22 Too Many

There is a post on here titled, "22 Too Many," which is becoming more and more popular, but I feature this group in enough of my races, that I thought it deserved its own page, to make it easier for blog visitors to find it, and connect with the Facebook group.  It's a simple, easy, non-fundraising way to acknowledge the struggle that US Veterans face.

We lose 22 Veterans PER DAY to suicide.  That's 22 Too Many.  

The Facebook group, which started out with very humble beginnings, simply matches the families of veterans to runners.  A runner will go out, run a marathon, or other race, while wearing the Veteran's picture on his/her back.  You can see examples on Facebook of what the pictures look like.  Some runners wear an optional photo on the front as well.  When the race is over, you send the medal, perhaps even the bib, along with a condolence note to the family.

The families are very grateful for the awareness that is raised, and I've lost count of the number of times other runners have expressed appreciation to me during a race.  If you really want a medal, you can almost always get a volunteer to give you an extra one for yourself, especially when they see the photo on your back.  I tend to keep my bibs because they get a little gross from the races.

This is a very humble group. They don't even raise funds. It's strictly grassroots.

Mind you, I don't begrudge organizations that seek to raise money.  But, that can put people off, as some might not wish to hit up friends, neighbors, or co-workers for donations.  The key phrase for 22 Too Many is, "No fundraising, just running." 

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  1. Thank you! The families very much appreciate your running for their loved ones. Join us in the fall. We've added to our numbers, unfortunately, and need many runners to honor our 22 Too Many heroes.