Monday, January 24, 2005

Maybe it's a little premature . . .

. . . but I just blew through 90th level -- just gotta go on a pincer run tonight, and I'm over the top.

These levels were actually quite hard -- I got one of the new acid bows, landed an acid rend on it, and went to go fight some bronze statues in Ayan, just to test it out.

2 deaths later . . .


I r teh gimpy. :-(

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Did you notice this about the VN boards?

--Lokkie's banned (I wish he wasn't, but this is a fact regardless)

--Mystic/Cardon are on vacation

--Kiaya's away (surgery)

Haven't the boards been . . . different . . . as of late?

4 posters gone. But the level of activity is HUGELY different. Better or worse, I'll reserve my thoughts.

Wait. It's a blog. D'oh.

@e kinda likes it without so much trolling and general cuteness all over the boards.

But I still dig Lokkie, and wish he were back. :-(

Monday, January 10, 2005

W - T - F

So where the hell is Lokkie? I mean, I figured out he was banned (just click his profile) as far back as last week, but this is just silly. How long is he going to be gone? We have blatant TOS violations, and all that happens is a [MODEDIT].

Double U.



Thursday, January 06, 2005

Some days, you shouldn't even log on . . .

. . . and today's one of them.

Here's what happens when you hunt shallows devourers wearing only your dapper suit:

AmmoWiz: Warning! You only have 1 deadly armor piercing arrow left
@e checks his pack
@e doesn't see ANY arrows
@e hopes the wisp here won't chain cast on him

Death says, "Eeeeew."


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

@e gets envious

Holy crap -- I had no idea the BoBo rewards were so good -- I'd LOVE a bow tattoo! I bought a melee D tattoo and like it; it is helping to finish up my life/creature suit (well, more like a creature-only one). If I ever do this quest, it will be hard to decide if I want the recall spell or the bow tattoo more.

And one of these days, I'll do old-school Aerlinthe. ;-)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Just like that.

So much for the Peanut/CapFan monarchy.

CapFan made a post on his Monarchy boards. Here it is in its entirety:

Today is a landmark day for me. It’s a day of liberation.

Some are capable of drinking socially with others without any ill effects. Others become alcoholics. Some even deny they have a problem as things fall apart around them.

Today I poured out the bottles. I’ve broken them all.

AC has become an addiction for me. Its influence over my life has been growing steadily for some time. Still managing to be a successful father, husband and employee, I’ve recognized the problem, but ignored it continuous erosion on my life.

Over the two week holiday, while I had quiet time to discuss things with my wife and son, I’ve decided to quit playing Asheron’s call. In dealing with any Addiction, you can not “ease” your way out, or make believe that you can still “drink socially”.

Therefore, today I have deleted all characters on all accounts. I did so with the shaking hands of someone in desperate need of recovery.

Serious points on all this:

1. This guy seriously "manned up" and otherwise stepped up to the plate. You're a husband, dad, and worker first above any of this AC silliness. Him recognizing that is a huge issue, and a good one. He's taking this on as an addiction, and treating it just like it should be treated. I suspect he's overreacting just a bit, however. It seems like he just realized that he's on the ROAD to addiction, but isn't there yet. He clearly didn't like the path he was on, and correctly got off it.

2. The trouble is that because he doesn't appear to have reached a crisis point, he's just plain slammed on the brakes of the bus while people are still up and milling about. This wasn't an emergency, at least from what he's written. There would have been adequate time to consult with Peanut and/or trusted monarchy officers, and pick at least a temporary Monarch. Now the mansion is gone (and presumably all the items in it).

3. If I girl I was dating told me to quit AC over her, I'd dump her, or otherwise come to a compromise. AC is a hobby -- I don't smoke, barely drink, and don't gamble. I work out, train to fight, and otherwise watch reality tv for fun. AC is just a nice little diversion. If someone told me that I couldn't be permitted this little peccadillo, there'd be problems. That is DIFFERENT from being asked to cut down, particularly if I was presented with reasons that my hobby was interfering with RL obligations.

The bottom line is that this guy took a strong, hardline on this, and I respect him for that. But in this case, what he did seriously affected others, and could have been handled with a touch more finesse. It would have added to his allure (insofar as his classiness is concerned), but it's not enough of a bad move to tarnish an otherwise fine person who enhanced the AC community.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year!

I didn't log in much over the New Year's weekend -- I actually had a social life! Woot!

Anyway, enjoy the new year, and may your plats never burn (hey, imagine what that'll do to the economy!).