Saturday, July 30, 2005

"Hunting" in a dungeon.

You don't. "Hunting," implies that you're seeking out, plotting, etc.

When you're in a dungeon, you're not hunting, you're just farming.

@e goes off to farm. =P

Thursday, July 28, 2005

"Learned" skill in a dungeon?

This is a weird thing I've noticed ever since I started going to the 80+ hive, and it's kept up as well at the withered dungeon, and now in the eater place. I seem to go in a dungeon, and get my butt kicked but good for a while. Then, something happens. I quit taking as much damage, and it almost gets boring, insofar as I have no really health worry come up.

Wouldn't it be funny if the game allowed you to "learn" to stay alive once you were in a dungeon longer?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

There's something to alliances

I just did the Library Book quest tonight, because it was last run on July 4 (not bad without Decal's Quest Timer!). I was just examing the pants which give you +11% to Run skill, when I accidently clicked on them.

In the old days, you'd get a message --> "You must remove your (whatever) to weild that."

Not now.

Except what came off were my triple life protect pants, with the low low lore of 318.

Tai's current lore until level 125, including 7s and a focusing stone = 280. Uh oh.

So I just kind of ask in @a, "Um, is there such a thing as a rare gem re Arcane Lore?" And from out of the blue, Toujours Pret mentions that he not only (1) has one, but (2) he wants to just give it to me. He wouldn't accept a pyreal for it.

Um. Wow. Wowie wow wow.

And just like that, I'm back in business. I went from thinking the night was blown to, WOO HOO!

This whole "being in an alliance" thing actually can work pretty darn well sometimes, can't it? Not as much fun being the "lone wolf," after all, is it?!

OMG. So tired. Must. Sleep.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm TOD'd!


Went to (the correct) Best Buy and got my TOD box! I even got them to give me $10 off the purchase of it (you'd figure this wasn't a problem, what with me still having my TOD pre-order box AND receipt!), but that wasn't a foregone conclusion. There was an issue as to whether they'd do it, but I was firm, and here I be -- in TOD!

So I promptly went to the Withereds. :-/

No, I'm not nuts. I used up my last set of deadly lightning arrowheads, from a start of 100 (when I thought they'd NEVER run out). I think I should be done with them, at least for a while. Time to explore.

Basically, I've seen nothing different, other than making a Blue Guy just to see Sanamar. I was just way too proud of myself for finally getting and installing TOD.

I r teh fanboi. :-)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Still no TOD!

I hit the nearby Best Buy just now to see if they had TOD. Woot! They did! I ran back out to the car, and snagged my two pre-order boxes (with receipt, natch) and went back inside to customer service. Trouble is, I bought the preorders out by Dulles Airport, after a quick sidetrip related to my work. The Best Buy I just went to is in Lokkie's neck o'the woods, i.e., Falls Church, VA.


Guess I'll be heading out Dulles-way tonight! :-D

Doesn't matter, I'm really not in a super rush, and I'm in a good mood for unrelated reasons anyhoo. :-D

@e whispers . . . owned. =P


Owned. :-D

Friday, July 22, 2005

So close, yet so far.

I was within 60 million XP of finally getting to 280 base magic D when Sunday night turned into a bit of a blur -- ended up going out in the afternoon and staying out a touch later than I'd wanted. I'd gotten so used to 60 million being less than 2 hours of leveling, that it never set in that Sunday afternoon's Hopeslayer quest was my last AC:DM time.

Fast forward to tonight.

Withered Lugian Beach? Deserted. As in, not a single white dot anywhere.

Withered Lugian Dungeon? Ditto.

So I went into the dungeon, and stayed at the top . . . OMG this is SLOW! Dammit, where's all those XP wh0res I badmouth now that I need them?!

Ack. This is going to take a while.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Real-time impressions of TOD

Ok, loaded the graphics update this morning, and patched. Saw all worlds were down and went to work, fighting for truth, justice, yada yada yada.

Back home at 10:45pm-ish. Time to fire up TOD:

Hmm. Character screen actually sux. Way too large. And where's my 7th character slot . . . doh, that's for when I can actually BUY TOD, not just the pre-order.

I'll log in as Tai, might as well go for the gusto right off. Wow. Nice text. My covenant suit PWNES! Woot. Um, I had 3 golden gromnies in my villa's courtyard. Now they're Azure. Ack. Oh, wait, pick up and put down again, Cyrano said that. Let's try it . . . worked! My 3 "dogs" are hopping in gold once again!

@e looks around his villa . . . damn . . . NICE! Looks like my Capitol Hill rowhouse, lol (or not). Even my vases of snowflowers looks nice. . . . Gawd. Such a fanboi. Lokkie would beat my ass (I gotta remember not to like it so much!).

Interesting . . . the white dots are off of the map of Dereth. Yay. . . . Time to run outside of the house and clean up the neighborhood. . . . Wow . . . I dig seeing the mobs on the ID screen. Coolness!

Missing BS/2 already. Of course, I was like the LAST person to start using decal, so I should be able to get by. . . . Lokkie was right -- tons o' Tusker Spit. 4 out of like the past 8 monkeys I've killed. . . . OMG! I forgot! I want to go collect tons of spec/unspec gems, lol.

You say, "Shurov Thiguz"

Nothing happens. Uh oh.

You say, "Shurov Thiguz"

NOW I portal . . . that could be annoying.

OMG! Awesome looking LS, lol (like I won't be seeing a lot of THOSE!).

Holy crap . . . haven't seen this many people in the unspec temple since, well . . . never. Feared it would be a total shoving match to get gems, but it's not. Everyone's very polite tonight! Uh oh -- just noticed. The gems disappear in the September event. Ouchie. Grrrr. Including the ones I'd already had on me . . . MAJOR grrrr.

Um, is it me, or do the mobs seem to be running faster now? Uh oh. :-(

Looks like I've got my work cut out for me. But I can't help it . . . I'm super excited over this.

Sigh. Fanboi city. :-(

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I have to admit

I was getting killed at work this week, and (courtesy of a friendly e-mail) really liked coming back to the boards to see it exposed that Gibbon_Raver is an evader -- he's stalked tons of people on the boards in PMs (subject of an earlier blog). In fact, I'd complained about this point LONG ago (but since I'm doing this blog for me, and since no one reads it, this expose about him has gone unnoticed, lol).

Anyway, I was psyched that it came out, but I was VERY disheartened when I read Grim's take on it, which was "Well, you don't know if he was permabanned."

Um . . . read the TOS.

1. It doesn't matter if he was or was NOT. He's a banned user who has made an alternate VN name.
2. Isn't it GRIM'S job to check on that? Or is this just willfull blindness?

From the TOS:

Update: Ban Evasion
If you log onto the VN Boards and receive a message that you have been banned, please submit an Unban Request and wait for a Vault Network Message Board moderator to get in touch with you. If you "evade" the ban, by making an alternate user name and then logging into the forum to continue to post, your ban time could be extended and the new account may be banned as well. If you are using a Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo or other "free" e-mail account, you may not receive a response to your Unban Request due to the way these services filter junk mail. We suggest you either do not use these services in our Unban Request form (preferable), or turn off all filtering on your account until you receive a response from us. If you have been banned for more than 72 hours and are not getting a response back from us, you may email us at


Nope. Boy, what was hard, wasn't it?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

BS/2: Scroll of Dark Rain

So I was feeling sorry for myself after the debacle at the Withered Lugians, and went up on Tumerok Hill -- I was actually alone there! So I made my own fellowship -- "Tumerok Hill"

I hate just naming fellowships, "XP." =P

Anyway, the next thing I know, one guy shows up (and is astonished that it's just me and him -- I said something like, "Yeah, they've been coming and going all night.").


Anyway, we make a boatload of XP for about an hour (that's usually all I can stand) there, when I have to run offline. No biggie. But when I log in, I'm nonplussed. It's been a bad week. What better activity than going on a hopeless hunt for a Scroll of Dark Rain?!

Off to the Obsidian Plains I go.

I never have really hunted there previously, and I noticed something tonight - I can definitely KILL that stuff out there. I mean, it's not even that hard to do (!). I used to be so in awe of people who could hunt there (kinda the way I am now with Caul, lol).

Regardless, I've still got to (1) find a Dark Inferno, and then (2) hope he drops the scroll. I checked on Maggie's and saw that Danier of TD had given the coords he found a DI, and worked my way there. Every so often, as I killed things, I'd do a "crazy Ivan," and double back on myself to see what beamed in (not trusting it to BS/2).

Finally, I hit the coords. Nada. I killed a couple of the mobs standing there, when, all of a sudden.

A Dark Inferno. Right there. With 2 Umbris.

I quickly fletched some deadly fires, and then attacked him. With deadly frost arrows, because I'd forgotten to actually EQUIP said deadly fires.

Finally, I wacked him. The whole time, my patron is asking me if I want her to come out and help look. Well, of COURSE not -- do you think I want ANYone else going through this misery?

I actually wasn't looking at the screen when I looted (i.e., hit the "R" key). My attention was diverted. But BS/2 went nuts, beeping like crazy.

And there it was.

On the first Dark Inferno I'd ever seen, much less ever killed.

And now that I have it, I've suddenly reconsidered using it. I'm at 277 base magic D. But what of this "get 30 bazillion points with the tesserra/scroll trick thingie?" What the hell is THAT? And will it be as useful to a gimpy archer, who probably would just as well be happy with 280 base now, and never putting a point into magic D again?

Time will tell.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Man, the Vile Sanctuary turned bad

I've been there a few times, and had a great time every instance. It's been great (but a touch boring). Anyway, I'm close to going over the top to 116, and wanted to try and get a little extra points. So I went there.

No one was at the top, but there was another person named, "Xbow Saebax." She seemed nice enough, so we both ran for the pit, where Poolrad was in there alone. And when he killed what was there, he went to peace mode. I *think* he looted, but wasn't sure. But he didn't respond to either Xbow or my own chat requests.

Xbow Saebax says, "any fellowing??"
You say, "Greetings-- any room tonight Pool? Sae was ahead of me, but wondering"
(I'm nothing if not overly careful)
Still no response.

Xbow Saebax tells you, "bot????"
You tell Xbow Saebax, "Perhaps -- risky!"
Xbow Saebax tells you, "i go hunt outside"

So I wait, since there's another spawn, which Poolrad clears.

You say, "Greetings-- any room tonight Pool?

Meanwhile, a person working the top, who neither of us saw initially, named Redbow, tells me that Dog Tired is leading the fellow, and that I should contact him to get "on list."

You tell Dog Tired, "Greetings-- can you add me to Vile list?"

Twice I sent him this.

No response.

Sigh. Tards. Every one of em. :-(

An Ancient Armored . . . Tai?

A while back, I spent pretty much all I had left on a full Ancient Armored Suit for a friend. She's not in my alliance, but is a super casual player I know IRL (her alliance is the one that made me an un-person both IG and IRL).

She totally loves the suit. I got a look at it buffed (well, I looked over her shoulder at it).

Yowza. That's freakin' amazing. I mean, I can't self-buff, so I'd have to use a buffbot, and only be good for an hour at a clip, but with my melee/magic/missle, it would be hard even for ME to die.

I'm getting back into the game, but there are just no BM quests that I can really go on, and there's still the problem of Aerlinthe (now that I've gotten 'pick back).

Maybe if I work up the courage, I can talk one of those folks into letting me sit at the Caul drop and just leech off of them while they do one of their 70 bazillion XP/hour fellows. Maybe part of the problem is that I need 4 lousy points of Magic D before I can use my complete major suit, but I'm tired of getting XP in the withered places.

Sigh. Things just haven't gone well, and I'm getting that feeling of needing to run off and be alone for a while. There's no reason to, however. I mean, it's not like I wouldn't GET alliance support if I asked for it. I'm just not one to ask. I'm one to just suffer through and work on it myself.

But it does seem like all the uber folks just keep getting more uber, and I'm just spinning in place.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

HO-kay . . .

. . . so it's pretty much been a horrible seven days straight now IG.

Just can't catch a break. :-(

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

*slams head into desk*


Looted an AMAZING +10% slash rending wand the other night. High melee, work 6, nice mana C bonus. Just awesome. Ran and bought some Imperial Topaz, and off to Thurwyn I ran.

It landed. :-O

I tipped him 2 MM notes (from some quest, I forget which), and was just giddy. There was a PYI auction of one of these (WORSE than mine) going for like 25 MMDs! This one had the imbue LANDING!

I'm sooooo broke! But now I can afford a few more things I need! Woot!!

But -- I had to brag about it. In @a chat.

A co-vassal pointed out that it was better than the +9% one he uses. He's tried to look out for me in the past (although I couldn't use his stuff). So, instantly, I met him at the mansion, and just gave it to him.

I've been sick about it ever since. I could have sold it, hell, even given it to someone I know who is even more casual than I am about the game just to help her along with her frustrations. But I had to brag about it.

I'm an idiot. I'm sure this is karma, and I'll be paid back (maybe I already have), but I'm just sick over this.

Then again, since my RL friends have really shut me out as of late, I've been sick a lot in the past few days. Doing wonders for my fighting weight, at least.


No way I can hit 126 with my schedule before the expansion.


Saturday, July 02, 2005

Down goes Tai!

And again.
And again.
And again.

What the hell?

I don't even know what happened today. It wasn't THAT long ago that I wrote about how excited I was to have done the 80+ hive SOLO one day, working my way down to the Matron.

Today -- 2 deaths, and I barely made it to the first ramp down, just past the entrance. Hit after hit after hit.

I was buffed, and so was my bow. My underclothes weren't, but only because the only things that ever hurt me are Muties, and they are hollow.

So, I get those two bodies, and die between the two acid pits on the way to the Matron. That's three deaths in like 20 minutes.

What the hell?

It's even worse when the members of the fellow (Shardy, Shardy's Girl, and Me Fight, who could NOT have been nicer and good natured about the whole thing) actually felt sorry for me, and two of them came to back me up. I got to my body by myself, though, and cleared the area around it. Then the 2 backups showed, and killed some extra straggler spawn around us. No biggie.

I was livid, and really upset at the same time. So I thanked them for the fellow, and bailed back to Candeth.

After running around Ayan for a bit, I decide to join my patron on the Withered Tumerok Hill. Result? Bear in mind -- I absolutely own withered tumeroks. Own them. Have a fantastic slashing bow (even for a 335 wield), and kill em like crazy.

Not this time. They were on me, like 3-4 at a time, and I just couldn't kill them fast enough. Hell -- even lugians were leaving the BEACH to come UP the hill to get me??

Finally, I lagged out, died. First. Death. Ever (on that hill).

I am Tai Flagged. :-(