Sunday, December 31, 2006

300th entry!

I can't believe I've done 300 of these things. This was going to be originally just a little way to record my attempts at getting around in Dereth, took on a political bent at times, and veered off in the personal attack venue every so often. But ultimately, it's just about a little solo, item-only archer winding his way around Dereth, trying to minimize pwnage, while maximizing fun. If a little decent loot showed up along the way, great. WHEN a lot of vitae hit, that's deal-able too. Because THIS gimpy archer doesn't quit. I take breaks, sure, but I don't quit.

Besides, if I did quit, sooooo many monsters would miss me. I'm told I have a "tasty body." (PM of that will NOT be released to protect the innocent!!) =) =P

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Down with Tufa!

Seriously -- there is NO easy way to this place. WTF????

I know there's a portal at the Jungle Hub, but I just moved my tie to Umbral Hub (also on the Veyseywhatever Isles). But moving between those isles is easier than moving from East to West Berlin in 1954.

Always scary when women talk to each other . . .

Kit encountered Marie in the Egg Orchard, and recounted me their conversation. Let me put the gist of it this way: You know when your mom would encounter a teacher of yours in the grocery store or something? You remember that combined feeling of both "busted," and "worlds are colliding!" you'd get?

Yup, that was basically the look on my face this morning at breakfast.

Eek. At least they got along. Or perhaps I should be lamenting that!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I wonder how many majors I miss out on?

I was just thinking about this today as I had a quick run through the PoTB pit with some guys with the name "Dim" in their name.

How many Majors must I miss out on? I don't use Decal since ToD started, so no Bandit Sight. I mean, in dungeons like that, I just kill, and don't look at loot -- I just look for stuff like XP items.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Such a softie --

I just gave my armor tinkering and item tinkering rares to Jade Dragon in the MP. I know I'd swore I was going to keep and sell them for MMDs, but I can't. There's got to be someone in the alliance who can use them instead.

Heh, my mule "Howard Stern" gave the stuff to Jade. THAT's going to be a funny log entry. Especially since I still haven't remember to swear Howard into the EOL. =)

Wow, so THAT didn't take long . . .

. . . hello, Lifestone.

I played again today, beaming in to hear that a PoTB (I'm so glad that's back "in" as a possible place to go) fellow was going on in the pit. I showed up, got swarmed, and promptly died. As in, we hadn't even barely set up yet.

. . . goodbye, buffs.

Again, it wasn't that long that I'd just hit a mana stone on myself, recharge everything I was wearing, and zoom! Back I go, wow-ing everyone with how fast I'd return (ok, so maybe I wow'd them over easily I'd died, and yet seemed so eager to come back).

But not now. Now I gotta go rebuff at the bot. Well, at least I have this awesome armor.

Oh, wait. Why exactly did I switch over to Ancient Armor?

Riiiiiiiight. Because I can bane this stuff.

Which I'd forgotten to do. Again.



Well, for all of about 5 minutes. ;-)

I realized that I'm still sworn to Chung's buffbot, Chunglee II, and needed to move myself to a regular active player. I was just assessing Catherine the So-So and Gbb, the two buffbots, when someone beamed in at the mansion.

Her name was "Shiksa" or something like that, so I went ahead and ID'd her.

Ah HA! Her patron! "Fox Inc."

That's it! TEH FOXAH!

I've known Foxy for friggin YEARS on the Boards, she's classy and funny and smart, and while she has a penchant to get her vassals killed (a lot, apparently), dying is something I'm intimately acquainted with.

Death says, "Yeah, in Massachusetts, we'd be married."
You say, "STFU you"
Death says, "Don't you have to go beaming into some hot zone with just your dapper suit on? Isn't it time for that yet?"


Freaking brilliant. So I got Foxy to boot me (for which she had to log on like 57 other alt accounts to find whatever, probably a stepstool to reach my ass), and I got all melodramatic after I was booted.

You say, "Whatever will I do?!"
You say, "Whereever shall I go?!"
You say, "But wait -- perhaps TEH FOXAH will take me in!"

Alas, but she didn't. She got her other alt, "Shiksa," or whatever to do it. ;-)

But I'm still in the alliance, and happy to now be Lookie's co-vassal. Maybe he'll give me some fashion tips (beyond the standard, "Don't wear pleated armor.").

Oh, by the way, I so hope this is how Foxy spells her alt. char that is my patron:


It's a year old, but . . .

. . . I'm still happy over something I threw together a year ago. =D

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I logged in for the first time in a month, as I've gotten a decent hold on work vs. running vs. play as of late, and wanted to get some time in again. What do I find?

--Chung's gone. Temporarily, hopefully, but gone right now. A sweetie named "Marie the Loyal," who was never anything but cool to me is the new monarch.

--@a chat is buzzing about stuff that can only mean one thing -- a Harbinger Quest. Woot! In 30 minutes! Yay! And I've even got my item!

It turned out that Kitra didn't, so we ran off and killed aggressors until we could find one. In the meantime, I noticed that the alliance has this curious "alt/main" run style of the quest (apparently the alts go first a half hour earlier, then log at the point where they would fight Harby). The mains then kill Harby, and the alts run in and grab arm tokens. Interesting!

Anyway, we find a scalp, and off we go to kill The Evil One. Now, it's been a while since I've done Harby, but I have done the "hard" Harbinger. Still, with all of the other upgrades, I expected to see that his avatar has been converted to Mel Gibson. It wasn't. Instead, his avatar might have just been wearing a sandwich board saying, "Will give you all l33t XP if I can just kill Tai."

I didn't have the chat log on, but suffice to say two things were apparent:

1. I couldn't so much as ding Harby, and
2. (Harbinger casts (Tai is WTF Pwned and drains 378 health)

Yup. A drain spell. ALL of my health, gone-zor.

Well, no problem, right? I'll just recall and head back to keep fighting!

Two other points:

1. I now am no longer self-sufficient for buffing since I moved from creature/life equipment Covenant and converted to Ancient Armor, and

2. I'd forgotten to bane.

So, this very helpful clanmate named "Melissandra" (or close to that) was coaching me through stuff, and told me to run fastfastfastfast to Yanshi, and hit the Harby portal, so I'd beam right back to Harby.

But I thought she meant the Harby PORTAL:

--as in, just stand outside this room while we fight everything under the sun and tell you to come back in.

Instead, I beamed in, and found myself literally staring at Harby in the face.

Harbinger tells you, "OMG are you dense."

Even Kitra was like, "Didn't you understand what she meant?"

Mellisandra says to your fellowship, "Just cower in the corner Tai"
You say, "AIEEEE!"
Tai Fung cowers.

Someone else kept mentioning Lokkie in all of this, and I can only assume that was teh Foxah, but I didn't see a character name with Fox in it. Bah.

Anyway, the bastard (Harbinger) dies, and I get my body. I passed on a token to make sure that alts would get one, and just maxxed melee D (so now that's bow, coord, and melee D). Kit grabbed a token anyway and got more XP.

So about 700 million XP for about 60 minutes of time.

Gawd I dig this alliance. ;-)

Now I just gotta remember how to bane, and how to not die.

Yeah, like either is possible. =P

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Corinthian

There's no way that this new poster, "The Corinthian" (with whatever weird spelling) is actually him. No way. The original was a serious, older guy. Definitely not this new poster.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Back from Guatemala!

Not much time in game, but I am indeed still playing. Almost no time for VN, which is a real bummer. I actually miss reading and catching up. =(

Anyway, here's the link to the Flickr shots, the Guatemala set should be easy to find!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Off to Guatemala!

Two vacations so soon is possibly the rarest thing I've ever done in my adult life, but circumstances kinda took over. I'm off to Guatemala for about a week (fly into Guatemala City, then a shuttle to some city called "Antigua"). I'm there for a few days, then off to some resort by a lake.

Be good!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I should take long AC breaks more often!

I got to play a fair amount yesterday, and spent time getting some old haunts revisited (jaws, tusks, library books). I also got my Nightclub shirt --- wub that place, although it was just me there. Spent time talking with Ling Li (Rainia), which was nice, and gave me a chance to catch up -- she traded villas with Avy(!!).

Anyway, one of the first things that happened (as it always does when I miss a great deal of time), is that the AC rare system kicked in, and I was promptly given my rare . . .

Armor Tinkering! Again!

The last one I got happened the LAST time I took a long break. I had taken that rare, and just stuck it on Chunglee II, the alliance buffbot, with some sort of jaunty inscription about trying to "earn my keep" in AC and the EOL.

So what do I do with this one? Maybe I'll just give it to Chunglee again -- Karma seems to be paying off! ;-)

Oh, and Kit found an Item Tinkering rare, but I'm not sure those are in demand. I'll almost certainly give that one to Chung as well.

But then again, that would mean I was playing more . . . ]:-)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Marathon report

Overall, it was a total blast, and I finished much faster than I thought I would, particularly since I’d bailed on many of the long training runs that are expected for marathons.

The first few miles were just packed with people, so I kind of nestled in and just waited for the thinning out. That happened right in Mystic’s work neighborhood, around mile 4-5, as we ran though Georgetown. I sped up and tried to do my best Christopher Walken impression, asking people for “more cowbell.” (Lotsa folks bring them to bang as runners go by)

Rock Creek parkway was most of miles 6-9, and that was a little boring, so I used the time to figure out why my pace was so far ahead of what I thought it should be. I hit the 10 mile mark as we came into downtown D.C., which was a total party atmosphere. That covered roughly from miles 10-15. The half-marathon point was pretty exciting for me, because it was astronomically ahead of where I thought I’d be, and I wasn’t winded or tired.

We headed into Hains Point for miles 16-20 (which is where someone unfortunately died), and I passed more than a few runners who had stopped to stretch our cramps, barf, or otherwise quit.

I unfortunately then made the decision to stop and pee just prior to mile 20. This was a mistake. I lost 3-4 minutes at a port-a-john, and took off at a tear to make up the time afterwards. That definitely caused me to stiffen up by mile 23, which was my last decent split time. At that point, I made my way through Crystal City, past the Pentagon, and up to the Iwo Jima memorial. Unfortunately, I was running a lot slower, and was in way more pain. I finished well ahead of my goal, but was cursing myself for the potty break.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Random musings

So, it's been a hard road getting back into AC, and I miss it. Work is crazy, but even when it's not, I'm usually so tired from training for the Marine Corps Marathon that I just pass out.

So let's go over some random musings:

--I was psyched to get to play some AC, poolside, in Hawaii, but having gekkos run along while I was sipping mai-tais was a bit unnerving.

--I saw some post from Jezza_Belle, ranting about how Socialism was the best system of government, and threw up a little. Sure, Socialism is great, if you're a deadbeat who can't compete. As I stated before:

--The South Park on WOW was pretty damn funny. It was, um, so funny, that I actually did go out and buy a copy from Circuit City for $19.99. I haven't opened the box yet, and might return it. Or I might install it. But if I don't have time to play AC, how could I possibly have time to play WOW?

--Woot! The halloween icons are back! :D

--I'm bummed I didn't get a chance to log in and wish Lookie a happy birthday. It's been a rough go o' things. Moreover, it sounds like Lookie still isn't fully recovered from his accident. If that flippin' mo-ron would listen to me and go find himself a personal injury lawyer (or three) and have a free consultation, I bet that insurance company would start to pony up MUCH faster!

--I logged in and paid the rent on my villa. The one I'd bought the day it was released, and obtained after a near-month of planning, buying necessary housing items, and even with a little help from a now-departed Monarch.

Then I realized I hadn't played all month.

Crap. =(

Monday, September 04, 2006

By the way . . .

. . . I logged in this afternoon for a good 3+ hours, and it RAWKED. I got to talk to EOLers on @a chat, watched the general talk with horror, and caught up on tusks/pincers/jaws and some other runs I do.

I even got Ishaq's key for a free 10 million, then promptly saw with horror that "Es (everything)" was running a member named (I think?) Collette through the dungeon. Oops. I'll help out next time, but it's been so long, I was the proverbial kid in a candy store.

@e peeks

Um, so . . . Hi. =)

Been a while. Not just since I've posted, since I've blogged, but since I've even logged in. Ack. I haven't just been busy -- I've been EFFING busy!

Sheesh. This has really sucked! And just when I was enjoying the hell out of logging in, and really loving interacting with the EOL.

But all is not lost -- I'm off to the Big Island of Hawaii, starting 11 September (yes, I'm getting on a big giant plane in Portland, OR, and leaving for San Fran, then off to Kona).

2+ weeks of sun, relaxation . . . and free Wi-Fi in the pool and other areas of the condo array.

I just CANNOT wait for this Saturday. I leave for Oregon this Thursday, then something happens Friday and Saturday, then on Monday, it's off to Hawaii.

I am SO logging in and playing AC poolside. :D

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Glad I'm so busy today (I really am), because VN looks like a drama-fest.

Of course, it DOES make for good reading sometimes . . . ;-)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ah . . . Chu

I think Chu-Chu raised a good idea the other day, to wit, going on "old" quests just to do them. Frankly, I love the idea myself. I've only done Frore once, and it was tagging along with people WAY higher than me (and, of all things, it was when I was "Ken Po," the UA no-magic-at-all-I'm-serious-not-even-item-which-made-getting-around-totally-suck-donkey-ass gimp.

So I spent most of my time wailing away with a fire cestus, making progress in killing at about the same speed as Tim Robbins did digging that tunnel in "Shawshank Redemption."

Hrm. Come to think of it, I *DO* have a standing scroll translation on me. Maybe I'll take her on that (besides the good ol' Dapper Suit quest, the single best quest in the game). I just hope she keeps the EoL talk to a whisper, though. Apparently, she had this whole falling out with them years ago, and it somehow involves her RL hubby Stee Jans and/or Kiaya. I think Chu's fun, and I know that plenty of people in the EoL think she's fun too. But there's some sticking point, and it prevents reconciliation. Ah well. Her not joining the EoL hardly means she can't quest!

Life's too short. Especially when you're around me. =P

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Well, El isn't ticked at me for the last PoTB debacle

[LFG] El-Minister II says, "Everybody Tai Fung Tonight!"


My new signature on the EoL website. I'm so easily amused. ;-)


Holding the pit in EO by myself at the moment.

Pardon me while I, um, "lay some eggs" out of fear. =O

Friday, August 11, 2006

And my plants wept.

I just got the Bracelet of Dark Essence tonight. It casts +30% recovery on my health and stamina. My red and yellow plants only do +25% each, and have a time limit.

Time to throw the watering can into my villa's chest, and let my "doggies" (i.e., my golden grommies) come back out into my yard to play. =) Those plants are going to someone who can use them! ;-)

Tai Fung, proud member of the EoL

So it's been a weird time since Kaos swore into the EoL.

I originally had reservations resulting from a weird exchange when I had (surprise) screwed up during a Kings Quest. I know some people are pretty tightly wound, and prefer a very tight ship, but I wasn't prepared for the level that some folks got bent out of shape on Capt Justice's behalf when I committed a party foul). The single knock I'd ever heard about CJ was that he was pretty deliberate about quests, and that if you deviated even a little you were smacked down but good. So that day did indeed seem to confirm that. Thus my reservations.

Yet, on the other hand, from the start, everyone (and I mean everyone) has been nothing but nice to me. This is not something I'm used to, particularly when I think of my original (pre-Kaos) alliance. Hell, that pre-Kaos alliance was what turned me into such a solo artist.

Chung had noticed that many moons ago, when I was ready to swear into an alliance, it was down to him and Kaos. I chose Kaos, and didn't regret it, because it was just big enough to do neat quests, and just small enough that it felt less corporate. Alas, it was SO small that when people started to have real lives (and babies!), and otherwise get tired of AC, they left. So, I was under Chung, who as I mentioned, had observed that I'd been inclined to come to the EoL anyway.

When we joined, though, I was technically under Capt Justice, who has seriously been nothing but helpful (hell, even before I was sworn under him, I sua sponte asked him for help when I was doing my virgil Aerlinthe quest (solo, natch), and he talked me through when I was stuck trying to find the Behemoth of Tennawhatever). Every group has its positives and negatives. Some clans are PK havens, and that's not for me. Some have uber-restrictions on XP. Others have "Type A" quest leaders. I guess all other things being equal (and they're not), I'd go with the latter every time.

Anyway. When I joined Chung's clan, within what seemed like a day, there was a call out to help someone (I think it was Jonathan something) get his bodies back. They were scattered out near some sort of chest not far from Ayan, and I immediately LS recalled and went to help. Gotta make a good impression I figured. Chung & I were the two who showed up, and we ended up getting all his bodies back and were outta there in no time. At the time, Chung was monarch. I was impressed with that.

I also found myself pretty impressed with my Ancient Armor. Hella-impressed actually. I mean, I'm not really dying as much anymore with that suit of armor, and Chunglee's 2 hour buffs (I had to go for pincers in my dapper suit, only to die to a mutilator to experience THAT fun).

But since I was still bothered by the "dual Kitra" look, I went on the EoL message boards and just asked if someone wanted to sell some pigmentation (with color restrictions laid out by my girlfriend, who has a far better eye than I). Aye?

Right out of the blue, there's response after response from clan members just wanting to freaking GIVE me pigment. And, sure enough, one named "Misty" just up and gave me BLACK! Woot! So now whether I wear the black covenant that draws comments, or the AA, I'll still have my signature color (that of funerals, to wit, mine).

None of those folks had to do that. They hardly know me. Hell, they still don't know me that well, and yet they went out of their way to help. I guess this just confirmed for me one basic thought about my new alliance -- I'm in the EoL as long as they'll have me.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Olthoi Mutilator makes you bleed all over your dapper suit!

Exactly why, oh, why . . . do I get a nice new suit of Ancient Armor, and then decide to do a pincer run in my dapper suit?

Ouchies. I was baned and everything.

Gawd I hate looting my own corpse.

Your task is now complete!

Tukora Lieutenant tells his pigeon toed purple friends, "OMG I just killed my 250th Tai Fung! I can get PP Hyssop now!"

Fucking rocks.

Haw ---> "Hello Tai Fung"

When I saw that Humming Crystal portal out in the wild, I announced it, against my better judgment, in General chat. So I got this in response:

[General] Doomherald says, "Hello Tai Fung"

D'oh. I heart anonymity. Attention to me is like sunlight to dracula (and yes, I realize that this blog makes no sense, but trust me, I'm just a glutton for punishment).

So, I try to think of something to say back to Doom. I figure I'll just do this emoticon: =P

Instead (I actually think I was flustered!), I managed to (ever the gimp!) hit the key to the LEFT of the "P," so I typed out this: ={

WTF is that? Snidely Whiplash?

(blank stares)

Ahem -- THIS guy:

Anyway, I managed to type out this: ={

So that absolutely BAFFLES Doom, who said something about not accepting sad emotes. Well, good point, although that wasn't what it was.

So, naturally, as I always do, I deflected. And discussed brackets. At length.

(No log of this, so this is from memory)
You tell Doomherald, "Sorry hit the bracket key instead."
You tell Doomherald, "What's the difference between the squiggly bracket and the other one?"
You tell Doomherald, "Aren't they both brackets?"

Yeah. So Doom moved on (probably back to torturing Ixus, who is still proclaiming victories after getting his ass kicked over and over, just like the Democratic party in Presidential elections).

I bet NO ONE gets the Snidely Fucking Whiplash reference, even WITH the link.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ah, the good ol' humming crystal portal.

One of these days, I'll just do that quest for the heck of it. But for now, I have to get my melee D up to three points from max and then wait my time out for "Hard Harbinger."

Huh huh huh. "Hard." Huh huh huh.

Edit/update: It's two points. And, once again, I suck. I stopped hunting entirely to go run to the Untrain Giant Head, and then to run to the Specialized Giant Head, because I'd gotten myself 2 points from max, and worried that I'd blown some free XP.

Instead, I blew XP after all by quitting hunting to go run all over creation. =/

Although, the good news is that I got "proxy-griefed" by teh Foxy. <3 :D

Um, is that you Kitra?

If I am actually going to go hunting with a partner, it's typically going to be my mage hunting partner, Kitra Zan. She wears a full Ancient Armored suit I bought her from Tarn or somebody a year ago (no time for BM quests Dr. Jones!). Anyway, now that *I* have one, it is great.

But it flips me out to log in. I freaking look like HER. Hell, it looks like it's HER wielding a bow(!). THAT is disconcerting.

I need some AA dye. But, I went to the MP, and there was one guy selling "Ultramarine" pigment (or maybe Aquamarine). I pulled up that look on Maggie's, and my girlfriend told me she thought it looked pretty gay and flamboyant. So, of course, I dug it. =) =P

Now then, I'd settle for Black, and be thrilled, since it's the color of my covenant armor that gets so many compliments.

But one problem -- the dude in the MP wanted 70(!!!!!!?????) MMDs for it.

Ack. =(

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Die ripper die!

The difference in armor performance was palpable. I could have stayed in the EO for quite a while. But "Southern Yankee" announced on LFG that he needed help with a body recovery (3 corpses) in the PoTB, so I excused myself from the uber XP and went to help. It was just as well. The EO has a strong "Tusker Holding" flavor to it, with assigned locations, people monitoring XP flow, etc. That doesn't do me too well. At least PoTB is so empty now that people are just happy if you're IN there, slagging it out in the pit.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I better go eat the ice cream now!

Chunky Monkey, a fellow alliance member, just outright GAVE me some Ancient Armored Leggings(!). Now I have a full suit!!! Woot!

Now I have a decision to make:

Do I wear the AA suit, and get Chunglee II (my patron, and clan buffbot) to just hit me with 2 hour level 7 buffs? Including full banes, getting me up to 1330 armor level for everything?

or . . .

Do I keep wearing my Covenant armor suit, tinkered up nicely (but not that high), and with majors? The life protections I used came mainly from my clothing, rings, and bracelet, so it's not possible to do both.

Let's see here:

In the AA suit:

Level 7 creature and life buffs
1330 Armor level on everything, against everything.
Coord 330
Bow 451 (I forgot -- my whispering blade ring gives me +10 bow, so revised from 441)
Health 356
Magic D 334
Melee D 479
Missle D 370

In the Covenant suit:
Mostly level 6 buffs, the odd level 7 from Dark Sapphire and Dark Ruby rings (from that Singularity Caul recall quest).
Armor in the 880 to 1200 range (closer to the 1000s on average)
Coord 337
Bow 455
Health 361
Magic D 345
Melee D 482
Missle D 334

So, I've got some thinking to do, but I'm surprised that the melee D isn't that far off. There's a difference of 7 points in Coord, and 14(!) in bow. I only lose 5 points in health, and actually gain(!) in missle D, not that it matters.

Anyway -- thank you Chunky!!! =)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

What a cool clubhouse!

I finally went to the Whispering Blade Chapterhouse, and it was effing great. I had no idea there was that life crystal there (click it, and it hits you with a full array of life 7 buffs!).

I'll have to decide -- between that thing, and the buffbots casting 2 hour skill buffs, I wonder if it won't be easier to simply (gasp!) drop my full covenant major suit in favor of some Ancient Armor (I have all but leggings). I could bane the bejeezus out of the AA, get free life 7 buffs, skill buffs, and with my template, I might actually be pretty hard pressed to die.

Although I'm sure I'll find a way. =(

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Get 'im, boys! ;-)

And leave it to the Clueless Wonder, pkhere, to just figure that it's all "trolls" making stuff up.

Yeah, all those e-mail bombs to my inbox from good ol' Davy were just figments. Good thing I kept em. =)

Rejuv 7? Woot!

Sweet . . . Jade Dragon, the alliance tinkerbot, just landed an imbue of Hematite on a bracelet with Rejuv 7 on it. This will replace the one I had with Rejuv 6.

Oh, and it has Major Thrown Weapons on it, too. =/

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oops. Sorry El.

I saw "El-Minister II" (or something like that) asking for melees in the PoTB, so I thought I'd make a run there before I had to go to work this morning. When I got there, I saw why: It was just El and some level 146ish crossbower

We were really cutting through the baddies, when we got just above the pit. Now then, as I'd learned with El previously, she's quite good at "Squishifying" them, so I was just waiting around.

But -- I decided to go to the edge and look over the side (thank you "5" key!). It was at that point that I realized that the 3rd of our fellow (whose name I honestly can't recall after spending 7 hours at work today) . . . . jumped down into the pit.


Chaos ensues, and in the middle of it, I see that "El" has left the fellow. Not long after that (of course), I'm stuck in the corner like Jodie Foster in "The Accused," so I (naturally) pop an AL recall gem.

And land right next to the 3rd wheel. Hrm.

She apologized, and explained that she thought I was jumping down when I approached the ledge. Totally understandable. I wonder how El's taking it? I didn't have to wait long for an answer:

(Whatever the 3rd wheel's name was) says, "I'm trying to contact El to tell her I'm sorry, but she's not online"

Oops. That's going to be a hell of a re-log in. =/

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The spell Infected Caress on Noble Helm of Balance has expired.

There are times I marvel that I'm EVER able to buff the right item.

In da Club(house)

I did that "Whispering Blade Chapterhouse" dungeon (just AFTER) the event where we were supposed to pick sides -- I'm nothing if not timely.

But first, let me point out -- it's not a "Chapterhouse." It's a flipping CLUBHOUSE! Like the He-Man-Woman-Haters Club, only with swords and portals. And instead of those adorable "our gang" kids (well, not THAT adorable), you have people who are all toons, and pass through each other in a creepy way.

But I digress. So I decide I want to be "In da club," and I get sent off to complete my Silyun quests.

I love those, just to tweak those self-important Viamontians.

Boom -- Friend of Silyun!
Bang -- Hero of Silyun!
Um, Boom Bang -- Champion of Silyun!

So I go back, and I get flagged for this "Clubhouse" quest, in Ayan.

Fighting Viamontians? What could be easier?! I have a kickass lightning bow, a full covenant major suit (kinda), and tons of arrowheads! Woot!

Off I go to Ayan to do my quest.

Harkwull the Discreet tells you, "Ah, excellent... I have been looking for a person of your obvious skill who is loyal to Queen Elysa and the good folk of Silyun... as well as another organization. I seek someone of skill and daring to infiltrate the Summoning Chamber of Count Dardante, King Varicci's chief thaumaturgical counselor."

Heh. "Infiltrate." I guess that is a another way of saying, "Beam in and kill the shit out of everything you see." Did you enjoy June 4, the anniversary of the day the Allies "infitrated" the beaches of Normandy?


So I''m blowing through the place fairly easily, and almost downright easy. I mean, these guys are wearing METAL! And look! I've got, well, um, electric arrows. Woot?

So I'm a-zappin' away, when I get to what I figured was the end room. I mean it had to be right -- look who's in there

"Summoning Chamber Adepts"

Um, wtf?

That's another word for "Altar Boy!" Easy!

I charge in.

This time, there's a ZAPZAPZAP, but it's the sound of them lighting me up like Chevy Chase on the roof of that house in "Christmas Vacation."

Humph. Nice. They even debuffed me first. Sheesh. No holy wafers for THEM!

So I recall (no need to rebuff with my template) and run back in. Grrr. Freakin' altarboys.

I zap my way back, and draw those little bastards out this time. Oh, look! Each drops a cool ring. That's gotta be what the guy wants, right?

So, I pick it up, and run in the portal.

You must complete a quest to interact with that portal.
You must complete a quest to interact with that portal.
You must complete a quest to interact with that portal.
You must complete a quest to interact with that portal.

Um, wtf? So I try and pick up another ring of another dead Altar Boy.

You may complete this quest again in (whatever it was).

@e is confused (as usual, I actually typed that out, to no one in particular)

So, I just kind of stand there. And of course . . .

1. Altar Boy respawns (they respawn FAST)
2. Altar Boy begins debuffing me to lightning.
3. I realize (as is my habit), I am out of arrows.
4. I open my arrowhead/arrowshaft pack.
5. Hmm. Where's all my arrowshafts? (Look above -- I checked arrowHEADS, but not for arrowSHAFTS).
6. Altar Boy lights me up like a Texas Death Row inmate.


Finally, I figured out I was supposed to WEAR the damn ring to get in the portal.

I suck.

Friday, July 21, 2006

More happy returns!

Avy's back!

Lev is coming back!

I saw a "Kaos something Rose" bot in the MP!

Hell, even Doom came back, and cracked me up in spite of myself saying that his only drug was AC ("Say no to Meth, yes to Teth" was I think the exact quote).

Now I just gotta convince Lokkie and I can finally have a reason to log in as "invisible." ;-) :-P

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jezza's an anti-semite?

Sheesh. What is it about liberals hating Jews?

Linky one:

Linky two:
(first pic, although others too)

Linky three:

But, to the credit of some, this next guy raised points about Israel without going all bigoted like Jezza did:

Textbook example of classy vs. that of a shoplifter from Goodwill. One person can engage in debate, the other just hates Jews.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Look who's back!

None other than my former stalker -- Gibbon Raver, better known as Berek Heartthew.

This guy is not only a worthless, fat, balding piece of trash, he also DNS attacked, on more than one occaison, Kaos's clan homepage. Uncle Davy's got issues. And REALLY ugly tats, lol.

HOW many permabans has this guy had? HOW many evade accounts?

Let's see:

This one:

This one:

And most recently this one:

He had THIS next one as an evader, where he finally figured out not to have his character name. This is how I first encountered him, and where I started getting the e-mails, etc. I wasn't the only one, although other folks have since left TD.

Judging by his posts, he seems to have only been given a year ban, but he is, by absolute definition, an evader. He is permabanned three times over, and is back again, using an account that many people didn't notice until it was pointed it out by some posters (I wonder how they were tipped off?). ;-)

On another note, I wonder how long it takes until he has another implosion?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

May it please the court . . .

. . . "Tai Fung for the United States, your honor."

So here's the deal -- I still play TONS of AC, but I often don't have time to write about my (frequent) misfortunes (they've continued).

I think it's about to get worse, in the continual quest of finding more time for AC.

In the past two weeks, I took a new job within my, um, "type of work." My other work was pretty heavy duty, and involved some kinda neat stuff. Weighty even. But, I just, um, moved up again. As in, travelling the country, going into certain, um, "known venues," and arguing cases.

I might be a gimp in-game, but my Win/Loss record before was literally record-setting during my tenure. No telling what this new position will end up doing to my batting average, but it's definitely a step up.

I'm using this blog more as a journal of my lameness in Dereth. Please know that I still play, I still get killed (by everything, it seems), and I still NEED THAT FUCKING GEM OF +12 INVULN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oneoneoneone.

Sigh. At least I can pwn out of game. ;-)

Monday, July 17, 2006


@e does the happy dance!

And I levelled off of snow lillies. ;-)

I'm so hot for that florist (no pkhere jokes, please!).

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lorna's back!

WOOOT! My most excellent former patron! I hope she stays in Chung's clan (or Capt. Justice's, actually. Who can tell?!).

Anyway. Woot. =)

Chung's cool enough that I don't think he'll mind if I re-swear to Lorna, although I suspect the clan buffbot likes having that guy fueled by my continuous vitae reduction (it's been seriously bad lately -- two 35% days, and about four 15% spirals where there were Tai bodies laid out in an almost perfect line, all more progessively naked. Kinda like a party at Lookies. ;-)

Sunday, July 09, 2006


WTF?! Eastham is fucking NUTS!

This post, I swear, is true.

I beamed into town to see what the fuss was about, promptly got gangbanged by 57 shadows, ran (surprise), and jumped into the Arcanum Agent's house. I slammed the door, did the *mock* emote at the door, knowing that the shadows were all outside, debuffing the crap outta me.

A shadow-girl-type OPENED the fucking door. And ran in.

And killed me deader than fried chicken.

It's not fair if mobs know how to open DOORS, dammit!

Time to set my house to "closed!"

Monday, July 03, 2006


I miss the PoTB. But I suck WAY too badly to survive in there alone. Everyone's in EO nowadays. PoTB was cool, though, because you had to have mages working with archers and melees to vuln, heal, and otherwise keep the team firing away.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ok, so Eff this

Can't stay connected even long enough to reset my loyalty. I'd like those Silyun titles, dammit! ;-) :-P

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Jezza Belle, who last saw a salad bar the last time she saw her feet, wants to explain nutrition to Gwyd. Holy fucking shit, will wonders never cease.

Why is it fat people always claim to know the most about nutrition? I remember a few years ago, a total parade float stopped me in a cafeteria, and was like, "You've got a heart attack on a plate there!" Meanwhile, I had (and still have) a low cholesterol count, had run too many distances races to count, been practicing martial arts for about 3 years at that point, and could easily bench press my weight and more. But this fatass wants to lecture me about health?

Double ewe.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006



So on a whim, I managed to get home Sunday night in time to go on my first EoL quest. It was for the "hard" Harbinger.

Bearing in mind how well the "easy" Harbinger went for me:


. . . I was a touch worried.

Anyway, Kitra showed up as well, and knew that she would have connection problems. So I mostly kept an eye out for her, as well as on my own health bar. Regardless -- the quest went smoothly(!). Of course, "smoothly" means that I --maybe-- got a couple of hits in on baddies before they dissolved the like bad guys at the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

So, as always, I just emoted. But -- I was stunned that on this quest, in THIS alliance . . . I'm not the only emoter(!).

(Quest leader) says, "DON'T RUN AHEAD"
Chunglee runs ahead.

WTF? That's MY line! ;-)

So I did the obligatory "Tai Fung wets his armor" every time I have to do the evil jumps, but these guys are going to make me WORK, dammit! =P We finally got to the Harby, and after much killing of his friends (it turns out he has all these shadows, wisps, and even shadow children who beam in as he dies).

And with that, two skill credits, and two levels. Twice the fun. =D

Hrm. Pretty fun, actually. And with that, my level hit the title of this entry. Note the two exclaimation points. Two skill credits = two punctuation marks.

Aren't I the wry one. =/

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Tai Fung
Allegiance Monarch: 4 followers.

Screw the "followers" part -- I was KING!

So I decided not to reflexively just quit being a part of any alliance in AC -- I really enjoy the portal devices, and it certainly can't hurt to know folks when you need to do certain quests requiring a lever operator. Plus, Chung's alliance was right up there with Kaos' when I was trying to make a final decision.

I PM'd Kaos to tell him that if he wasn't playing that much, Chung had a mage who was active, and needed some XP pushing for the clan buffbot. Kaos was gracious, and said that he only plays infrequently as of late. I guess I feel that the best contribution I can do right now is to help out the clan's buffbot.

But for a little while there -- I was F'ing KING!

It immediately went to my head -- "BOW BEFORE ME, THOU KNAVE!"

Gawd, I wanted to behead somebody. Alas, Chung was standing in front o' me.

Chunglee II has accepted your oath of allegiance!

Wow. There have only been like 2 people I've ever sworn to in game, and now it's 3. I'm such a patron 'ho.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Holy switch!

I'm not in Kaos' clan anymore. I logged in to an EoL alliance message. =(

Hell, I don't even have access to storage.

Kaos is shutting down the website domain (I can't blame him for that, there's a cost involved).


What to do, what to do.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Where've I been?

Not in-game. =(

I got to play for a bit --just a bit-- last Saturday. I still love AC, and won't start up another game until this one shuts down, but I just got a hugely big deal job (move within my current, um, "company"), and it's a very jealous mistress.

When I get home at night, I'm just plain beat. Plus, the two things I want to do both involve people (getting that gem of +12 invuln, and flagged for Vissidal), so I know if I log on, it won't happen.

Bah. I'll sleep later. Got to find a way in-game.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Just got registered for the Marine Corps Marathon!

Heh, did it a day early too -- there was some kinda "festival" set up at Pentagon City, with registration available to 1,000 entrants.

This is bound to cut into AC time on the weekends as I train for it, but on the other hand, I know that the Cherry Blossom 10 miler I ran wasn't that hard, based just on the sporadic running I was already doing.

@e beams.

Friday, May 12, 2006

So . . .

. . . am I getting no credit for coming up with the idea of the Wiki-board invasion? =(

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Getting to 164 took forever, but damn . . . I go up so effing fast in PoTB compared to the Eggs.

165, just like that!


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Now where did I put that yellow gem?


Es_Ruthless offered to get me flagged for the new island -- excellent! I just will likely have to find a time where Kit is also online (um, and Puffy, too, lol), and we'll glom onto Es_R's good nature!

Now if I can just manage not to ACTIVATE my gem, instead of turning it in. =/

Saturday, April 29, 2006


So I went on Capt Justice's KQ today (he does 3 today, and 3 tomorrow).

The good:

CJ always runs a nice quest, and with 40+ people there for all 3 Kings, the quest itself was cake. Of course, if I got 3-5 frog kills over all 3 quests, I'd be impressed, but that's only because everyone's so uber. Wyntress was very nice about keeping me in her fellow for all 3 Kings, and couldn't have been more skilled at keeping up with her folks.

Honestly, other than being part of a nice quest, I can't say there was much good. Pleasant, yes. But the good was spoiled by the "ugly."

On to The bad:

With a group this big, it's VERY hard to move folks along. I totally sympathize with CJ on this, as folks lagged, needed help with the riddles, and otherwise needed to be herded (think "meow"). He does a fantastic job of keeping everyone together, and making sure everyone gets their reward. But -- there was tremendous "down time," where we sat. And sat. And sat.

The Ugly:

With a group this big, CJ wants the quest run a specific way. I guess people are protective of him, but it was a little classless in how some of them behave. It's one thing to want the quest to be successful, but it can get a little bellicose with ANY "deviation from the norm." Here's how --

So King #2 gets whacked, and I was eaten --easily-- three, possibly four, separate times. The last time, it was when the King was in low health and I CS'd my way out JUST in time to see Mage Michellemm(something) get the kill. Woot! I grabbed a hide, and then thought I'd help out. How?

I summoned a hub portal.

Honestly, you woulda think I imp'd the King, or even recruited people into a fellowship. People went effing NUTS.

CJ "screams" out my name, then "sighs" in open chat. He then told me that he was summoning a Cragstone portal. Hrm. Ok, fine. I'm sure it's stressful to lead a large group. But that wasn't enough.

Someone named (phonetic here) "Akira Dai" offered up a very helpful, "Do you not know how to follow instructions?"

W. T. F.

Seriously. I didn't imp, or recruit. All I did was summon the hub, which, in case anyone forgets, HAS Cragstone in it.

Hell, if I'd summoned frigging KARA or something, sure, be pissed. But the effing HUB?

So for King #3, I shut my mouth, and didn't say crapola. I stayed quiet, did my thing, got my hide, and portal recalled. I sent CJ a tell thanking him for his time on the quest, and logged.

When I'm on again tomorrow (and even tonight), I'll make sure I "appear offline," and I'll pass on Kings 4, 5, & 6.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Capt. Justice is running KQs this weekend -- and aside from working out, this weekend's pretty free!

Yee - ha!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Holy crap.

It HAS been a while, hasn't it? Ack.

I got back into the game just as things went ape again at work. Sigh. So much for that wonderous return. Something's gotta give, unfortunately it was AC. What sucks is I still really love playing, and since I suck so badly at it, lots of things are still a challenge for me. I'm still dying to do the Soul Stone quest, because I want that +12 invuln gem for my noble helm.

However, in the past week, I've gone and gotten pincers, jaws, tusks, Ishaq's key, and even made a "library book" run (naked FTW! Librarians love naked guys). Now I just have to find some more snow lillies and I'll be back on track with periodic quests.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


I just saw -- we can "reset" our alliances, so I can go (re)get my titles for Silyun (and even Sanamar, if I wanted).


Title collection is actually kinda fun, fwiw.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Where the heck is Kaos?

Kinda miss the old rube. Although I'm wavering now -- if Kaos does disband earlier than the year he was originally thinking, I might go hook up with Capt. Justice. That's a stand-up guy, and they do seem to quest every so often (meaning I'd have even more people to avoid talking to in @a chat). =P

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm back!

That was a long hiatus. =(

Holding fast at 162. =/

I have just GOT to get flagged for the new island, and soon!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Suppose you worked a job.
Or, suppose you were a student.

Either way, assume you work your ass off. If you don't, you have no reason to complain.


You're paid well, or you receive good grades because of your work. (If you're not paid well for working hard and doing a good job, find a new job. If you work hard and don't get good grades, talk to your prof., get tutored, or take different classes.).


At the conclusion of one year, you have your work evaluation, or you get your final grade for the course. The moment is here! Woot! You're all set to receive your fat reward! Yay!

But your boss/Prof. walks in and says, "Well, look. I've decided to just give everyone a grade of "C" (or rate everyone's performance as "adequate"), instead of having differing standards. Thanks, buh-byeeeeee.

How would you feel, especially if you worked your ass off (see above)?

How do you think the slackers/goof-offs/fuckups at your job/in your class feel?

THAT is what Socialism is all about. Everyone gets a "5" result, no matter if you gave a "10" effort, or a "1" effort.

And (here's the kicker) . . . if you know you're getting a "5" result, no matter what you do . . . how hard are you going to work?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Best. Run. Ev-ar.

Unlike some of the shorter distance runs I've done, I deliberately didn't run this for speed, but to simply complete this distance (since, technically, every step I took after the 6.2 10K mark was farthest I've ever run in my life. I appear to be a natural X/mile runner, and where I can push it harder, or ease up as well, X minutes per mile is where I tend to gravitate right now. Not so today! I seriously took my time, and just felt fan-freakin-tastic the whole 10 miles, coming in around X + 2 minutes and change per mile . It was a little fun!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Would that running IRL were this easy!

I've got a 10 mile run coming up in a couple of Sundays, and have missed a fair amount of AC time while I train for it.

Wish I could just go up to the starting line and press "Q". =P

What's funny is that I kinda HAVE to do this race, and other races like the Army 10 miler, in order to keep myself motivated to run the Marine Corps Marathon in late October.

Which doesn't bode well for extra AC time. =(

Saturday, March 18, 2006


I didn't see this on Maggie's but by Karlun's fort, right where you pretty much start the quest is this guy who is some sort of Viamontian armorer. Anyway, he hands you this note, and asks you go to to (I think) Eastham, to the Shadow Armorer guy who's there. THAT guy gives you a note for the Karlun guy.

So, I did that.

The Viamontian/Karlun guy gave me ANOTHER note, this time for the Shadow Armorer guy in Kara. And one other one for the Gharu Shadow Armorer guy in another city.

The purpose? To find out if they could all be friends. =/

This is all very high school.

But, I ran the quest anyway. Got a few million XP for my trouble.

It looks like next month that you'll be able to make Viamontian Shadow Armor! That, or the four guys will be pretzeled up together a la "Brokeback Mountain."

Friday, March 17, 2006


I'm so bummed. I took Kaos' idea and ran with it, and am now trying to amass as many titles as possible. But -- I can't get either of the Hero/Champion of Silyun tokens, as these are apparently one-time quests. That sucks! >=(

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dapper suit death #202

Wearing my dapper suit yet again, I did a portal recall, thinking the last portal I hopped was to Sanamar.

Tukora Sentinel tells you, "Ooooh, nice suit!"
The force of Tukora Sentinel's assault flattens Tai Fung!

Sigh. But I so heart wearing it. =/

Monday, March 13, 2006

Hell just froze over.

1. I just did Aerlinthe, having NEVER done it before (although I got as far as the lower foundry a few times, only to keep missing the jump, see lots of earlier entries).

2. I got the kill.

3. I did the whole quest solo.

I mean, SURE the thing took HOURS to do alone and as a noob, but at least doing it alone I could ensure I'd get the
kill. ;-) :-P

Care for an ice-pop, Satan?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Haw. Right again.

That UNC killer driver guy wanted to kill students to avenge Muslims.

Pardon me while I snicker a little bit at the irony, not the injuries. Here's the deal: UNC is a very liberal campus. You just know (and you can verify this by looking at older letters to the editor of the student newspaper) that they have just taken a total pacifist attitude on dealing with Muslim killers, to wit, the old, "If we ignore their attacks, they'll eventually get tired of bombing us," and the "anything bad that happens is our fault" (otherwise known as the Bennish Special).

Hey! Lookie at that UNCers! Muslims will even kill the liberals, too!

I wrote this a long time ago: "And they won't spare the pacifists."

I also wrote this: "They want you dead, no matter how much you wring your hands and blame America for all the world's problems. You'll still be considered a target to them."

And now UNC students know this too. Even the liberal ones.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Wow. Lotsa H8 for USA on VN.

Lots of people I wouldn't expect to harbor utter hate for America are all jumping to this teacher's defense on some VN thread. Even -I- defend the teacher's right to say what he said. But, if you think you can have free speech without consequences, you're either stupid, or clueless.

What's disheartening about the VN thread is that NONE of them are attacking what he had to say (seems Second Chance, and even Puffy, agree with it. I knew DM would). Guess VN is a LOT more left wing than I thought.

Here's something Stip wrote: "anyone who compares anyone else to Hitler or Nazi's is immediately disregarded as being completely out of their mind."

Stip's been gone too long. Read what scum like Plasma (who seriously thinks it's totally ok to kill civilians, as long as they're American, and white) have to say.

Anyway, the point is that those on the loony left DO think Bush is the same as Hitler, Capitalism is the root of all evil, we should all become socialists immediately, and that anything bad that happens to the United States is the fault of the United States. Purely evil acts are only done by white men; any ethnic or religious "minority" that does a bad thing only did it because of the United States.

People like Jay Bennish have been around for years. They started getting more shrill post 9/11, when Ramsey Clark formed ANSWER to stop any military response to the Taliban, and they've said the things Jay Bennish have said (almost verbatim) at pro-peace rallies since (you know those rallies, the ones where they torch stuff while chanting about peace). Because, however, those folks weren't getting mainstream airplay (they weren't teachers, but just well-fed college students, and Starbucks employees on breaks), people didn't really hear a lot of what they had to say.

What is the mindset of those folks? Just listen to (or read) what the teacher said, which was, in essence:

-America is the most violent nation on Earth.
(Which is why we have had to be bombed into going to wars, allow governments to constantly crap on us without retribution, and still haven't thrown the U.N. off our shores).

-Capitalism is bad.
(Yeah, it would be great if I exerted a level 10 effort every day, and got level 5 results, while looking at some bum exert level 1 effort and get level 5 results too).

-Hugo Chavez am good.
(I like the part where you get thrown in jail for criticizing Chavez. But Cindy Sheehan digs him, so I guess that's ok)

-Israel is a terrorist nation.
(Those darn Jews! I mean, those 6 million in WW2 probably were asking to be killed, maimed, and experimented on! And those Arab countries that kept on attacking it and losing land should just get that land back! After all, Israel won all those wars against it on, um, a technicality or something. Anyway, when you win a war after being attacked, and take the land of the attackers, well, that's um, not right. Or something).

-Hamas am good people.
(Suicide bombers just need a hug!).

-9/11 was our fault. The towers were valid to hit, so was the Pentagon.
(Anything bad that happens to the United States, in fact, is our fault. Attacking civilians or military personnel while dressing like a civilian isn't a war crime or anything. It's cultural.)

Now, seriously -- that kind of thing can be heard at literally every major peace rally (I'm not kidding). Check Brain-Terminal's videos section.

I hope Jay Bennish is on a hijacked plane someday. I hope he's on a plane hijacked by Muslims, who tell him that they're going to fly the plane into some U.S. building. I hope they explain to Jay how, if you really think about it, all buildings in the U.S. are connected in some way to the U.S. military, but just to be sure, the building they're targeting has military personnel in there. Jay needs to plop down in his seat, and say, "Oh well, it's a military target, I'm just a casualty of war! Too bad for me! Gee, I sure wish these guys had worn military uniforms, acted under some sort of flag, or even identified themselves instead of acting like civilians up until the last minute! D'oh! Too bad for me! But I shouldn't complain, because if I do, then someone will think I'm racially, ethnically, and religiously insensitive! Boo-hoo!"

And if the hijackers decide to behead him, he needs to kneel down nicely for them, and offer his neck. That's just how they do their killing, and if he doesn't abide by their methods, then he might be perceived as insensitive. Hopefully, they'll have sharpened their box cutters to make it painless, but probably not. Jay shouldn't scream, though, as that would offend the hijackers as well, who would think he was objecting to their lawful resistance to American aggression in a "valid" military operation.

That teacher is learning a lesson -- feel free to say what you want, but expecting that you can say what you want without real life consequences is a fantasy.

School's out.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The ups and downs of AC

I was a little tired, and had just turned in some snow lillies for another 20 millon XP. But Avy was in a PoTB, and I thought I'd stop in (she was with some folks she's known for a while, and there didn't seem like a problem with joining the fellow for a while). So I chose PoTB center, and ran to the pit. No one there -- died. So I ran back to recover that body -- died.

Lather. Rise. Die.

3 bodies. 20% vitae.

And with that, I had to decide -- what the hell was I doing? I mean, it's not like I was EXPECTING help, but I did wish I could have gotten some. But even Avy knew she couldn't do anything, and people are just busy PKLing. There were people from my alliance on, but I couldn't get any help.

And then, Avy makes it happen. From Big T's alliance. Sharif (something, I was too frantic to get his name), Rabi, and BT had moved to the main of PoTB, and were keeping the pit clear. They were only too happy to keep stuff off of me while I got everything back (all DIs, but that many is very expensive to someone like me).

Sharif pointed out that AC is all about helping people. Rabi was her usual cheerful self, and BT was gracious.

Crap. If people keep being this nice to me, it just plays total hell with my bad mood.

And now I owe Avy, big time.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Egg beaters

I've missed a lot of time as of late. And I've really missed playing. I've still got so much left to do.

So on a whim, I decided to try out the Egg Orchard -- holy crap! That's kinda fun! I mean, I blew through blunts faster than a frat boy at a Ziggy Marley concert, but still -- I didn't die!

Not bad XP, but nothing like PoTB. Overall, a good time, and it wasn't as scarey as I thought (I say that now, but I never left the "entry" area, whatever the area is not too far from the beam-in).

Friday, February 17, 2006

New Quest?

I mean it this time! I think I found one -- it's out near Ayan, and full of Viamontians. I gotta check on this one. =)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Baron Overcompensation

So I had just turned in my snow lillies in Silyun (gawd, I heart that quest) when I ran up to this NPC person and was placed on a quest. This quest had several benefits:

1. It involved Viamontians, who I happen to enjoy killing (no idea why).
2. It involved an attack on the King's loyalists (they ARE the bad guys, ya know).
3. The NPC just GAVE me the coords to go to (hell, even *I* can do THAT!), and
4. OMG -- I. Had. To. Cut. Off. His. Freaking. HEAD!!!

Now THAT is cool!

It turns out the dungeon isn't far from Ayan, so I recalled, buffed (even remebering to put on my armor), and ran for the place.

Awesome -- the dungeon portal is inside a castle at LEAST the size of Neydissa. Woot!! So I ran in, and just started blowing away the blueskins. Wow! This was actually kinda tough! Fun!

So I find the entry portal, and beam in. It's a pretty straight shot, and I'm fighting my way though these guys when all of a sudden, there's a huge fight in this big room. And then I notice him: "Baron (Encha-something)."

THIS is the guy who has been torturing people of Dereth and/or Ispar?
THIS is the scourge of the Silyun loyalists?
THIS is the object of my quest?

He was --I'm serious-- about 4 feet tall. No bigger than a mosswart. He might as well have been named "Baron Enchilada." Compared to the other Viamontians, he looked like he was on "Take your Viamontian kid to work day."

Well, no WONDER he's a big time torturer! He's got short man disease! Always overcompensating.

Bah. Bet he drives a big sports car too. Wish I'd looted his keys instead of his head.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Just got a PM. I'm losing my patron, as she has some family matters. On the one hand, she's too sweet to move out from under her, over to someone else. But isn't that XP going to waste if I --DON'T-- move?


Heh -- "move out from under her." O=)

Holy crap!


Um, hi everyone.


I think I'll go throw up now.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Here's why I'm a retard:

(Um, reason # 571, that is).

I went to all this trouble to re-tie my secondary portal to the "Jungle Hub," from the PoTB (the POTB is still pretty quickly gotten to). Fine. So what do I do after beaming into the PoTB (and promptly dying -- again?).

I change into my dapper suit. Life will always get better in AC if I'm wearing my dapper suit.

And then, because I need Gems of Stillness, I need to run to Tufa. Jungle Hub, away!

So I cast portal recall. NOT SECONDARY portal recall.

Giant PoTB Tusker tells you, "Gawd, j00 are soooooo hawt in that suit!"

I mean, I beamed in, and just stood there in disbelief, while all the lugies threw rocks at me like they were Muslims on a Haj pilgrimage.

Make that 2 deaths in the past 30 minutes. But at least I didn't drop my suit. Which, despite everything else, things are better on Dereth when I'm wearing it.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Early night tonight

The PoTB had some folks in it, but I didn't even go there to join up with them. I'm just plain tired. Working & working out way too much. And now, just died to those Ruschks (or whatever they are). Twice. Sheesh!

@e goes off to bed.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tusker fucking ASSAILERS?!

Tusker Assailer tells you, "MMMM, me smell no baned underpants!"
You tell Tusker Assailer, "Begone bitch! I am here for your master's tusk!"
Tusker Assailer takes out his cell phone
You say, "WTF? You bought the PINK razr?"
Tusker Assailer is ignoring Tai Fung
Tusker Assailer dials his monkey homeys
You say, "LOL! Have you SEEN my fire bow? I --AM-- God!"
Death tells you, "Hi."
You say, "Um, why are you here? Shouldn't you be meeting me in the PoTB entryway?"
Death tells you, "Have you looked at your arrow supply?"
Tai Fung looks.
Tai Fung blanches.
You're out of ammunition!

Seriously -- I had cleaned out my "arrow pack" of heads and shafts in my villa, moving them into a chest, since I needed pack space to sell notes and buy plats for Kitra.

And then forgot to pick them back up.

So I had beamed into the Tusker Assailer place with (count em!) 61 fire arrows.

You say, "No worries! See this?! It's a 2-7 FIRE rending nekode! Have at you!"
Tusker Assailer pees himself laughing.

You're exhausted!
You say, "What?"
You say, "Wait a sec, I got a philtre."
Mana Philtre restores 0 points of your mana.

(That is absolutely true -- I so suck at this game)

The force of Tusker Assailer's assault flattens Tai Fung!


Friday, February 03, 2006

Deranged sycophant? WTF?

How weird? WTF are THESE guys? They're not even bothered by fire!


Edit: Oh. I was in the Painbringer dungeon. I've ALWAYS wanted to go there, but never did. Mainly, because of the SIK turn in. So what do I do? I fight my way to Jonas, kill all (well, some. Okay, 1) of the sycophants, and then decide to see how many SIKs I'll have once I --DO-- kill those fire-resistant bastards.

SIK count: 0

I'd forgotten I'd given them all to Kaos. Well, I'll just go through my packs to be sure.


Deranged Sycophant chills you for 52 points with Frost Arc VII.
Deranged Sycophant stabs you for 71 points with Force Arc VII.
Deranged Sycophant cuts you for 75 points with Evisceration.
Deranged Sycophant stabs you for 68 points with Force Arc VII.
Deranged Sycophant runs you through!


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I wonder . . .

. . . should I buy insider?

I mean, it's only $20 for a year, and I'd get 2 magazine subscriptions.


Of course, with my luck, I'd buy insider, and then AC would announce a shutdown.

Ack. That's too depressing to even think about -- I have lots still to do in AC!

Sleeping dragon FTW!

This guy, by himself, sticks it out in the PoTB with me, casting vulns on everything he sees, while I'm furiously trying to kill as fast as I can. But . . . when al the Tukora Lt. kills are yours, you hit the 250 mark awfully fast.

Almost 157! =)

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

PoTB badness

Wow, a poorly run fellow in the PoTB is REALLY a bad thing.

Not that the XP was low (it was -- horribly so).

But when people are (literally!) sightseeing around the dungeon instead of actually fighting, then that just sucks. At one point, I was in the corner/hallway (whatever that place is where the mages usually hide), while --count em!-- THREE lugians with rocks (all standing across) pound me and one mage. Just me and one mage against the rock throwers, and, oh, about 57 random melee lugians.

Ouchie. So I shimmy away (I am SO not losing my body because of some folks emoting throughout the dungeon, rather than fighting). Immediately, the mage starts bitching, and I choose not to debate the point that:

1. I could stand there and die and not fight anymore, or
2. I could keep moving, NOT die, and at least fight a LITTLE.

So, without saying a word, I just bailed.

And then (hi Karma) most of the people in the fellow apparently died (Doom found their bodies later), and even Sweetpea, who I thought would save the fellow by having a good influence on the place, bailed herself as well.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A picture of DM?

I think (in that thread that got locked) someone said they hadn't seen a pic of DarkMarcsun. Think a younger, thinner, Simon Cowell (seriously).

Even though that's not a personal attack, I can't post on a locked thread!

Anyway, much <3 for DM -- he DOES crack me up daily (and I think my description isn't that off, although IIRC the photo he posted might have been of an old work ID).

Oh, he kinda looks like the tall, thin guy from the "Porky's" movies too, but I don't know the name of the actor.

But he is (I think this is an easily defensible point) pretty much the funniest guy on TD VN.

China, Google, and lame posters on VN

People around here pissed themselves on VN thinking that Google might work with the Justice Department in its attempt to make a new law aimed at curbing kiddie porn.

So, I wondered whether or not we'd see any objections from those same folks when this story came out -- Google is working with China, a country that is outright DEMANDING censorship (you know, of pesky search terms like, "Democracy"), but we have nary a peep from those folks so far.

Guess doing "Nazi"-like actions, and censorship is only bad to folks like pathetic folks like Jezza and Plasma if the US does it. If someone else does it, well then that's just cultural. It's amazing how hating the United States is so chic. "America love it or leave it" is lame, but "If something is wrong in the world, find a way to blame America" is equally so.


More links!
(describes what is blocked on that version)
(good survey of opinions, discussing the Google vs DoJ thing compared to Google getting in bed with China)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mr. Planning Guy

So I realize I have two pieces of armor I've been waiting to use: a covenant helm with major piercing ward, and covenant pauldrons with major coord. The bonus is that NOW that I can wear those pauldrons, I can ditch the covenant helm (and wear this nice ward! Woot!).

Thus, last night, I spent --easily-- 90 minutes buying salvage, using Thurwyn, finding some black plants, getting my uber gimp alchemist/cook to make dye, and then even LONGER finding a cook to dye some armor.

The moment of truth comes -- I take off that silly noble helm (with -- pfft -- only +12 to coord), and put on my new helm. This enables my major coord pauldrons to be put on. Woot!

Except one problem -- my noble helm casts bow mastery self 6. I don't have creature.


Anyone want to buy some nice covenant armor with majors? =(

Monday, January 16, 2006

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Finally found a use for all those extra red monster seeds I've been muling.

Kinda nice to be able to help someone, even if I am no one of consequence. =P

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ok, so I'm a bit of a leecher . . .

. . . went to the 110 eaters and tried my best, but deep down I knew that for about 20 minutes or so, about 4-5 people were simply burning vitae for me. I got better as the vitae went down, and contributed a bit.

Then, those words: "Vitae penalty has expired."


I'm not proud for basically leeching, but I'll admit it when I do it, or when I know that I'm not contributing equally to a fellow.

Nice to have all that vitae gone so quickly before the update though. =/ Or is it? Getting rid of all that vitae might well have been a tough challenge to handle. It might have really taken some hard work for me to earn back all that XP. Mighta been different.

Now I'm regretting doing it.

Guess I should go back to the PoTB and drop 8 more bodies! (Well, that or @die a few times and do it that way).

Monday, January 09, 2006

40% vitae.


I've known the character, "G T" (well, I've known of him) since I used to see him running around Teth, when even beaming into Teth would scare me. Anyway, that guy (without me even explicitly asking, although it was clear he knew what was up), saw that I was in deep trouble at the entry room of the PoTB (1 body dropped, and then LOTS more trying to recover the first one -- it's called a "death spiral").

G T kept the lugians in the entryway busy, and allowed me to recover all my bodies. So I got all my items back (mostly mana stones, but it's just the sting of it).

In the meantime, I'm basically half the man I used to be. Time to log. =(

Sheesh, 15% vitae . . .

I hate body recoveries.

You'd think I'd just ASK in the LFG or General channel if there was a PoTB fellow. Nooooooo. Instead, I just make that death run in the PoTB, jump off the ledge to the Pit, and run to where the mages usually stand (since by this point, I've figured out I'm in deep doo-doo, as there is NO fellow going on).

About 5 nasties followed me. 1 of them must have had a rock. Before I could hit the hotkeyed Aphus gem, I died.

And then spent a good 40 minutes getting not just that body back, but the other two as well. That friggin SUCKED.

And cost me --this is true-- 20 Aphus gems from having to pick up 1-2 items, getting down to 30-70 health, and having to crack the gem before I was about to leave yet another body. Not good.

Guess I need to hit the MP and see if anyone's selling those things anymore. =(

Sunday, January 08, 2006

You know what a really hard quest is even now?

This one:

This quest is just a freakin' BEAR. I mean, those buggers just chain cast on you like crazy. ZAPZAPZAPZAPZAP.


I've tried it -- this is true -- FOUR times previously. Just getting there is a hell of a run. So this time, I pulled up AC Maps and looked at the map.

Hrm. What if I just RAN though the whole thing, whacked the Aviator, and ran out?

For the record -- even THAT isn't easy.

Use cold attack on those idiots, they seem to hate that type. Assume you'll do the entire dungeon with these debuffs on you:

Weakness 6
Vulnerability 6
Lightning vuln 6
Cold Vuln 6
Imperil other 6

This is a given -- no matter your magic D, they cast so often, that the spells will land eventually (I resisted a lot). Then they'll attack with lightning, cold, and (huh?) fire.

Even running through this place, barely stopping to fight only at the end, and I had to crack an Aphus Gem with only 27 health left (out of 355).

But I got it!

And now I look like the creepy kid from "A Christmas Story" -- the one who talked to Ralphie while they were in line to see Santa.

You think AC's still a cakewalk? Try and do that dungeon in a systematic crawl. You'll fly -- to the lifestone!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shill bidding

It's at this point very likely, if not entirely true, that Poison Elf has shill bid in the past.

But Doomherald and "OMG PAY ATTENTION TO ME I'M A SATANIST ISN'T THAT INTERESTING" Rast's vendetta, now dragging the VN Mods into it, just serve to create sympathy for PE (and Juzam).

Fucking tools.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

To merge, or not to merge

Kaos caught me totally off guard the other day when he suggested that he might merge into AS1 or Chunglee's clan. Personally, I have no problem with either of those monarchs, and consider them both credits to the server. But -- if Kaos had merged, I likely would have quit, and gone through Dereth unattached.

But what brought this on? I'm guessing it was the lack of chatter on @a, but hell -- I log on all the time, and NEVER say "Hi." Sometimes, I'm just logging on for a sec or two, and it actually seems more rude to say, "Hi/Bye" than nothing at all.

So. Here's the thing. If Kaos was to close out the monarchy, it should be for one of two reasons:

1. He's sick of being a monarch, or
2. The members of the monarchy are about to jump to other monarchies, thus imperiling (ha! AC humor) the mansion, including all its portal items, many many (many) trophies, and numerous stocks in the chests.

So I just pointed out to Kaos, that if he could honestly say that either #1 or #2 was the case, then he might well want to bail. But, the thing is that I'm personally not bothered by a rather quiet @A chat, particularly where so many clans are cross-talking in general chat. In fact, in some ways, @A is a bit obselete (unless you wish to "whisper" to alliance members only).

As Kaos noted on VN, we have LOTS of self-sufficient players in this alliance. The fact that we can periodically band together for Kings Quests, Bobo runs, whatever, is just fine, but I don't know of many people in the alliance who would log just because they couldn't talk to an alliance-mate (again, particularly now that general is so chatty).

I actually DO like when @A chat is busy -- I'm always cracking up when folks chat, but it's not a critical point for me. I think some of the quietness is from Lorna's pregnancy, Sarz's mysterious disappearance, Og's mission, and other RL matters just occupying folks as of late.

The thing is, AC is like an well-worn pair of jeans -- you can just pull em on any ol' time, and they fit, feel good, and you're back off to the races in them. But if you wear them every day, you'll shorten their life.


Um, anyway, that's basically my peace on it. If Kaos had moved, I was actually giving heavy thought to just going it alone in Dereth (not out of dislike for either Chung or AS1 -- both monarchs are credits to AC). But more out of a desire to just go "walkabout."

Glad I won't have to do that -- I kinda like mooning the statues at the mansion when no one's lookin'! ;-)