he wants to join Kaos' clan.

He's got an interesting road to go down if he wants to join since Kaos suspected Gibbon was behind a DNS attack on the clan site, since it happened the day Gibbon was sending e-mails to my home account, and posted on the clan boards (no one can prove anything, and as coincidental as it was, it's not even to the level of "beyond a reasonable doubt."

Some people saw his posts, and asked my opinion on his joining. I went out of my way in private tells and PMs to not be the deciding factor -- hell, I don't want to be ANY factor in this. I've made it clear -- my feelings on whether or not he should join are irrelevant. I really have to demur here -- I don't want to be a factor in deciding up or down on Gibbon. Honestly, I think he could be much more of an impact player than I can be. He plays far more, is higher level, and is otherwise much more available for quests and group hunts. The fact is, he has the potential to be a very positive impact on the group, unlike myself, who is awfully solitary in my time online.

Having said that, I will regrettably have to step away from that alliance, and will do so with (seriously) not an ounce of hard feelings or a bad heart. In fact, I'll remain an "alliance-friend," instead of an "alliance-mate." It's just a point of principle, but it's seriously not worth affecting someone else's gameplay (Gibbon's). Not putting him in because of my opinion makes ME the deciding factor, and the simple fact is, my departure from alliance status won't have any affect on the alliance itself.

That sounds pretty lame, but I know all too well that if I left the Kaos group, there would be no loss. I just don't have any impact on it, and on balance, Kaos' group would be better served WITH a power player, than a guy who falls off cliffs. A lot.

If I do leave, there's one thing for certain -- I'll never join any other alliance. 2 of them in 5 years is plenty.

Well, with THAT happy point taken care of, my take on the other 2 alliance recruiting threads that popped up subsequent to Kaos' thread:

2. Doomherald posted a thread subsequently to Kaos. Here's the thing: I've pretty much only read Doom on the boards, since the days he was with (or close to) Masonry. I know they jumped quests back in the day, and apparently took delight in messing with others' in-game experience, but my interactions with him as of late have been nothing but upfront and honorable. Maybe he's mellowed with age? (That, or with Willow out of the picture, he's back to normal, lol). He seems very willing to help out, quest, and otherwise just pitch in. It's weird, he's being a model player, and seems to still be getting beaten up over past actions and/or rep. I'm actually thinking he might be a good fit for, well, a misfit (not me -- see #1). =P

3. One of the al-Thors posted a thread, but that seems to be going nowhere fast. *shrug* I heard it's like one guy with 5 accounts or something.