If you've read almost ANY of my race reports, you'll see that I often wear the --same-- thing in my races.  It's one of (my several) standard "Curly W" Washington Nationals shirts.  I'm a huge Nats fan.  Plus, with other runners knowing I often wear prominent Nats stuff, it's easier to be spotted by folks pre-race.

Sometimes it's even pretty easy to spot me DURING a race:

Annapolis 10-miler, climbing a hill in the old #RedShoesOfDoom

I own quite a few of the dri-fit Curly W Nats shirts . . .

2014 Marine Corps Marathon!

And other times I have to show that it's underneath where it counts . . .
Showing off at the JFK 50-Miler

So what IS #Beakertude, you ask?

"Beakertude" is just a derivative of #Natitude.  It started with this Instagram pic (probably easier to find via Twitter):

When the Nats win, that's #Beakertude, baby!  

And with all the injuries the Nats suffered (at times), Beaker is no fool:

Anyway, I've decided that Beaker is a Nats fan.  I'm not sure why, but he is.  And that means there's a connection between the Washington Nationals and #Beakertude, whether they want it or not!

Finally, let's just say the love of the Nationals is, and has been, a family affair:


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