Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oops. Sorry El.

I saw "El-Minister II" (or something like that) asking for melees in the PoTB, so I thought I'd make a run there before I had to go to work this morning. When I got there, I saw why: It was just El and some level 146ish crossbower

We were really cutting through the baddies, when we got just above the pit. Now then, as I'd learned with El previously, she's quite good at "Squishifying" them, so I was just waiting around.

But -- I decided to go to the edge and look over the side (thank you "5" key!). It was at that point that I realized that the 3rd of our fellow (whose name I honestly can't recall after spending 7 hours at work today) . . . . jumped down into the pit.


Chaos ensues, and in the middle of it, I see that "El" has left the fellow. Not long after that (of course), I'm stuck in the corner like Jodie Foster in "The Accused," so I (naturally) pop an AL recall gem.

And land right next to the 3rd wheel. Hrm.

She apologized, and explained that she thought I was jumping down when I approached the ledge. Totally understandable. I wonder how El's taking it? I didn't have to wait long for an answer:

(Whatever the 3rd wheel's name was) says, "I'm trying to contact El to tell her I'm sorry, but she's not online"

Oops. That's going to be a hell of a re-log in. =/

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The spell Infected Caress on Noble Helm of Balance has expired.

There are times I marvel that I'm EVER able to buff the right item.

In da Club(house)

I did that "Whispering Blade Chapterhouse" dungeon (just AFTER) the event where we were supposed to pick sides -- I'm nothing if not timely.

But first, let me point out -- it's not a "Chapterhouse." It's a flipping CLUBHOUSE! Like the He-Man-Woman-Haters Club, only with swords and portals. And instead of those adorable "our gang" kids (well, not THAT adorable), you have people who are all toons, and pass through each other in a creepy way.

But I digress. So I decide I want to be "In da club," and I get sent off to complete my Silyun quests.

I love those, just to tweak those self-important Viamontians.

Boom -- Friend of Silyun!
Bang -- Hero of Silyun!
Um, Boom Bang -- Champion of Silyun!

So I go back, and I get flagged for this "Clubhouse" quest, in Ayan.

Fighting Viamontians? What could be easier?! I have a kickass lightning bow, a full covenant major suit (kinda), and tons of arrowheads! Woot!

Off I go to Ayan to do my quest.

Harkwull the Discreet tells you, "Ah, excellent... I have been looking for a person of your obvious skill who is loyal to Queen Elysa and the good folk of Silyun... as well as another organization. I seek someone of skill and daring to infiltrate the Summoning Chamber of Count Dardante, King Varicci's chief thaumaturgical counselor."

Heh. "Infiltrate." I guess that is a another way of saying, "Beam in and kill the shit out of everything you see." Did you enjoy June 4, the anniversary of the day the Allies "infitrated" the beaches of Normandy?


So I''m blowing through the place fairly easily, and almost downright easy. I mean, these guys are wearing METAL! And look! I've got, well, um, electric arrows. Woot?

So I'm a-zappin' away, when I get to what I figured was the end room. I mean it had to be right -- look who's in there

"Summoning Chamber Adepts"

Um, wtf?

That's another word for "Altar Boy!" Easy!

I charge in.

This time, there's a ZAPZAPZAP, but it's the sound of them lighting me up like Chevy Chase on the roof of that house in "Christmas Vacation."

Humph. Nice. They even debuffed me first. Sheesh. No holy wafers for THEM!

So I recall (no need to rebuff with my template) and run back in. Grrr. Freakin' altarboys.

I zap my way back, and draw those little bastards out this time. Oh, look! Each drops a cool ring. That's gotta be what the guy wants, right?

So, I pick it up, and run in the portal.

You must complete a quest to interact with that portal.
You must complete a quest to interact with that portal.
You must complete a quest to interact with that portal.
You must complete a quest to interact with that portal.

Um, wtf? So I try and pick up another ring of another dead Altar Boy.

You may complete this quest again in (whatever it was).

@e is confused (as usual, I actually typed that out, to no one in particular)

So, I just kind of stand there. And of course . . .

1. Altar Boy respawns (they respawn FAST)
2. Altar Boy begins debuffing me to lightning.
3. I realize (as is my habit), I am out of arrows.
4. I open my arrowhead/arrowshaft pack.
5. Hmm. Where's all my arrowshafts? (Look above -- I checked arrowHEADS, but not for arrowSHAFTS).
6. Altar Boy lights me up like a Texas Death Row inmate.


Finally, I figured out I was supposed to WEAR the damn ring to get in the portal.

I suck.

Friday, July 21, 2006

More happy returns!

Avy's back!

Lev is coming back!

I saw a "Kaos something Rose" bot in the MP!

Hell, even Doom came back, and cracked me up in spite of myself saying that his only drug was AC ("Say no to Meth, yes to Teth" was I think the exact quote).

Now I just gotta convince Lokkie and I can finally have a reason to log in as "invisible." ;-) :-P

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jezza's an anti-semite?

Sheesh. What is it about liberals hating Jews?

Linky one:

Linky two:
(first pic, although others too)

Linky three:

But, to the credit of some, this next guy raised points about Israel without going all bigoted like Jezza did:

Textbook example of classy vs. that of a shoplifter from Goodwill. One person can engage in debate, the other just hates Jews.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Look who's back!

None other than my former stalker -- Gibbon Raver, better known as Berek Heartthew.

This guy is not only a worthless, fat, balding piece of trash, he also DNS attacked, on more than one occaison, Kaos's clan homepage. Uncle Davy's got issues. And REALLY ugly tats, lol.

HOW many permabans has this guy had? HOW many evade accounts?

Let's see:

This one:

This one:

And most recently this one:

He had THIS next one as an evader, where he finally figured out not to have his character name. This is how I first encountered him, and where I started getting the e-mails, etc. I wasn't the only one, although other folks have since left TD.

Judging by his posts, he seems to have only been given a year ban, but he is, by absolute definition, an evader. He is permabanned three times over, and is back again, using an account that many people didn't notice until it was pointed it out by some posters (I wonder how they were tipped off?). ;-)

On another note, I wonder how long it takes until he has another implosion?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

May it please the court . . .

. . . "Tai Fung for the United States, your honor."

So here's the deal -- I still play TONS of AC, but I often don't have time to write about my (frequent) misfortunes (they've continued).

I think it's about to get worse, in the continual quest of finding more time for AC.

In the past two weeks, I took a new job within my, um, "type of work." My other work was pretty heavy duty, and involved some kinda neat stuff. Weighty even. But, I just, um, moved up again. As in, travelling the country, going into certain, um, "known venues," and arguing cases.

I might be a gimp in-game, but my Win/Loss record before was literally record-setting during my tenure. No telling what this new position will end up doing to my batting average, but it's definitely a step up.

I'm using this blog more as a journal of my lameness in Dereth. Please know that I still play, I still get killed (by everything, it seems), and I still NEED THAT FUCKING GEM OF +12 INVULN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oneoneoneone.

Sigh. At least I can pwn out of game. ;-)

Monday, July 17, 2006


@e does the happy dance!

And I levelled off of snow lillies. ;-)

I'm so hot for that florist (no pkhere jokes, please!).

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lorna's back!

WOOOT! My most excellent former patron! I hope she stays in Chung's clan (or Capt. Justice's, actually. Who can tell?!).

Anyway. Woot. =)

Chung's cool enough that I don't think he'll mind if I re-swear to Lorna, although I suspect the clan buffbot likes having that guy fueled by my continuous vitae reduction (it's been seriously bad lately -- two 35% days, and about four 15% spirals where there were Tai bodies laid out in an almost perfect line, all more progessively naked. Kinda like a party at Lookies. ;-)

Sunday, July 09, 2006


WTF?! Eastham is fucking NUTS!

This post, I swear, is true.

I beamed into town to see what the fuss was about, promptly got gangbanged by 57 shadows, ran (surprise), and jumped into the Arcanum Agent's house. I slammed the door, did the *mock* emote at the door, knowing that the shadows were all outside, debuffing the crap outta me.

A shadow-girl-type OPENED the fucking door. And ran in.

And killed me deader than fried chicken.

It's not fair if mobs know how to open DOORS, dammit!

Time to set my house to "closed!"

Monday, July 03, 2006


I miss the PoTB. But I suck WAY too badly to survive in there alone. Everyone's in EO nowadays. PoTB was cool, though, because you had to have mages working with archers and melees to vuln, heal, and otherwise keep the team firing away.