Friday, October 28, 2005

I told you so.

On the ACFriends Board, but no one paid me any mind.

Right here:

Also note this one:

The only thing I got wrong was Rove vs. Libby, but the actual point was solid -- the issue isn't the leak, which is too hard to prove as a crime, vs. lying in the investigation.

They should call her "Suzy-Save-Your-Ass"

Suzy Fix It just did all my final tinkers on my remaining +12 bows!

I'm psyched. I've got a full set of +12 bows now, all tinked up to +155% (ahem, yes, they're all work 6, so I quit at the 8th tinker).

Now maybe . . . finally . . . I can do Aerlinthe. =P

Tuesday, October 18, 2005



I haven't been in-game for days with RL work issues, and a trip to Philly to the haunted prison thing. I just noticed about an hour ago that u-a-fool was selling a SWEET +12 fire bow on the cheap (as a PYI). I did some dealing, and gritted by teeth, BUYING a bag of RG (I have lots I could get for free from friends, but won't accept help).

And yet . . . no 38% tinkers on (except for someone whom I detest).

So, I was going to just give the bag to Fool to let him keep until a 38%er showed up. And then he offered to try it with his 33% guy.

It landed!


The first thing I did?

Gave the +7 fire bow back to Avy . . . snuck up on her in the MP. =P

I r teh messed up.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Snuck into PoTB a little while ago, and spent just about an hour there. Got a decent, but not great, percentage of kills (Rabiosa and someone named Sweetpea were racking up). That was FUN.

I guess I was technically a leech, but all the folks in the fellow couldn't have been nicer. Father of Storms was effective, and I even found a few (well, 4) insignias on my kills. I think Ali was there as an alternate character, although I didn't notice him and Rab talking (maybe in @A?). Ah well, it was quite a good crowd, and no one seemed to mind me hiding in the alcoves (like hell I'd venture out there in the open!).

Not a bad night, and a nice way to make up for not playing much this week.

Oh one thing --- I *still* didn't remember to get a blue kit, so I was living (literally) off of trade elixirs and peerless kits.

I r teh gimpy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yo, beeyotch!

I'd be a great pimp. Well, actually I'd be horrible at it. But I'd be GREAT at the clothing part.

I want my dapper suit dyed. One mule has it in black. Another mule has the "regular" look (kind of Colban, I'd say). I dyed mine the deep purple. =D

But I don't like it. It looks too much like the Colban. So, I figured I'd dye it. But what color? Then, someone shot me a tell and gave me a great idea:

Hot pink.

Now THAT would be unique.

A quick trip to Maggie's, and we find that failed dye jobs (courtesy of my by-design-sucky cooking mule) will leave clothing hot pink, and armor neon orange. Woot! So after (this is true) running to the swamp gardens to get some black plants (I'd refused to accept extra plants from clanmates), I went home and summoned my cook.

Off to Holtburg. A cooking forge here, alchemy forge there. Boom. Woot! She failed! Hooray.

Except the suit is neon orange. =(

Whored out again. =(

Sunday, October 02, 2005

@reply "Res melius evinissent cum coca"

Quite a few blog entries ago (when I got my VN title), I discussed some Latin. A lot of people don't know that at one point in my life, I was about as fluent in Latin as one could be, without wearing a toga on a daily basis. It was a bad choice of a language, and I let it go by the wayside for a lot, although I still like to use it when I'm translating other languages, since so many come from Latin.

Plus, the recall of Latin (I seem to remember more when drunk) always impresses the ladies. B-)

Or not. =(

Anyway, someone was talking to me tonight, and I was discussing how I was having a diet coke at like midnight. She questioned that, and I said that it was because I was so in love with Coke. She agreed. Then I said the Latin phrase listed above, which roughly translates as "Things go better with coke." She made a joke about the word "cum" (Latin for "with"). We zapped back and forth, and then I eventually hit this in @a chat instead of reply:

"And you like cum too!"

Oops. Holy crap. I was mortified. A few people were on (the ones who would likely be offended had logged), and they laughed it off. But, I was actually quite taken aback and defensive -- it really WAS Latin, and while it was part of a bad pun (from the series of @replies that had been going on), it actually made sense on a non-neanderthal level.

But if I protested too much, it would look too guilty.

Then it got worse.

I got an @tell from a non-alliancemate asking about life, and mentioned that I couldn't talk, as I was too bummed over committing lapsus linguae in @a chat. So what do I do? I type the following without proofing it, so I don't realize I didn't delete before starting to type fresh:

reply It's no big deal, and it really was Latin. I just made a terrible pun but it's ok. (At this point I then asked about a RL friend's surgery).

And I hadn't left off the "@" sign, but instead had typed "@a reply" because I was still focusing on the @a chat.

Oops. At this point, I think people just plain felt sorry for me, and told me to get some sleep (I'd been complaining about being tired earlier).

But I'm still mortified. And I probably still will be tomorrow. And the next day. I forsee LOTS of self-flagellation over this.

On the other hand, maybe this will get me thrown out of the alliance (they do have some strict language rules, which I think is a nice thing). If I do, I won't have to fret over whether I'm any contributor to the group, or just a leech. I'll be solo.

Or, as the Latin goes, my time in the alliance will humum mandere: Bite the dust.