Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yay for (more) memory!

I typically play AC on a laptop. I have a (very stable) iMac for photos, e-mail, music, etc., but since I can't play AC on it, I use my relatively older Dell Laptop. As of late, I've noticed performance dropping waaaaaaay down, so I bought some memory on the cheap, and went from 256MB of RAM to 1GB. Biiiig difference.

Yay. :-)

Now then, comes the question -- should I install Decal? I can only imagine how many majors I must miss out on, and while I only used Decal for about 9 months (tops) over the 7 years I've played AC, there has got to be some good apps out there.


Monday, February 26, 2007

Wow. Rough night.

I missed doing the EOL's coliseum run tonight (I confess that I still actually haven't BEEN to the place yet, with all the quests and/or running about I'm doing).

So I thought I'd hit Vissidial for no other reason than to try out my Royal Bow again. I'd previously had a great time with it, killing everything I saw.

TWO deaths (in 15 minutes!!) later . . .

Ouchie. Time for bed, I think.

You've earned 6 million XP.


If you go to Yanshi, there's this tomb of Antius Blackmoor. You go downstairs to the tomb, "use" it, and you'll see that you will (1) pray over the guy (with it saying something like, "despite any political differences you may or may not have"), and (2) cry over the guy.

You'll then be given a %age of XP. In my case (level 183) it was 6 million points.

Um, yay?

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Same Harbinger . . .

. . . same result.

Hello, Lifestone. Gawd I suck.

On the other hand, I at least made it back to the bastard in time to get my 800 bazillion points, so I'll deal. I'm 100 million points away from my second "clutch of the miser" augment, so I'm that much closer to being like Cyrano and leaving bodies everywhere all over Dereth.

But at least Foxy died too. <3 :-)

P.S. There was one bright spot. I'd died with Harby at (this is true) 5% of health, and the EOL deliberately just kept him at bay (by this point 3% of health) so I could make the quick recall back to Yanshi, and then run for the dungeon (at 124% burden). Thank goodness I keep a backpack full of town gems (like 25 each) for quick zips around Dereth. Anyway, it was really cool of them to hold on like that. And really typical for me to croak that close to Harby's friggin demise. :-(

Effing Bloodletters

In preparation for tonight's Harby quest, I just spent NINETY MINUTES looking for a lousy Drudge Bloodletter Charm, must have killed a good 100 of those buggers before I finally found one.

Kit needed a Bandy Aggressor scalp, and had spent nearly 30 minutes out where she was, trying to find one. Of course, because I'm a sap, I decided to help out with that, and found one on about the 10th Aggressor I killed.

And I know that I could just go untrain/retrain something, and pump it up to within 2 points, but it's not that easy. EVERY time I go to the Train/Untrain temple, I get pwned. I SWEAR, I pick something up, read the little blurb about how long you have to wait, and the next thing you know, BAM, there's a two week period imposed, and I'm there with a 51 bow skill.

So pardon me if I stick to things by the book, and keep looking for Bloodletters. Because even if it takes 90 minutes, that's still shorter than two weeks. ;-)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh, well, thanks Turbine . . .

. . . for THAT vote of confidence!

I was going to pre-pay for AC for a year. But for some reason, there's no explanation from Turbine about that "no refund" policy sitting out there.

Soooooo, I went to the page where you go to pre-pay, and instead of writing in my credit card number, just submitted a question. Specifically, I stated that I loved AC, and had a concern about the "no refund" thing, and how that worked out for the pre-pay.

Here's the response I got:

"Thank you for your inquiry. Turbine does have a "no refund" policy in the Terms
of Service. If you
are concerned about renewing for an entire year, we do offer the 3 and 6 month
renewals as well. "

Um, is THAT not the answer I was hoping for, or WHAT?!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And with that, Death started to cry --

Congratulations! You have succeeded in acquiring the Clutch of the Miser Augmentation!

Only 4 billion XP to go!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Royally Pwned.

"Oh! You're huntin Vissidial now, Tai? Well, you just GOTTA get a Royal Runed Bow!"
"Hey Tai! Did you get that Royal Runed Bow yet?"
"Tai! You suck if you don't get that Royal Runed Bow!"

Ok, I get it. I should go get the Royal Runed Bow. Fortunately, it looks like it's no big deal.

1. Run to dungeon.
2. Kill humanoids in dungeon.
3. Get key.
4. Open chest.
5. Recall back to Whispering Blade place for some XP Lovin.

This, of course, means it's a problem. Specifically:

1. The dungeon is located just on the other side of a range of mountains, only slightly more impassable than the Germans had at Omaha Beach.

Of course, after getting stuck on top of various sharp angled mountain points, I finally jump off of Mount Polygon to (eventually) land near the portal. Which is un-tie-able.

2. The humanoids are all wearing what looks like GSC armor, and proceed to gang attack me like I'm Rodney King.

So after dying (this is a surprise why?), I repeat step #1 (getting stuck AGAIN) and finally get back to the dungeon (although this time I loaded up lightning arrows).

3. I decided that instead of fighting, I'd just do the patented "Tai runs like hell through a dungeon, while the baddies chase after him like he's the Beatles" method. Eventually, I found the acid pit.

Which I fell in, and thus had to recall out (see Step #1 YET FRIGGING AGAIN).


So I finally find the "Chief Bad Guy," and kill him, and loot his key.

4. I open the chest, expecting to see a range of Royal Runed Weapons (I was only planning on taking the bow, really!). Instead I see: A Mace. I wonder if Lews can use it?


5. I go back to the Whispering Blade chapterhouse thing, get my 15 million (which I could have gotten in 10 minutes elsewhere), and then re-read up on the quest.

The only bright spot was a quick chat with Lews and Chu-Chu, who is still as nice as ever.

I'm off to bed. Eff the freaking Royals. Call me a peasant. ;-)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Aw, the drama

Back from Chicago!

It was FREAKING cold, but there was plenty o' good food and beer.

Anyway, VN looks like it has TONS of good drama threads (particularly compared to lately). Why does all this good stuff happen while I'm gone? And Anna Nicole died too!?

Can't wait to catch up! ;-)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Um, oh.

I think I need to re-figure out how to do that character builder.

Skill credits with the layout I'd picked = -8


Screw it. I don't want to pick between life or creature, so what the heck.

Spec lore. =D

Move to 3 schools?

Someone posted on VN about an archer template, and everyone was crapping on specing lore.

@e is lore-spec'd.

Is that bad? Um, oops?

So I just went through my favorite character generator, at AsheronsGuide.com, and it seems that if I ditch missle D completely (already done), and ditch lore completely, I actually might be able to:

Train Life AND Creature. So I'd be:

Spec'd in:
Melee D
Magic D

Trained in:
Mana Conversion

Sure, with Life trained, I wouldn't land Imps on anything, but the good news is that I'd be back to being a self-buffer.


This could be fun. I mean, sure, I wouldn't have 2 hour buffs anymore (I'm saving ALL my XP for Clutch of the Miser, and the "no need to rebuff after you die" augments).

But -- I could just rebuff after I die without having to go get a bot. Hell, in THAT case, maybe I bail on the "Enduring Whatever" Augment, and pump those points into the magic schools?

Heh. Guess it might be time to learn the names of those stupid spells after all. ;-)