Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Boy, did 2007 have its downs and ups or what? Just today, I got my villa items back, including the Virindi Mask inscribed by Fong Sai-Yuk, my old Aussie mate (who doesn't like that there is no comment function on this thing!). I also got back a ton of quest items I'd earned, complete with my oh-so-droll inscriptions. Pretty cool.

I owe a HUGE thank you to:

Adept of Dereth.

I bow to you, good sir. You rock. And I was WAY wrong about the fate of my items. They were just muled and held onto. Seems my stuff isn't that uber, lol. ;-)

So having gone through the returned items, some stuff is missing, but I don't mind. The set of Greater Olthoi Armor I bought years ago, wore once, and muled just isn't missed by me. I do indeed miss the Globe of Aubrean I had floor hooked, but I can buy one of those.

Or can I?

Because I'm me. I insisted he take a "bounty" of items for his trouble, and gave him a War Rare (100 MMD value), a X-Bow rare, a melee D rare, a Sword rare, and 9 Burning Coals (all I had). Plus, I gave him 25 MMDs.


LOL, I'm broke again. ;-)

But this isn't a huge issue. I've got about 15 MMDs left to buy a Globe of Aubrean, plenty of supplies otherwise to live on, and even have Diamond Powders for Writs. This will just prompt me to get my Tradebot up and running again, and try to sell those Deception Rares I have. Ubar.

Happy New Year. Be safe. 2008 is starting off on a good note for me, hope it is for you!

Sunday, December 30, 2007


I love how the idiot little children are bleating about their "l33t" PvP skills, and how they're amazing at this game. WTF? THIS is what you want to declare your uberness at? Um, I'm too busy kicking ass in RL, that I don't mind saying it -- I SUCK AT THIS AC THING!

There is NOTHING I can't die against. Monsters level against me. Drudges use my skulls for bocce tournaments.

I am not leet.

I think there is some SERIOUS penis compensation going on at the VN boards right now, and it's hysterical. I'm not sure who called it a "circle jerk" but that just about sums it up.

Excuse me while another monster kills me. Hope my ego can handle it. ;-)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Low score Harbinger

I did NOT have time to go on a Harbinger quest today, but I did anyway. I first blew a good 30 minutes looking for a couple of Snowflowers (grrrrr), but netted 4 diamond powders during the search. So my villa's paid for another two cycles! :D

Anyway, the quest didn't go well -- I didn't have ANY bloodletter charms, nor any Telemiat Essences, so I was stuck just turning in a Peerless charm for a couple of points in Magic D (the 118 million XP step, plus the next one).

The problem was that we had a couple of deaths, and a couple of missed jumps. This normally isn't a problem, except that I had a serious time constraint, and I couldn't believe my eyes when it was 5pm, and we were waiting for ANOTHER Harby spawn. So I took the exit portal, got my XP, and figured I'd recall back to the Harby room, where if I died, who would care?

One problem -- if you get your reward, you don't go back to the Harby room -- you start at the top.

Oops. So I tried running back to the Harby room directly. There were only two problems:

1. I don't know the way.
2. I am Tai Fung.

Therefore, I died after the FIRST ramp. Because I was stuck between two plants and two lizards. I would have lived, but I was busy writing in @a about why I had disappeared, and asking why I hadn't just beamed to the fight room at the end again.

Sooooo, I died, cleared my body (I had dropped pyreals, and hated leaving it on display), and logged off. RL wasn't just calling, it was deafening! I had to go.

Feh. I don't begrudge the Quest leader, but only myself. I have just been having too much fun lately, and should have passed on this quest.

Double Feh. =P

Friday, December 28, 2007

What's Chu Problem?

Sorry, bad attempt at a pun there.

While I'm off dying to stuff half my level, I'll sometimes chat with Chu-Chu. She seems perfectly nice, and is definitely a character. The other day, she asked me if her alt, Wolfen al'Thor (currently alone and a monarch) could join up with the EOL under me. I pointed out right out of the gate that I'm a HORRIBLE patron, and that my time is so irregular, that I wouldn't be a good fit. But, I offered to run the idea past Marie to see if we could get her approved to join (I knew there had been some drama in the past re the EOL, so I thought it best to check in).

I give Marie a lot of credit here -- apparently, there was tons o' drama with Chu in the EOL previously, although not of her own creation. It was mostly caused by Kiaya (I'm not her biggest fan, and found her puffing about her "published book" (done by a vanity press-type publisher) to be insufferable). Chu's hubby, Stee Jans, jumped to Kiaya's defense (and Chu's), and stuff went downhill quickly.

But, for all of the bad history, hurt feelings, and drama, Marie and the EOL gave the idea of Wolfen's membership a fair shake. It was debated pretty heavily, and Marie got back to me a couple of days later --

no dice.

I think the whole thing was handled well, and I saw in Marie the same thing I felt myself about Chu -- genuine regret that Chu's alt was alone, and a desire to get Wolfen into a clan. That goes a long way in my book, and indicates that the eventual denial wasn't based on venal feelings. I likely would have gone the other way on the call, but I can't say the counter-decision was definitely wrong. Reasonable minds differ.

Marie explained her decision in detail to me via an EOL PM, and could not have been more patient in showing her analysis/thinking behind the process. It was well-done, and showed careful thought. If my original clan (the old "Covenant of the 7 Circles" under B'an al-Azir) hadn't fallen apart so badly after I was persona non grata after RL drama, I could understand protectiveness over an alliance. I was all about the C7C for so long, until they screwed me but good.

For her part, Chu took it very well, laughing that she's still disliked by association. She mentioned that she'd leave Wolfen as a "lone" player, and despite any drama in the Wandering Stranger clan right now, she'll "continue to squelch the poopieheads, lol."

Ha -- love that line. It's good advice for ANYone running around Dereth. :-)

Got a poopiehead problem? Squelch 'em!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Let there be (holiday) light!

So laaaaaate last night, I did the "original" Gift Box quest, the one where you have a chance to get "holiday lights" that are in the "round" (i.e., not string) form. I had two of those on my villa, and still need one more "round" set.

Got it!

Only died once.

In a dungeon that is 80+.

I'm level 192.

Yes, I sincerely suck at AC. :-(

Friday, December 21, 2007

Um . . . holy crap.

I just bought a solo villa.


I frickin did it.

I didn't even have to ask anyone for the item, or even get a heads-up that it was available. Since this past Monday, the 17th, I've been "available" to dump my cottage and buy a villa to replace the other one. Since I've been on more anyway, I've been checking the "@house available villa" thing. When I see one (or two!) available, I alt/tab over to Maggies, check to see where the villa is, what the rare item required to buy it is, and whether it's a 1 or 2 courtyard type.

So for the past few days, I've had very little luck. The villas either are 2-courtyard (I prefer single), or not available that long. Then today (Friday, 21 December), I noticed 2 villas available from like 1:30am (so probably since 20 December). The items were a White Virindi jewel, and a Gold Wasp Wing. The Wing-Villa wasn't impressive to me, although it did seem to have items available for "salvaging" (i.e., getting the person's stuff when they lose their villa, and you get it -- I learned all about that the hard way, by being fed a total cock-and-bull story about where my major Covenant suit and other house items are).

Anyway, while "salvaging" someone's items might be fun, the Wing-Villa wasn't right. As for the White Gem, I didn't have one. I thought I might, and noticed that people (well, one guy) was offering 100 MMDs(!!??) for one of them. Yikes.

I spent part of this morning trying to find a decent place to hunt Virindi, and found it too tedious to get to the Crater, where a dungeon filled with them was located. So I put together another inventory of my stuff, and realized I had enough Writs to buy a villa, plenty of money, and a few of the rare Villa-items.

This afternoon (about 1 hour ago), I saw a Villa available. I just alt-tabbed to Maggie, and hit "find" for the first coords. Bam, it came right up. The exact Coords:

A lone villa.

Villa. "Island on the NE Coast"

Holy crap -- that IS a lone villa. And all it takes is an ASH tooth? I've got THOSE?

After logging onto a couple of mules to FIND them (grrrr), I got the tooth. I knew I had the writs and the cash. I tracked the place down, keeping calm, telling myself that if it was bought, no worries, there'd be more.

And all the while, every 30 seconds or so . . . "@house available villa."

Still available.

Coming up on the place was amazing. It really is a little island, complete with its own little park bench nearby. Call it a sandbar, an atoll, whatever. But it stands alone out there, on its own.

And it's 1-Courtyard.

Holy crap.

Scanning for white dots (none), I slapped down the money, item, and writs.



I forgot to abandon my cottage. =P

Congratulations! You now own this dwelling.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

About to move again

Starting tomorrow, I can buy a villa again. I would of course prefer my prior one, as I'm rather attached to its location, but I've noticed more and more villas becoming available. So it occurred to me . . .

. . . why not a Solo Villa?

Hmmm . . . .

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tai Fung has acquired the Enduring Enchantment augmentation!


So . . .

1. No more dropped death items.
2. No more lost buffs after dying.

Just my beautiful body strewn all over Dereth's dungeons, plains, and seashores of Vissidal.

Oh, plus all those rares on it. =P