Friday, August 21, 2009

Interesting exchange the other night

I'm helping Kitra learn how to use a buffbot (no, it's not that she's completely inept with these things -- she's literally never used them before!). I'm there as my mule, who is in his SUPER A-1 AWESOME HALLOWEEN COSTUME. It's actually pretty cool. It came in 2nd place a few years ago in a Dereth Fashion Show judged by some Devs and Maggie the Jackcat. I have a feeling I should have been first, and our final decision apparently caused much debate amoungst the judges, who were in a fellowship, and whose chat we couldn't see. I've had several offers for it while in the MP.


We're at the mansion, and a guy goes, "Whose ur main?" I tell him. "I've never heard of you," he says. Kitra laughs at this development. I then say something like, "I'm no one of consequence, just a gimp running through Dereth," and he says, "Yah, only us PKLs really get to be famous around here."


Monday, August 17, 2009

Wow. Bitter much?

Ok, so that LAST entry seemed a little bitter, even though I was PLENTY bitter.

I still play lots of AC, but it's often at bizarre hours. I keep up with folks in game via Facebook. You can find me as THIS username. Friend request me!

So much to keep up with in AC. Need writs of refuge. Need to find that "rare exchanger" and trade in all the stoopid assess person rares.

Still having fun, though!