Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ninja tells you . . .

. . . ehehehe I R hding!

I noted that they made Ninjas "easier" for melees and archers, so I gave into the temptation and (dun dun dun . . . ) went back to the EO to test out how I would do against them.

Number of Ninjas who spawned on me (you already know the answer) -- ZERO. And all I did was fight Rippers.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

ME?! A creature mage?

So I'm afraid I've been thinking.

LeFou tells you, "A dangerous practice"

You tell LeFou, "I know."

What if . . . what if? I dropped Lockpick, despite it being necessary for my solo questing, and instead (drumroll) trained creature?

That sound you hear is a paradigm shifting without a clutch (apologies to Dogbert).

One problem -- I understand NONE of those spells. "So and so's boon, Pritzi's Honor, What Is That Rash, etc." It could take freakin' FOREVER to learn them all. Because I'd have to learn "other" spells as well, if for no other reason than to throw buffs on Mules.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gawd, this is why I still read VN: TD


This is the tool who stalked me years ago, sent Doomherald some picture of a shotgun, DNS attacked Kaos's old clan web site, and yet (wait for it) -- says that people who grief in game are overcompensating for having no life(!).


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Deep "doo-doo"

Seriously, is there ANY way I can manage a run to "The Deep" without having to drop 2 bodies there at the same time? Those baddies cling to me like Lindsay Lohan to a bottle o' Chivas.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Har! Cheated death again!

Because I received a couple of @tells last week about this issue (and more than a few naughty zingers from Marie and Foxy), for the record, I logged back into the fort . . . and survived.

Sure, I had to crack an Aphus gem with 78 health left from all the spells that were pounding my tight be-hind, but I made it.

So there!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Drudges built THAT?!

I was going to see "Harry Potter" tonight, but wanted to kill a little time on Vissidial, preferably with me doing the killing more than, oh, EVERY FREAKING THING I RUN INTO!

Alas, just as my buffs ran out, I recalled to the mansion for some more 2-hour buff loving. As I was recalling, someone in @a mentioned that there was a "Drudge Fort" quest going out.

I thought, "Well, hell -- Drudges can't build anything bigger than balsa wood," I'm in!

So after digging through a dungeon looking for a shovel, we head off to . . . Cragstone.

Cragstone? I was dumbfounded.

[Fellowship] You say, "Hey, we're in Cragstone."


So we head off to the "Fort," at which point I'm finally putting together all of those "Cragstone is under attack by Drudges!" messages.

Finally we get to the Fort.

Obi-Wan Kenobi says, "That's no fort. That's a space station."

Holeeeeey crapola. That thing might as well have a freaking ZIP CODE! Ack.

Oh, and did I mention it has Balloons? I remember those from the Drudge Aviator Quest, an underrated tough quest.

Balloon tells you, "OMG u are so effing owned."

[Fellowship] Lelldorin of Arendia says, "when fighting our way in, watch out for the balooons. They chain cast"

Oh, THAT'S what the Balloon meant. =/

So we get to this freaking Aircraft Carrier made of what appear to be sharpened redwood trees, and I realize we're shooting at the wall.

@e has Gaerlan flashbacks. Except in thise case we don't have giant Indiana Jones balls rolling all over us.

Grammar Police tells you, "You don't mean "Indiana Jones balls" in a possessive noun sense do you?


We shoot Le Door. Le Door "dies."

We fight our way through the fort, which was pretty cool, only to find: Another Door.

Another Door tells you, "Har!"

We shoot THAT door. Door dies.

At this point, about 1001 drudges run out onto us. We promptly whack 'em, and move to The Last Door.

The Last Door tells yoy, "I got somethin fo' you, beyotch."

Whatever, we kill it. Only to find a little house at the top of the fort, complete with a Withered Banderling inside, and an NPC Drudge standing outside. Eventually, the NPC told us to go look at dead "Biter Drudge" bodies for some blueprints. So I went looking.

Outside The Last Door. The one we killed.

When, at that point, Ye Olde Last Door respawns. And so do the 1001 drudges.

Um, oops.

Thank goodness Winter's Boon was stuck out there with me, otherwise, I would be in Standard Tai State, i.e., Toast.

It was then that something interesting happened:

You resist the spell cast by Drudge Ballooon.

Ok, never mind that I resisted. What the hel is a Ballooon?

Grammar police tells you, "And you were worried about Possessive Nouns? Turbine can't spell."

So, I finally got back through the door, and even got my "blueprints" off of a dead "biter."

So now what? I have to hand them over to an NPC Bandering (I hadn't noticed him earlier), and he gives me a key.

Just in time for . . .

. . . the point where I had to leave to see Harry Potter.


I bid goodbye to my fellow, thanked them for letting me tag along, and realizing how late it was, I logged off.

Postscript -- I was going through the log, trying to see what I could write about for today (I'm trying to get back into adding more entries again), when I saw this -- I missed it during the quest (I sometimes get random tells when I'm on):

Lelldorin of Arendia says, "Bail Tai, and not here"

Oh, crap. I can only imagine what's waiting for me when I log in . . . Toasters.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bang! Zoom!

Happy 4th, belatedly. ;-)


I've actually been playing AC a lot this past month, although at very weird hours. It's been great. Random happenings . . .

. . . I had a completely botched attempt at running Kitra though the Vissidial flagging quest (thank you "stuck in portal" bug!). That seriously sucked. But fortunately, the good ol' EOL scheduled another quest, and we ran her through -- she's flagged now!

. . . on my first time taking Kitra on an "orientation tour" of Vissidial, I died not once, but FOUR times, almost all of which were in front of Foxy and 2 other EOL members standing near the Vissidial lifestone (I unfortunately didn't have chat logging, so I missed the spellings). Kitra lived.

Feh. This new blogger is troublesome in Firefox. Lemme publish and work on the next draft.